Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Horror Anthology A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio to Bring Nine TerrifyingTales to Nocturna Madrid

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is a horror anthology, from directors Nicolas and Luciano Onetti (What the Waters Left Behind, 2018). They were the creative directors behind this Black Mandala production. Involving nine short films and ten directors, A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is set to show at this year's Nocturna Madrid, in Spain. This title has already show at Cannes and the film is expected to debut, in North America, at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. As well, a trailer was released for the film this past May. Some of the directors participating include: Jason Bognacki (March of the Witch), A.J. Briones (The Smiling Man), Joshua Long, Sergio Morcillo, Matt Richards, and a few others. More details on the film's upcoming European showing are hosted here.

The film's wraparound segment involves a stormy night and a radio show. Listeners call in with their own ghost stories. Then, a strange call comes in from a child, who needs help. Now, this show host finds himself embroiled in something he did not expect.

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is an English language production. At Nocturna, the film will be presented with Spanish subtitles. Of ninety-four minutes, this title will take horror fans to the edge as seen in the film's official trailer (found below), with more release details to come out later this year.

Release Date: October, 2019 (Film Festival, Madrid).

Creators: Nicolas Onetti and Luciano Onetti.

Directors: Oliver Park, Jason Bognacki, A.J. Briones, Joshua Long, Sergio Morcillo, Adam O'Brien, Luciano Onetti, Nicolás Onetti, Pablo S. Pastor, Matthew Richards.

Writers: Mauro Croche, Michael Kraetzer, Guillermo Lockhart, Santiago Taboada.

Cast: Clara Kovacic, James Wright, Ian Costello, Michelle Costello and Kera Obryon.

A trailer for A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (mature audiences: nudity):

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio at Nocturna Madrid: A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio at Nocturna

Source: A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio at Horror Society

The Onetti Bros. also worked on the excellent slasher feature What the Waters Left Behind (2018). Highly recommended:

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Visually Spectacular Blood Machines Now Has an Early Trailer

Blood Machines is the latest sci-fi thriller from directing duo Raphael Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard. Very much in the vein of cyberpunk, the film's first trailer shows lots of space wreckage and a woman emerging from a metal structure. Set to show on Shudder at a future date, the film's score has been composed by Carpenter Brut; his musical scoring is very much synthwave, or new retro wave. This project was developed from a Kickstarter project. And, Blood Machines stars: Elisa Lasowski ("Versailles"), Anders Heinrichsen (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets), Noémie Stevens and several others. If you missed it last week, the trailer for Blood Machines is below.

This title is only fifty minutes long, so story details are minimal. Revealed so far, an artificial intelligence has escaped her spaceship, only to turn into a technological ghost. Now, she is in search of two blade runners, with this journey taking her across the universe.

Blood Machines was developed by Logical Pictures and Rumble Fish Productions. Already completed, this film is expected to show on Shudder later this year, or into early 2020. Fans of sci-fi or of fantasy or of horror can find something to enjoy in the film's complex visual sphere. All of the latest details on Blood Machines are hosted here.

Release Date: TBA (Shudder).

Directors/writers: Raphaël Hernandez, Savitri Joly-Gonfard.

Cast: Elisa Lasowski, Anders Heinrichsen, Noémie Stevens.

The first trailer for Blood Machines (courtesy of Carpenter Brut):

More of Carpenter Brut's musical work at Amazon:

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Children Face the Undead in this Second Red Band Trailer for Little Monsters

A second Red Band trailer has been released for Abe Forsythe's (Down Under) Little Monsters. A United Kingdom Red Band trailer was launched back in July. This latest trailer hosts a lot more swearing and gore as a teacher does her best to protect her retinue of tiny tots. A musician and performer also come along for a ride, in a zombie apocalypse. Having premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Little Monsters is set to show in theatres, for one night, before heading to the Hulu platform. Fans of comedy and horror can find the latest Red Band trailer here.

The latest Red Band trailer shows Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong'o), visiting a remote farm. At the farm, there are all sorts of things for the children to do: riding tractors, singing songs. But, when a dead animal turns up, everyone is forced inside a small building. Now, it is a fight to the death, with these kindergartners outmatched by the undead.

The one night theatrical screening is scheduled for October 8th; check your local listings. Then, the film will show on the streaming service Hulu, on October 11th. Fans of zombie thrillers can find the latest on this award winning film here.

Release Date: October 8th, 2019 (One Night Theatrical) and October 11th, 2019 (U.S., Hulu).

Director/writer: Abe Forsythe.

Cast: Lupita Nyong'o, Josh Gad, Stephen Peacocke and Alexander England.

