Friday, February 15, 2019

Satanic Thriller We Summon the Darkness Hypnotizes with this First Movie Poster

Tagline: "Be Careful What You Pray For."

We Summon the Darkness is a horror thriller from director Marc Meyers (My Friend Dahmer). Production on this feature began last year, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Currently in post-production, the film was scheduled to show at last year's Toronto International Film Festival. Now, a new film poster is available for the film, courtesy of the Highland Film Group. The graphic shows many of the film's central players, including: Alexandra Daddario (Baywatch), Maddie Hasson ("Impulse"), Keean Johnson (Alita: Battle Angel) and Johnny Knoxville. A trailer is coming soon. For now, fans of horror can find the latest on We Summon the Darkness here.

The film involves a series of Satanic murders, in the Midwest. Three friends head out on a road trip and they meet several interesting blokes, at a heavy metal music festival. Back at the girlfriend's family home, the afterparty turns into a night of bloody debauchery. Now, killers are on the loose, with no one to be trusted.

We Summon the Darkness does not have a release date. However, film fans can expect this title to show at film festivals this year as the film completes production and looks to show in several territories. As well, a trailer should be coming this way soon!

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Marc Meyers.

Writer: Alan Trezza.

Cast: Alexandra Daddario, Keean Johnson, Johnny Knoxville and Maddie Hasson.

*a trailer is coming soon.

We Summon the Darkness at Highland Film Group: We Summon the Darkness Details at Highland

Source: We Summon the Darkness Still Source (Marc Meyers)

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Invisible Man Thriller The Unseen to Debut this February 26th!

Tagline: "Invisible Man. Visible Curse."

The Unseen is an Invisible Man horror thriller, from director Geoff Redknap (Cabin in the Woods). In the film, Bob is working in a small mill, when something strange begins to happen to his body. Frightened by his degeneration, Bob turns to his family as time runs out. The Unseen stars: Aden Young as Bob, along with: Camille Sullivan ("The Man in the High Castle") and Julia Sarah. And, Monarch Home Entertainment will release this title, on home entertainment platforms, this month. A preview of the film's Digital and DVD launch is hosted here.

The film's trailer shows Bob, struggling with this new condition. He attempts to reunite with his daughter, only to find her missing. Now, Bob must track her down. But, his body is slowly disappearing and causing Bob even more dire challenges.

Monarch Home Entertainment will release The Unseen on February 26th. On this date, this exciting thriller will show on most Digital platforms. As well, The Unseen will be available on DVD. The DVD version is unrated, with limited or no special features. Fans of indie horror can find the latest on The Unseen here.

Release Date: February 26th, 2019 (Digital, DVD).

Director/writer: Geoff Redknap.

Cast: Aden Young, Camille Sullivan, Julia Sarah Stone, Ben Cotton.

The film's official trailer (courtesy of Monarch Home Entertainment):

The Unseen at Monarch Home Entertainment: The Unseen Release Details at MHE

Available here on Amazon:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Don't Break These Three Rules in Horror Thriller Ma: First Trailer

Tagline: "Get Home Safe."

An official trailer and poster have been released for the horror thriller Ma. Starring Oscar Award winner Octavia Spencer (The Help), Ma focuses on a sweet, lonely woman. She helps a group of teenagers, to stay out of trouble. But, her generousity only lasts so long. Ma also stars: Juliette Lewis ("August: Osage County"), Luke Evans (Dracula Untold) Diana Silvers, Missi Pyle and many more. Fans of Blumhouse Productions (Happy Death Day) can find out more on this latest release here.

Ma begins friendly enough. She helps out Maggie and her friends at the local liquor store. She invites them all back to her place, to drink in safety. But, Ma begins to turn up at their high school and at their parents' house, leading to several awkward situations. When Ma's three rules are broken, she takes revenge on anyone she can get her hands on.

