Monday, December 14, 2020

Santa Has Put Everyone on the Naughty List in Jim Klock's Slayed

Tagline: "Santa's Got an Ax to Grind."

Terror Films is set to release Jim Klock's (Massacre on Aisle 12) latest feature, Slayed. Christmas themed, this title follows a massacre, that took place five years in the past. Now, the killer has returned to a water treatment plant, leaving characters in tatters. As well, Klock developed this feature with co-director Mike Capozzi (Secrets in the Woods). Coel Mahal ("Don't Ask Nancy") and Kyra Kennedy also star in this film, which is set to show just in time for Christmas. A preview of the film's worldwide launch is hosted here.

The official synopsis also mentions a lone survivor. This time, this Santa dressed killer will face stiff resistance as Christmas turns to tragedy.

Terror Films will make Slayed available on December 18th. On this date, Slayed will be available through Amazon exclusively. This showing will take place worldwide. And, indie horror fans can take an early look at the official trailer for Slayed, below.

Release Date: December 18th (Digital, Amazon).

Directors: Jim Klock and Mike Capozzi.

Writer: Jim Klock.

Cast: Kyra Kennedy, Coel Mahal, Jim Klock and Mike Capozzi.

The official trailer for the film (via Terror Films):

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