Friday, April 03, 2020

Indie Thriller For Jennifer Continues a Long Running Horror Franchise

For Jennifer is the first film from director Jody Barton. This title follows 2 Jennifer, from 2016. In the sequel, a horror themed birthday party creates an accident. Now, the party-goers have come up with the idea to shoot their own film. Then, they discover that their film is related to a few that have already been made. Prolific filmmaker James Cullen Bressack (Pernicious) wrote the script for this feature. And, For Jennifer stars: Tiffani Fest (Circus of the Dead), Felissa Rose and Dominique Swain. If you missed the film's late March release, then you would not be the only one - with more details on For Jennifer below.

The official synopsis also mentions Jennifer (Fest) and the danger she is in. When she begins filming her feature, she also puts her friends at risk. To make the film truly realistic, Jennifer must contact others in the indie horror filmmaking scene and some of these filmmakers have taken their creative expression a little too far.

For Jennifer was released in lat March. Fans of indie films can find the film's movie poster and trailer here. Truly an independent release, For Jennifer promises a twisting and turning storyline, which leads to a brutal finale.

Release Date: March 20th, 2020 (Digital).

Director: Jody Barton.

Writers: Jody Barton, James Cullen Bressack.

Cast: Dominique Swain, Felissa Rose, Madeleine Wade.

The For Jennifer official trailer (via OC Trailers):

From Jennifer is another sequel in this series and reviewed here: From Jennifer Reviewed at 28DLA

For Jennifer is at Amazon, now:

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Thursday, April 02, 2020

The Follow-up to Train to Busan - Peninsula Tackles a Toxic Cityscape

Peninsula is a follow-up to the 2016 film Train to Busan. This latest title also follows the animated film Seoul Station. This sequel takes place in South Korea, again. Now, the entire country has turned into something toxic. The soldier Jung-seok is tasked with finding survivors. But, the landscape is filled with millions of the dying or undead. With a small cast, Peninsula stars: Dong-won Gang and Jung-hyun Yeon. To be distributed in the U.S. by Well Go USA, there is no specific release date as of now.

The film's first trailer is a good one. The clip shows soldiers confronting deserted city streets, until shadows begin to move under the rubble. Now, these survivors will have to get mobile, if they hope to outlast the undead. The film's first trailer is action packed, hosting lots of gory scenarios.

Only a couple of release dates have been announced. Peninsula will release in France, this August and in South America at the same time. However, there are specific plans on when Peninsula will be released in the USA or Canada. Fans of horror can check out the first trailer for Peninsula below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Sang-ho Yeon.

Writers: Joo-Suk Park, Sang-ho Yeon.

Cast: Dong-won Gang, Jung-hyun Lee.

The official trailer for Peninsula (via Well Go USA):

Peninsula at Well Go USA: Peninsula Details at Well Go USA

Source: Peninsula at Slash Film

The must-see - Train to Busan:

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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Interactive Film Feature The Complex Takes Place After a Biological Attack

The Complex is an interactive film. Similar to Netflix's "Bandersnatch," viewers/players can choose how the story progresses. A multi-team production, The Complex's story takes place after a chemical attack. Deep underground, a doctor struggles with a scientific secret. From director Paul Raschid (White Chamber) and writer Lynn Renee Maxcy ("The Handmaid's Tale"), this title stars: Michelle Mylett (Bad Blood), Kate Dickie ("Game of Thrones"), Al Weaver and Leah Viathan. The Complex is out now and film or game fans can preview the story's features here.

This interactive film offers eight different endings. Each ending can be reached based on the choices you make, in the narrative. This interactive media also tracks how you get-along (or don't) with other characters, while monitoring your personality for: openness, extroversion, agreeableness etc. Finally, special features are revealed, based on your play style.

The Complex has already released this week (March 31st). The film can be found on most gaming platforms, including: the PS4, PCs, the XBox One and Nintendo Switch. A total list of interactive film features are hosted below, along with the trailer.

Release Date: March 31st, 2020.

Director: Paul Raschid.

Writer: Lynn Renee Maxcy.