The official U.S. Red Band trailer (mature audiences, courtesy of Hulu):

Shaun of the Dead is another must-see horror comedy, featuring zombies:

Source: Little Monsters at First Showing

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire Debuts a New Trailer Ahead of a September 19th Debut on Shudder

Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire is the final film in the franchise. This latest sequel brings several filmmakers back to the Abaddon Hotel, nine years after a gruesome tragedy. At the hotel, several producers have created a new show, titled "Insomnia." As castmates begin to fill up the hotel, an ancient haunting is brought back to life, leading to a hell on earth. Hell House LLC III has again been helmed by director Stephen Cognetti, along with producer Joe Bandelli. Those starring in this latest feature include: Jordan Kaplan ("Signed"), Brian David Tracy (Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel), Elizabeth Vermilyea and many more. As well, the latest trailer for the film is available here.

The clip brings several of the showrunners returning back to this haunted locale. They prepare for a show, which requires participants to film themselves. As strange things begin to occur, the participants are unsure if these strange events are part of the show, or part of something more sinister.

Hell House LLC III will debut on Shudder, later this month (September 19th). Here, the film will debut exclusively on this horror streaming platform. On January 3rd, this title will move to more platforms, providing horror fans with more opportunities to see the film. Now, viewers can see what Cognetti has come up with now, with the film's latest exciting trailer below.

Release Date: September 19th, 2019 (Shudder) and January 3rd, 2020 (Digital).

Director/writer: Stephen Cognetti.

Cast: Gabriel Chytry, Elizabeth Vermilyea, Sam Kazzi.

The latest trailer for Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire (courtesy of Terror Films):

*a 14-day free trial of Shudder is being offered, along with the film's debut: HELLHOUSELLC3 This code is valid in: Canada, the United States and Ireland.

More details on the film will be posted at the Terror Films' Website shortly: The Terror Films' Homepage

The second film in the trilogy, Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel, is available here - on Amazon:

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Satirical Slasher Ruin Me Finds a Home on DVD and Digital this October 8th

Ruin Me is a horror film that makes fun of horror tropes. This title has already had a long run on the film festival circuit. Now, RLJ Entertainment is set to release the film on home entertainment formats, this October. In Ruin Me, several horror fans sign up for a Slasher Sleepout. In the 36 hour event, these six strangers are subjected to strange characters and events, in a remote wood. As well, Ruin Me stars: Marcienne Dwyer (Reset, 2015), Matt Dellapina, Chris Hill and several others. A preview of the film's wide release, in the United States, is hosted here.

While on the road, writers Preston DeFrancis and Trysta A. Bissett have talked about this release. DeFrancis was studying directing in the University of South Carolina, while Bissett was researching scriptwriting (iHorror). Together, they developed several comedies and romantic comedies, before turning to horror. At a special haunting event, they found their inspiration and vowed to create something scarier. In October, horror fans can view what DeFrancis and Bissett came up with, on home entertainment platforms.

Ruin Me will have its wide release on October 8th. On this date, this satire will be available on DVD and Digital platforms; the film's official DVD artwork is hosted here. This self-described "satirical slasher horror" feature will bring a light-hearted look at the recent explosion of horror events, which welcome participants, in haunted locations. The laughs begin this October!

Release Date: October 8th, 2019 (DVD, Digital).

Director: Preston DeFrancis.

Writers: Trysta A. Bissett, Preston DeFrancis.

Cast: Marcienne Dwyer, Matt Dellapina, Chris Hill, Eva Hamilton, John Odom, Sam Ashdown, Cameron Gordon, Rocky Rector.

A trailer for Ruin Me (via Terror Weekend Productions):

Ruin Me at RLJ Ent.: Ruin Me Release Details at RLJ Ent.

Source: Ruin Me at iHorror

Ruin Me on DVD, at Amazon:

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Unwelcome Spirits Haunt Dementer at this Year's Nashville Film Festival

Director Chad Crawford Kinkle (Jugface, 2013) returns to the director's chair with Dementer. In the story, a mentally disabled woman is targeted by evil. A caretaker, Kaie (Katie Groshong), does her best to protect her. But, evil is hounding Katie, after her exit from a backwoods cult. As well, Dementer stars: Larry Fessenden (Depraved), Stephanie Kinkle, Brandy Edmiston and a few others. This title has already set its World Premiere for October 10th, at the Nashville Film Festival.

