Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Fight of the Living Dead" Wants Your Blood Money: A Review of Episodes #2 ("Help is Found") and #3 ("Safe No More")

*an online screener of this film was provided by EPK TV and their associates.

Directors: Kevin Abrams, Chris Hall, Tony E. Valenzuela.

Writers: Chris Hall, Tony E. Valenzuela.

Cast: Brandon Bowen, Yousef Erakat, Rahat Hossain, Shanna Malcolm, Raya Moab, Dennis Roady and more.

This zombie film fan had an opportunity to watch Episode #2 ("Help is Found") and Episode #3 ("Safe No More") of "Fight of the Living Dead." A review of these episodes is available here. This series was developed by a host of production houses, including: Alpine Labs, Ketchum Labs and Revolver Picture Company. The series is being shown exclusively on the BlackBox TV Youtube Channel. And, this is a reality show set in a fictional zombie scenario, or apocalypse. Each show puts several Youtube stars through a series of challenges, while the undead claw at them, from every corner. Episode #2 and #3 are only twenty minutes each, which might make zombie fans wonder if the episodes are worth paying for. This viewer enjoyed both episodes, but they are over pretty quickly.

This show focuses on ten people and a series of tasks. Each must work together, to survive a simulated zombie apocalypse. All of the participants have found some security in a safe room, which they found in Episode #1 ("It Begins!"). In Episode #2, they must repair a video feed. They find a planted actor, along the way. In Episode #3, they must acquire a set of coils, for the Order project. This project is more of a weapon, which will destroy all of the zombies, who lurk in the many darkened halls. Events, in all of the episodes, do not go as planned.

The objectives create much of the havoc. For instance, when Rahat Hossain, Yousef Arakat and Dennis Roady set out to repair the video feed, everything goes well - for awhile. They find a backpack and a plastic crate full of supplies. But, there is a zombie patient strapped to a nearby wheelchair. After they repair the feed and the cameras are working, a musical interlude is piped in through the sound system. This incenses the zombies. It is a quick dash back to the safe zone. But, one character does not make it back, thanks to a very aggressive attacker. Similarly, a search for a video tape causes more challenges. The first video is a decoy and the characters are forced to return to a darkened lab. Here, another character is too slow to start her escape, when zombies emerge from every nook and cranny. The objectives offer the most action and conflict in the series.

The episodes are hard to recommend payment for; each is very short. Episode #2 clocks in at a mere twenty-one minutes. Episode #3 is equally short. Meanwhile, each episode, after the premiere, is locked behind a paywall. In Canada, the fee is only 2 to 3 dollars. But, the episodes are over so quickly that you will not get much digital bang for your hard earned dollars. Other digital services or offerings, like Netflix, provide hundreds of hours of streaming videos, for just eight dollars. Or, you can rent a two hour film through many Video-on-demand platforms for a reasonable price of 3 to 4 bucks (sometimes less). This viewer would have liked to see episodes of 40 minutes, to motivate other zombie fans to reach for their wallets.

There are at least four episodes in Season #2 of "Fight of the Living Dead" and each has been entertaining, so far. Episode #3 previewed a zombie horde attack on the characters' refuge, in Episode #4. The shear panic on the stars' faces will make most laugh. As well, in these early episodes, there is a great deal of action. Scenarios have been well thought out. And, characters must work together to complete objectives; this is not as easy as it sounds. Though short at twenty plus minutes, zombie fans, with a few dollars lying around, might want to delve deeper into this reality series. Each episode is more terrifying than the last.

Overall: 7.25 out of 10.

Episode #1, at thirty-eight minutes, is available for free - here:

Episode #1 of "Fight of the Living Dead"

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Rings Gives You Seven Days to Live in this Trailer

The Ring released in 2002, followed by The Ring 2 in 2005. It has been ten years since a sequel has been released for this series. Now, director F. Javier Gutierrez and Paramount Pictures have debuted a trailer for Rings. Scheduled for an October launch, Rings brings back a curse. Anyone who watches a devilish tape - will die in seven days. The first trailer for the film is here.

The synopsis begins and ends with Julia (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz). She investigates a dark underworld, after her boyfriend watches a mysterious tape. She sacrifices herself to save him. But, this latest tape is something more: a "movie within a movie."

The first trailer for Rings is a good one. It shows Samara (Bonnie Morgan) emerging from a flatscreen. Meanwhile, Julia is struggling with the curse as a coil of hair emerges from her mouth. There are all sorts of dark nasties in this preview clip.

Release Date: October 28th, 2016 (Theatrical).

Director: F. Javier Gutiérrez.

Writers: Jacob Aaron Estes, Akiva Goldsman, David Loucka and Kôji Suzuki.

Cast: Laura Wiggins, Aimee Teegarden, Johnny Galecki, Lizzie Brocheré and Bonnie Morgan.

The first trailer for Rings is hosted here:

The film's homepage: An Official Website for Rings

Recommended release:

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Terror Films Lifts the Curtains for The House on Pine Street in September

Terror Films has announced a release date for the supernatural thriller The House on Pine Street. To release through Video-on-demand in September, the film involves a darkened home and terrifying visions. Jennifer (Emily Goss) believes it is haunted. But, her own stresses might be altering her senses. The film, from writers Aaron and Austin Keeling, stars: Emily Goss, Taylor Bottles and Cathy Barnett. A movie clip, for this title, is available here.