Ma is already slated for a May theatrical release, in the United States. Universal Pictures will handle the release. And, Ma's rules of: one of the kids has to stay sober, don't curse and never go upstairs are sure to get bent on this date. All of the latest release details on Ma are below.

Release Date: May 21st, 2019 (U.S., Theatrical).

Director: Tate Taylor.

Writers: Scotty Landes, Tate Taylor.

Cast: Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis, Diana Silvers, Luke Evans, McKaley Miller, Missi Pyle, Corey Fogelmanis, Gianni Paolo, Dante Brown.

The official trailer for Ma (courtesy of Blumhouse):

The film's official website: The Ma Official Homepage

Happy Death Day is another Blumhouse release (Blu-ray):

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Monstrous Feature Abnormal Attraction Showcases Original Music with this "Chains of Love" Video

Tagline: "Where It's Weird to be Normal."

In case you have not heard, Valentine's Day is approaching. In order to celebrate in a silly way, a preview of Michael Leavy's Abnormal Attraction is here. This film envisions a world inhabited by magical monsters of yore. Monsters and humans co-exist, in a strange new world. Abnormal Attraction has a number of recognizable names in its cast list, including: Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange), comedian Gilbert Gottfried, Bruce Davison (X-Men), Tyler Mane (Halloween II, 2009) and many others. Many of these actors play strange monsters like the Cyclops, or Frankenstein, in this unique comedy. Most recently, a peculiar music video was released to tie-in with the film. And, the clip titled "Chains of Love" can be found below.

The music video is only a few minutes long. And, the clip features original music from composer Gene Micofsky and singer Jax. When music videos are almost near extinct, this video brings the format back from the dead as monsters search for love. But, of course, romance never goes as one might expect. The music is great and suits this indie production.

Abnormal Attraction will release on home entertainment formats later this month. This title has already had an extensive film festival run, across the United States. On February 26th, Abnormal Attraction will be available on: Digital, DVD and Blu-ray. The Blu-ray itself will host over 90 minutes of exclusive footage for fans of horror or comedy or both!

Release Date: February 26th, 2019 (Digital, DVD, Blu-ray).

Director: Michael Leavy.

Writers: Steven Della Salla, Michael Leavy, Jason Leavy.

Cast: Bruce Davison, Gilbert Gottfried, Tyler Mane, Jim Hanks, Melanie Iglesias, Michael Buscemi, Leslie Easterbrook, Malcolm McDowell.

The music video for "Chains of Love (courtesy of Fuzz on the Lens):"

The Official Website for Abnormal Attraction: Abnormal Attraction at Fuzz on the Lens

Abnormal Attraction at Random Media: Abnormal Attraction w/Release Details at Random Media

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

VFF '19's Arctic Brings a Chilly Surprise or Two: A Film Review

Director: Joe Penna.

Writers: Joe Penna, Ryan Morrison.

Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Maria Thelma Smáradóttir.

Arctic is a survival drama from first time feature filmmaker Joe Penna. Also written by Ryan Morrison, Arctic has recently shown at this year's Victoria Film Festival. This is the twenty-fifth year for the film festival. One of their biggest draws this year was this survivalist feature, which prominently featured Mads Mikkelsen as the stoic character Overgard. Filmed in Iceland, Arctic involves a cargo plane and a crash. Other rescuers try to help out, but more tragedy strikes. This film is very much a survival drama or survival thriller, with Overgard doing his best to escape an inhospitable landscape. Very sombre in tone, Arctic moves along at a decent pace. However, this is very much a minimalist feature. There are only two actors here and very little dialogue. So, Arctic is for those with a bit of patience, in search of a slower, more restrained film.

Interestingly, the film begins after Overgard's crash. He is doing his best to survive on the snow and ice. He fishes, or sets up a radio beacon. Much of his time is spent in the crashed plane as Overgard hopes for rescue. Meanwhile, a polar bear is encircling his camp, looking for food. When another accident takes place, Overgard must decide how to get out of his worsening situation. Finding some heroism, Overgard sets out to find another station, which is over five kilometres away. His plan hits a few snags along the way.