Though a trailer has not been released, the official synopsis reveals more on the story. Stephanie, a woman with Down Syndrome, is struggling to overcome her own personal challenges. When she interacts with Katie, a caretaker, evil spirits are introduced into Stephanie's life. No stranger to the supernatural, Katie utilizes a strange notebook, to ward off an ancient malevolent force.

Dementer will have two showings in Nashville. After the October 10th World Premiere, this title will host a second showing, on Friday, October 11th. The film will be released in an unrated format. And, Dementer promises to be a supernatural thriller, with a bit of mystery thrown in to boot.

World Premiere: October 10th, 2019 (Film Festival).

Director/writer: Chad Crawford Kinkle.

Cast: Katie Groshong, Stephanie Kinkle, Brandy Edmiston, Eller Hall, and Larry Fessenden.

*a trailer is coming soon.

Kinkle's first film was Jugface and involves a pregnant teen, escaping a remote community:

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Monday, September 09, 2019

The Taking of Deborah Logan Shows a Monstrous Decline (Out September 30th)!

The Taking of Deborah Logan was originally released, in the U.S. markets, through Netflix. Now, this possession thriller is set to show on several Digital platforms this month. Terror Films is set to release this film through the horror streaming service Shudder, along with several other video hosters. The film involves an elderly woman, who is battling dementia. Her daughter and a film crew document her decline. But, something else is happening to Deborah, played by Jill Larson. The Taking of Deborah Logan also stars: Anne Ramsay ("Hawthorne") and Michelle Ang. A preview of the film's upcoming launch is hosted here.

Director Adam Robitel is well known for some of his previous work. He has worked on both Insidious: The Last Key (2018) and Escape Room (2019). He has also been nominated for a "Best Film" award for his work on The Taking of Deborah Logan. As well, he is already working on the sequel to Escape Room, simply titled Escape Room 2. Robitel has a lot of experience sitting in the director's chair.

Finally, The Taking of Deborah Logan will show this September 30th, on several Digital platforms. Outside of Shudder, this title will also appear on: iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, Tubi TV, Google Play, Roku and others. Horror fans who missed the film's original release will be able to see it through this wider release, in just a few weeks. For now, film fans can see a preview clip, from the film, titled "Child Eating." This clip is for mature audiences only.

Release Date: September 30th, 2019 (Digital, U.S.).

Director: Adam Robitel.

Writers: Adam Robitel, Gavin Heffernan.

Cast: Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang.

A "Child Eating" scene from the film (courtesy of Perfect, mature audiences):

More details on the film will be available at the Terror Films' website, here:

The Terror Films' Homepage

Terror Films also released another thriller recently, titled End Trip (2019). This indie release has received a few, recent, positive reviews:

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Friday, September 06, 2019

Two WWE Superstars Face Each Other in this Trailer for 100 Acres of Hell

Indican Pictures will release Hank Leigh Hump's 100 Acres of Hell. Co-written by Jason Koerner (Pembrook), this indie horror film takes place in Foggy Creek. Here, an ancient legend roams the hills. Named Jeb, this killer has found another target, several men out on a bro's weekend. But, these campers will not go down without a fight. As well, this title stars well known WWE wrestling superstars: Gene Snisky and Sam Anoai. Also starring Catherine Corcoran (Terrifier) and Eileen Dietz, this film will begin a theatrical release in early October; a wider release is expected by mid-October. All of the film's release details are hosted here.

The trailer shows Buck Severs (Snisky) heading home. Recovering from a career ending injury, Buck is ready to reconnect with: home, hearth and country. Out in the woods, Buck is confronted with something and someone he has never heard of before. A match-up for the ages, Buck will have to leave his past behind in this bloody fight for survival.

The theatrical release will take place in ten theatres. This release will be followed by another, this October 15th. On this second date, the film will be available on Digital platforms and on DVD, through Indican Pictures. An homage to '80s slashers, 100 Acres of Hell promises to be one of best and most brutal horror films to be released for the Halloween season.

Release Date: October 8th, 2019 (Limited Theatrical) & October 15th, 2019 (DVD, Digital).

Directors: Hank Leigh Hump, Lisa Lakeman and Ernest O’Donnell.

Writers: Jason L. Koerner, Ed McKeever and Gene Snisky.

Cast: Gene Snisky, Eileen Dietz, Ernest O’Donnell, Catherine Corcoran, Jason L. Koerner, and Jim Roof

The official trailer for 100 Acres of Hell:

More on 100 Acres of Hell at Indican Pictures (movie stills): 100 Acres of Hell at Indican Pictures

The film’s homepage: The Homepage for 100 Acres of Hell

Indican also released another thriller-in-the-woods, titled the Big Bad (2016):

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