Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Intruders Invites You Down into the Basement: DVD Release Details

The taut thriller and horror feature Intruders, from director Adam Schindler, is slated for a DVD release. Momentum Pictures will handle the release and DVDs will be available this March. Intruders offers a bit of a twist, with one agoraphobic woman attacked by a group of burglars. But, Anna (Beth Riesgraf) is no stranger to violence. The film's trailer was released, recently and it is hosted below. The clip shows actors Rory Culkin, Jack Kesy, Joshua Mikel and others. As well, the film's official DVD artwork is hosted here, with more release details below.

The film's story offers a change in protagonist and antagonist; the tables are quickly turned. So, viewers might be best to see this title blind, not watching publicity material beforehand. However, from the trailer, it becomes obvious that Anna is a wolf in sheep's clothing. A torture room (an inescapable basement) traps at least one man, while another man threatens murder. But, Anna promises a murder or two of her own.

Intruders has received several positive reviews over the months, from this horror fan's research. Blair Hoyle of Cinema Slasher mentions the film's entertainment factor: "Intruders is an entertaining enough entry in the world of home invasion cinema." And, Rob Hunter of Film School Rejects states "live-wire personalities [roam] its halls light up the environment with their darkness." These menacing personalities will darkly shine this March 1st, when the film is released to home entertainment audiences.

Release Date: March 1st, 2016 (DVD).

Director: Adam Schindler.

Writers: T.J. Cimfel and David White.

Cast: Rory Culkin, Leticia Jimenez, Jack Kesy, Timothy T. McKinney and Joshua Mikel.

The film's official trailer is hosted here:

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Monday, February 08, 2016

The Mind's Eye Moves More than Just Mountains in this Film Poster

Tagline: "Their Psychic Powers Became the Ultimate Weapon."

A second movie poster has been released for Joe Begos' (Almost Human) The Mind's Eye (left). This time, the tagline states: "their psychic powers became the ultimate weapon." And, this exploitation film involves telekinetic assassins and bloody action scenes. The Mind's Eye stars Graham Skipper (Almost Human), Lauren Ashley Carter (Pod), John Speredakos, Noah Segan, Matt Mercer, Larry Fessenden, and Jeremy Gardner. A preview of the film's upcoming release is hosted here.

Zack (Skipper) is not the only person with telekinetic powers. He is in search of Rachel (Carter). She also shows inhuman powers, but she is being held by a nefarious doctor, in an isolated clinic. Now, Zack must use his powers to release her, while a bloody confrontation looms.

The Mind's Eye had a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. It has also played at several other film festivals and a home entertainment launch is coming soon. Fans of indie horror features, in the vein of David Cronenberg's Scanners (1981), can view photos from the film, below. As well, a movie clip for the film was released in late 2015 and it can be found at an external site, also below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director/writer: Joe Begos.

Cast: Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos and Larry Fessenden.

A movie clip from the film is available here:

The Mind's Eye Movie Clip at Twitch Film

Recommended release: Almost Human at Amazon

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Friday, February 05, 2016

This Green Room Takes No Break For Murder

A Red Band trailer was released for Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room, this week. The film, part horror and part thriller, involves a skinhead rock concert and a murder. This band might have bitten off more than they can chew, in this exciting clip. The Green Room stars Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat and Patrick Stewart. Fans of thrillers can find more on the film here.

The concert takes place at a secluded hall. In this location, a group of skinheads act out violently, leaving one man with a brutal head injury; he later dies. Unfortunately, one of the band members witnesses the final moments of the act, leaving his life in jeopardy. Trying to cover up the murder, the band is targeted by a gang of white power skinheads.

The film's Red Band trailer is a terrifying one. The protagonists are chased from room to room by dogs, until they are finally captured. Now, there is no way out, unless they fight back, with equal levels of violence. As well, the film's theatrical poster is hosted here. This poster was also released this week as the film nears an April 15th, 2016 release date. If one looks closely, viewers will see that the figure's body and the dark outline of a wall form a swastika. More on the film is coming soon.

Release Date: April 15th, 2016 (US, Limited Theatrical) and May 13th (UK, Limited).

Director/writer: Jeremy Saulnier.

Cast: Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Callum Turner, Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart.

The film's Red Band trailer is available here:


Green Room at Flickering Myth

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

No One is Laughing at this Prank in this Scare Campaign Trailer

The Australian shot Scare Campaign has a longer trailer. The film's first teaser was released late in 2015. Since then, the film has had its World Premiere, at Monsterfest. The film is also slated for three more theatrical showings, including one where the film was shot - the Beechworth Lunatic Aslyum. The film stars Meegan Warner (The Veil), Ian Meadows and Olivia DeJonge. As well, the full theatrical trailer is available here.

The film's story begins with a television prank show. In order to stay ahead of their competition, the producers have had to go to new, bloody ends, in order to bring true scares to the screen. However, this time, they have gone too far. Their cast member has psychological problems and he is taking his psychopathic tendencies to new heights. Now, the cast is cutting his way through the film crew.

Scare Campaign is now on one horror fan's must-see lists. The film's trailer brings lots of dire situations as one man changes the direction of this reality show. Sometimes, pranks cut too close to home.