The genre of the film is very much a survival thriller, with a bit of drama. A surprise or two comes out of wintry clime. But, this film very much focuses on Overgard and his struggles in this harsh climate. This character even develops some routines, for his day, to normalize events. But, danger is just over the next rise. Part of his fishing catch goes missing. And, the brutal winds make travelling difficult. It almost seems as if Overgard is one scene away from death, or from giving up on life. Still, this film does not end as viewers might expect.

The film is a bit overly sombre. But, this is a dire situation. Overgard struggles with loneliness, until another character enters the picture. Still, very little is revealed about this character as every scene is about survival and the next few minutes. In later scenes, Overgard has experienced so many tragedies that he breaks down in tears. Mikkelsen really delivers a great performance here as some who is struggling to just carry on. However, he does have a bit of inspiration and his loneliness is briefly relieved in a few scenes.

Overall, Arctic is very much a minimalist film. There is almost no dialogue for the first ten minutes. When others enter the mix, Overgard does interact with them. But, even these scenes are delivered more with body language than any words; there is no exposition here. Meanwhile, there is only one setting and readers will know where that is - from the title. Beautiful in cinematography, Arctic consistently looks amazing. But, the scenery does get a bit repetitive, with all of that white. Even the skies are overcast and grey. As well, action is kept to a minimum. There is only a scene or two involving tense action. Yet, it is consistently interesting to see how Overgard reactes to all of the unfortunate circumstances. Finally, the pacing is fairily even. Events and the the few plot points do not move ahead at break neck clip, so viewers will need to be patient to see how the story works itself out.

Arctic is currently playing through a film festival run. There are several theatrical dates set for February, across North America. Showing dates can found at the film's homepage below. And, the Arctic is quite a bit different from all of the mainstream movies that come to town. Beautifully shot, Arctic will draw you into the characters. But, this is not an intense film. More a struggle with the self and with nature, Overgard must overcome both internal and external challenges to get the film to its final conclusion. Thankfully, there is a surprise or two, along the way, to keep viewers on their icey toes.

Overall: 7 out of 10.

The film's homepage at Bleecker Street Media: Arctic at Bleecker Street Media

The Victoria Film Festival official website: Arctic at the VFF Homepage

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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Martial Arts Horror Feature Rampant Takes North America by Storm this February 26th

Well Go USA Entertainment released a trailer for the horror thriller Rampant late last year. This zombie-esque feature is set to show on home entertainment formats later this month. The film, shot in South Korea, is set in the Joseon Era (1392-1910). And, director Sung-hoon Kim (Confidential Assignment) designed the film to be set near the Royal Court. Rampant was developed by Next Entertainment World, the same distributor behind Train to Busan (2016). And, this latest production stars: Kim Eui-Sung (Train to Busan), Hyun-Bin (The Swindlers), Jang Dong-Gun (The Warriors Way) and Jo Woo-Jin. All of the latest release details, on Rampant, are available here.

Director Kim also spoke about Rampant in an interview. He says of the martial action: "I’m curious how foreigners will see the film’s artistic elements set in the Joseon era and our action sequences in which I made efforts to revive Oriental lines based on strength unlike in existing Korean period films mostly featuring soft action (Korea Times).” The film's trailer shows some of that constant action. Kim also talks about the creatures and mentions they are something unique: "known as Night Demons, (they) are somewhere between zombie and vampire." You can see some of the monsters' power in the trailer below.

Rampant has already seen a limited theatrical run, in over 19 territories (Oct. 2018). Now, this horror title will show in the United States and Canada through a Blu-ray combo pack and DVD. This is an unrated version, with a runtime of 129 minutes. Special features are sparse, but this film will excite fans who enjoyed the earlier Train to Busan. More details below.

Release Date: February 26, 2019 (DVD, Digital).

Director: Sung-hoon Kim.

Writers: Jo-yun Hwang, Shin-yeon Won.