Cast: Michelle Mylett, Kate Dickie, Al Weaver, Leah Viathan.

The official trailer for The Complex (via Good Gate Media):

Interactive Film Features:

-multi-optional storytelling with 8 different outcomes.
-real-time Relationship Status Tracking that influences the story as you play.
-real-time Personality Trait Tracking that evolves based on your choices.
-unlockable features include Skip Scene, Personality Assessment and a Hidden Event.
-featuring a Pause Choices option for improved audience participation during live streams.

The interactive film is related to or takes place in the world seen in White Chamber (2019):

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

It Cannot Be Put Back Once Opened in Lawrence Fowler's The Jack in the Box

The Jack in the Box is a United Kingdom shot feature. Already released in this territory, the film is prepping for a U.S. release on DVD. In the story, a museum receives an ancient artifact. But, when the crank is turned, something emerges from within. From director Lawrence Fowler (Curse of the Witch's Doll), The Jack in the Box stars: Ethan Taylor (Blood and Bone), Robert Nairne (In the Trap) and Lucy-Jane Quinlan. The Jack in the Box is expected to release this May.

A few early reviews have filtered out of the United Kingdom. Phil Wheat at Nerdly mentions the creepiness of the antagonist: "in doll form [it] is creepy enough to scare anyone but who comes alive in a more grotesque, terrifying manner when finding victims." It grows in power - the more it kills. Dante at 10th Circle also mentions how the villain stands out: "the clown that is really a one of the most impressive and effective ones." The Jack in the Box brings much of its terror through its costumes and make-up.

The Jack in the Box will debut this May 5th. On this date, the film will show on DVD, across the United States. To show in an unrated format, The Jack in the Box promises to terrify audiences this May!

Release date: May 5, 2020 (DVD).

Director/writer: Lawrence Fowler.

Cast: Ethan Taylor, Robert Nairne, Lucy-Jane Quinlan.

An official trailer for The Jack in the Box (via the UHM):

Sources: The Jack in the Box at the UHM

The Jack in the Box Reviewed at Nerdly

The Jack in the Box Reviewed at 10th Circle

Pre-orders are here, at Amazon:

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Kidnap Thriller Ravage Brings a Desperate Chase to the Screen in 2020

Ravage is a film from Teddy Grennan. Set in an old growth forest, Harper is a photographer on assignment. In the woods, she witnesses a crime and is then chased by the criminals. An indie thriller, Ravage was previously titled Swing Low. This title has shown at a number of film festivals, throughout 2019 and into 2020. Now, this terrifying title is ready for a wide release, later in 2020. Starring Annabelle Dexter-Jones (Under the Silver Lake), Bruce Dern and Robert Longstreet, a few early details for Ravage are here.

Ravage has played at a number of horror film festivals. In the Summer of 2019, this title was at GenreBlast and Horrible Imaginings. At GenreBlast, Ravage won "Best Overall Feature," with another "Best Feature" win at the New York City Horror Film Festival. Future Stops include the Dead by Dawn Film Festival and the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. There will be lots of ways to see this film on the big screen.

VMI Worldwide will move Ravage ahead to a 2020 release. Though, a specific showing date has not been announced. For now, fans of indie thrillers or horror features can find the latest on Ravage here.

Release Date: 2020.

Director/writer: Teddy Grennan.

Cast: Bruce Dern, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Eric Nelsen.

A trailer for the film is available here as Swing Low: A Ravage/Swing Low Trailer

Sources: Ravage at the Film Catalogue

Ravage at VMI Worldwide

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Friday, March 27, 2020

A Renowned Cast Stars in Indie Horror Feature Penance Lane

Tagline: "You Will Pay for Their Sins."

Penance Lane is horror thriller from director Peter Engert (Aftermanth). Starring a well known cast, this film focuses on Tyler Mane's character, Crimson. He has picked up a strange job, on a remote street. With the possibility of making a quick buck, Crimson now finds himself in the midst of both burglars and spirits. The all-star cast also consists of: John Schneider ("Smallville"), Renae Geerlings (Halloween II), Scout Taylor-Compton (The Lurker), Daniel Roebuck (The Devil's Rejects), Booker T. Huffman, Diamond Dallas Page and many others. The film's U.S. poster and trailer have been released this week.