Release Date: March 2016.

Directors/writers: Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes.

Cast: Meegan Warner, Ian Meadows and Olivia DeJonge.

The film's official trailer is hosted here:

A fan page for the film is available here:

Scare Campaign on Facebook

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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

6:66 PM is the Hour to Breathe Your Last Breath

Several photos have been released for the ghostomedy 6:66 PM. The film, from director Jim Klock ("Scream Queens"), brings several first time paranormal investigators to an actual haunted location. 6:66 PM reteams Autumn Federici (Murder Eleven) with Klock. As well, this blend of comedy and horror also brings Chad Ridgely and Alexis Kelley to the screen. Fans of comedy can see the film's latest photos here.

The film's official trailer deals with a reality television crew and the spirit of a serial killer. Both groups collide in a haunted home. As the bodies pile up, this unprepared film crew reacts inappropriately to the gloomy events.

The photos show several members of the cast, in harrowing situations. Shown in darkened rooms, the cast rely on each others as the spirit gets ready to take another character into the grave!

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Jim Klock. Writers: Tommy McLaughlin and Chad Ridgely.

Director of Photography: Darrell Martinelli.

Cast: Jim Klock, Chad Ridgely and Autumn Federici.

*a trailer is coming soon.

A fan page for the film is available here:

6:66 PM on Facebook

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Monday, February 01, 2016

A POV Trailer with Pandemic and the End of the World

Pandemic was recently at the European Film Market, in Berlin. And, the film will see several theatres, thanks to XLRator Media. The film takes place in a zombie apocalypse. The viewer is the protagonist, tasked with finding survivors. The films stars Rachel Nichols, Alfie Allen and Mekhi Phifer. And now, the film's first trailer is available here.

To expand on the story, Lauren (Nichols) flies from New York to Los Angeles. She is tasked with finding uninfected survivors, in this chaotic city. However, millions of infected people lie in her way as a quarantine zone begins to fold.

The film's first trailer is action packed. It puts the viewer into the film's starring role as the undead run down halls, tunnels and city streets. Full of gunfire, the film's trailer will get your heart pumping, with the film set to see theatres in early April.

Release Date: April 1st, 2016 (Theatrical).

Director: John Suits.

Writer: Dustin T. Benson.

Cast: Rachel Nichols, Missi Pyle, Alfie Allen and Mekhi Phifer.

The film's first trailer:


Pandemic at Screen Daily

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Hoarder has Room for Another Body or Two

There have been a number of storage-styled horror films of late. There was the simply titled Storage (2009), then Self Storage (2013) and then the sci-fi infused Storage 24 (2014). This time, your trip to the local storage facility takes place with Matt Winn's The Hoarder. Starring Mischa Barton ("The O.C.") and Robert Knepper ("Prison Break"), The Hoarder involves a break-in of a storage facility and the strange cast of characters who lie behind these locked doors. A trailer for the film was released in the middle of 2015. Then, the film was released in Germany in late 2015. Now, horror film fans can take a look at the film's release, which is scheduled for April 2016.

The official synopsis focuses on Ella (Barton). She decides to break into her fiancĂ©’s storage locker. But, things do not go according to plan. An unspeakable monstrosity has taken residence in one of the other lockers. Meanwhile, a corrupt detective has his own nefarious designs. All of these characters come to blows, deep below ground, in a maze-like structure.

Fans of indie features can preview the film's release below. The film's trailer is hosted here. The clip shows the film's central villain and a couple of other elements, that might be best hidden behind the curtain. Still, The Hoarder promises several action sequences and a few harrowing moments. More details below.

Release Date: April 5th, 2016 (DVD, VOD).

Director: Matt Winn.

Writers: James Handel, Matt Winn and Chris Denne.

Cast: Mischa Barton, Robert Knepper, Charlotte Salt and Emily Atack.

The film's official trailer w/Farsi subtitles is here:


The Hoarder at RLJ Entertainment

The Hoarder at BD

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Friday, January 29, 2016

You Will Board Flight 7500 Only Once: Release Details

Japanese director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) returns to horror with Flight 7500. This film, formerly titled Flight 75, takes place on a haunted airliner. Here, an eclectic cast of characters do their best to survive the flight and touch down on Earth, once again. Completed in 2012, the film stars Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood"), Jerry Ferrara ("Entourage") and Scout Taylor-Compton. The film's release details are available here.

For more on the story, Flight 7500 starts with a ten hour trip. Flying out of Los Angeles, this trip is destined for Tokyo. But, there is a short pit stop in hell, at 30,000 feet as a supernatural force attacks the passengers.

This title had a theatrical release in 2014? That release was missed by this horror fan. But, Flight 7500 will see a second release on DVD, in April. Lionsgate Home Entertainment will distribute this title. And, a trailer for the film is hosted below.

Release Date: April 5th, 2016 (DVD).

Director: Takashi Shimizu.

Writers: Craig Rosenberg and Takashi Shimizu.

Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Leslie Bibb, Nicky Whelan, Jamie Chung, Christian Serratos and Scout Taylor-Compton.

The film's official trailer is available here:


Flight 7500 at Upcoming Horror Movies

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