Cast: Hyun Bin, Dong-Gun Jang, Eui-sung Kim.

The official trailer for Rampant (courtesy of Well Go USA):

*the home entertainment US versions will be in Korean, with English subtitles.

Rampant at Well Go USA: Rampant Release Details at Well Go USA

Director Kim Interviewed at Korea Times: A Sung-hoon Kim Interview at Korea Times

The Blu-ray/DVD combo, at Amazon:

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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Reinert Kiil's The House to be Built on Demonology this March 5th on DVD and Digital

Tagline: "In this House, No One Can Hear You Scream."

Director Reinert Kiil (Christmas Blood) is holding the demons at bay with his horror film The House (aka Huset). A trailer was released for this feature in 2017, along with a vague release date. Now, The House is set in stone to be released this March on various home entertainment platforms; Artsploitation Films will handle the film's release. As well, special features, for the film, have also been announced. The House stars: Mats Reinhardt (Der Reichstag, 2017) and Frederik von Lüttichau (Before You Go to Bed, 2016). And, This title promises a hellish time in the frozen wilderness of Norway. All of the available release details are hosted here.

The official synopsis talks of two German soldiers and a prisoner of war. When the weather turns, they take refuge in an old, remote house. Inside, an entity festers below the floorboards.

A Norwegian film, The House will release on March 5th. On this date, this foreign film will show on DVD and Digital platforms, including: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu. The special features, on the DVD, will be basic with: a short film from the director - "The Voice of One's Conscience," and commentary from the director. The film has a runtime of 88 minutes. And, The House tackles a supernatural entity this Spring!

Release Date: March 5th, 2019 (DVD, Digital).

Director: Reinert Kiil.

Writers: Reinert Kiil, Jan Helge Lillevik.

Cast: Mats Reinhardt, Frederik von Lüttichau, Espen Edvartsen, Ingvild Flikkerud, Anita Ihler, Sondre Krogtoft Larsen, Heidi Ødegaard Mikkelsen, Evy Kasseth Røsten, Sofie and Sigmund Sæverud.

A movie clip from The House (courtesy of Artsploitation Films):

The House at Artsploitation Films: The House Release Details at Artsploitation

The film has an MSRP of $13.02 (USD) and is available here:

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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

1st Summoning Performs a Midnight Ritual this February: Release Details

1st Summoning was originally titled The Millbrook Summoning. Now, this indie horror title is slated to release in late February (Digital) and mid April (Blu-ray). In the film, four student filmmakers uncover strange occult practices, in a remote warehouse. Here, they cannot escape what lays in store for them. 1st Summoning is a film from director Raymond Wood (The Canadoo). As well, this title stars: Hayley Lovitt ("Sleepy Hollow"), Jason MacDonald ("The Vampire Diaries"), Teddy Cole and Brook Todd. A preview of the film's home entertainment release is available now.

The official trailer shows the four filmmakers and their early interviews. A legend is revealed, which requires a ritual at midnight. If the filmmakers perform the ritual, they can have anything they want. But, they must pay a price.

Also, the film's official graphic is here. The blood red movie poster shows a scarred character, with a tagline: "Evil Lies Within." The character looks truly demonic, with a pentagram on their forehead. 1st Summoning promises more dark arts this February.

1st Summoning will have two releases. On February 23rd, this title will show in a few theatres and on Digital platforms. This release will be followed by another on DVD and Blu-ray. Gravitas Ventures will handle all of these releases. And, the Blu-ray and DVD versions will be available in an unrated format. More release details, on 1st Summoning, are below.

Release Date: February 22nd, 2019 (Limited Theatrical, Digital) and April 23rd, 2019 (Blu-ray, DVD).

Director: Raymond Wood.

Writer: Chris Piner.

Cast: Hayley Lovitt, Jason MacDonald, Teddy Cole .

The official trailer for 1st Summoning:

The Blu-ray is available for pre-orders:

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