The film's trailer reveals more of the story. The owner of the rundown home, welcomes Crimson to his new job. But, it is all downhill from here as this ex-felon finds something in the basement. As more and more characters enter the house, the basement swallows up more and more victims.

Penance Lane is a Level 33 Entertainment release. This film will be available, throughout the U.S., this April 21st. Featuring a number of current or former professional wrestlers, this title is sure to also host a lot of action sequences, in just a few weeks.

Release Date: April 21st, 2020 (Digital).

Director: Peter Engert.

writers: Munier Sharrieff, Renae Geerlings, Matt Granger and Mike Granger.

Cast: John Schneider, Renae Geerlings, Scout Taylor-Compton, Daniel Roebuck, Booker T. Huffman and Diamond Dallas Page.

The official U.S. trailer for Penance Lance (via Level 33 Ent.):

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

A War Between Mystical Worlds in Joseph Sayer's King's Gambit

Tagline: "A New Herald Rises."

King's Gambit is an action fantasy feature. From director Joseph Sayer, this feature focuses on a herald, who must keep the world in a mystical balance. But, others are looking to steal his powers. King's Gambit will show in April. And, the film stars: Blake Webb ("American Horror Story"), Rebecca Galaraza (The Investigator) and Reggie Peters (HazMat). To show in the United States, the film's poster and trailer are available here.

The official film poster shows character Bryce (Webb) and two worlds. An early move in Chess, the King's Gambit promises a fantastical world, where good and evil collide.

Indican Pictures will launch King's Gambit in theatres on April 3rd, if possible. A secondary release will take place on April 24th, through Digital and DVD. Platforms hosting the film include: Amazon, Fandango Now, iTunes, FlixFling, Google Play, Redbox, VuDu and Youtube Movies. Finally, the film's trailer shows Bryce trying to maintain order, in a world becoming ever more chaotic.

Release Date: April 3rd, 2020 (Limited Theatrical) and April 24th (DVD, Digital).

Directors/writers: Joseph Sayer.

Cast: Blake Webb, Rebecca Galarza, Reggie Peters, Wade Williams, Sheryl Carbonell, Jimmy Dempster and Andrew Romano.

The official trailer for King's Gambit (via Indican Pictures):

More on King's Gambit at Indican Pictures: King's Gambit Release Details at Indican

Actor Reggie Peters starred in the decent, indie thriller HazMat (2013):

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Secrets are Brought into the Light within Ken Brisbois' Murder RX this April 7th

Tagline: "Welcome to Oakwood. Escape by Presciption."

Murder RX is a dramatic thriller. A Level 33 Entertainment and Spirit Movie Production, Murder RX follows a single mother and her move to a small town. In this new location, dark secrets remain hidden just out of view. Developed by director Ken Brisbois and writer Michelle Brown, Murder RX stars: Naomi Grossman ("American Horror Story"), Chelsea Talmadge (Doctor Sleep), William Mark Mccullouch and Ana Alexander. A movie poster has been released, for the film, ahead of the April release date.

Actress Ana Alexander plays Diana, the protagonist. She is figured prominently in the film poster, above a crime scene. A body is laying in the grass as a new day dawns. Highlighting the film's focus on prescription drug use, the tagline states: "welcome to Oakwood. Escape by prescription." Even people in small towns have their vices.

Level 33 Entertainment will launch this thriller on April 7th. This release will take place on Digital platforms, across the U.S. A release in other territories has not been announced, to date. The latest on Murder RX is here.

Release Date: April 7th, 2020 (Digital).

Director: Ken Brisbois.

Writer: Michelle Brown.

Cast: Ana Alexander, Naomi Grossman, Taylor Rouviere, William Mark Mccullouch.

The official trailer for Murder RX (via Level 33 Ent.):

Another thriller from Level 33 Ent. - 200 Degrees (2018):

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