The "It’s Just a House Jennifer" shows the protagonist and a medium. They are discussing the home and its history. Does something lay hidden behind these walls? Fans can find out in a few weeks.

The House on Pine Street will be available via multiple VOD platforms. This horror feature will be available on at least six online platforms, including: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox and Playstation. Pre-orders are available now. And, all of the release details, on The House on Pine Street, are available here.

Release Date: September 30th, 2016 (VOD: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and more).

Director/writer: Aaron Keeling and Austin Keeling.

Cast: Emily Goss, Taylor Bottles, Cathy Barnett, Jim Korinke, Natalie Pellegrini and Tisha Swart-Entwistle.

The "It's Just a House Jennifer" clip:

Pre-orders are available here: The House on Pine Street at iTunes

More details will be released at the Terror Films website, found here:

The Terror Films Homepage

Recommended release:

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Villisca Adds to the Kill Count with these Early Stills

There are a few details available for the horror feature Villisca. Based on the Moore murders, several teenagers break into an early 20th Century crime scene. Here, they hope to solve a tragedy, that occurred over a hundred years ago. The film, from director Tony E. Valenzuela, recently had a showing at the Los Angeles Film Festival. While a North American release has not been released, there are a couple of stills from the film, available here.

The Moore murders involved a random attack. In 1912, eight people were killed by trespassers. The killers hid in the attic, until everyone returned home from church. The results of the attack were truly horrifying. Now, three outcasts will break into this farmhouse and search for clues, to the family's death. But, something unimaginable lays beneath the floorboards.

At least four stills have been released for the film. Two can be found here. One still shows the teenagers investigating the crime scene. Another shows the same setting alight, with the central characters in a fiery fight. Other stills display the film's central setting, an old farmhouse. All of the available details on Villisca are here!

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Tony E. Valenzuela.

Writer: Owen Egerton.

Cast: Robert Adamson, Jarrett Sleeper, Alex Frnka, Conchata Ferrell and Jon Gries.

*a trailer has not been released.

**Villisca is a small farming town in Ohio.

A couple more stills, for the film, are available here: Villisca at the UHM

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Three Robbers Are in Over Their Heads in this Don't Breathe - "Blind Not Saint" Clip

A new clip has been released for Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe. Titled "Blind Not Saint," the clip shows three robbers casing a home as a blind man strolls by. There is a bit of a jump scare, in the video. Meanwhile, Don't Breathe is set for a late August release, in North America. The film will be shown in the United Kingdom, in early September. Fans of tense thrillers can see more on Don't Breathe here.

The official synopsis and publicity material talks of three burglars and a blind man. They hope to steal millions of dollars that he has stashed in the home. But, Alex (Dylan Minnette), Rocky (Jane Levy) and Money (Daniel Zovatto) are not prepared for what is inside this trap strewn home.

This film fan will be seeing this title as the Summer ends. Alvarez's Evil Dead (2013) was a blood-soaked nightmare. His latest looks to offer a few surprises, with much of the film shot in an apocalyptic Detroit, Michigan. Fans of Alvarez and his work can find the latest on Don't Breathe below.

Release Date: August 26th, 2016 (North America, Theatres).

Director: Fede Alvarez.

Writers: Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues.

Cast: Daniel Zovatto, Dylan Minnette, Stephen Lang, Sergej Onopko, Jane May Graves and Jane Levy.

The "Blind Not Saint" movie clip:

A trailer for the film is available here: A Don't Breathe Trailer on 28DLA

Source: Don't Breathe at Live For Film

Recommended release:

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fight of the Living Dead Gnaws into Its First Contestant

Tagline: "Don't. Get. Bit."

Youtube has debuted the first episode of "Fight of the Living Dead." This online video series brings some of the most popular Youtubers to the screen. Each personality must survive a simulated zombie apocalypse, set in an abandoned hospital. The first episode introduces all of the Youtubers to the setting. As well, they must rescue one of their own, JC Caylen. The debut episode is online now and free for zombie fans to watch.

This zombie film fan watched the first episode. Episode one shows Dennis Roady as the hero and Vitaly as the villain. In one scene, Dennis stops a zombie assault with a set of shelves. Then, he goes onto break a door down, freeing the other contestants. Later, Vitaly panics and leaves one of the survivors to be ground down and bitten by a zombie horde. One personality chooses courage, while the other focuses on selfishness.

As well, Episode 2 is already available. At just over twenty minutes, the episode is hosted behind a pay wall. Produced as part of the Youtube Red Originals, this series is available only on BlackBoxTV. More details on the show, including Episode 1 are hosted below.

Release Date: August 17th, 2016 (Youtube).

Cast: Vitaly, Fousey, Rahat, Tre Melvin, JC Caylen, Brittani Louise Taylor, Dennis Roady, Shanna Malcolm, Raya and Brandon Bowen.

Episode 1 of "Fight of the Living Dead" is available here:

A trailer for the series is hosted here: Fight of the Living Dead Trailer on 28DLA

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hong-jin Na's The Wailing Spreads Mystery this September: A Preview

A trailer for Hong-jin Na's The Wailing was released earlier this Summer. Now, Well Go USA is set to launch this title in North America, this September. The film, from Korea, involves the appearance of a Japanese tourist. His turning up coincides with the spread of a strange infection, which causes people to lash out violently. This title, which took six years to complete, was well received in Korea. In Korea, it broke box office records. Now, foreign film fans can find more on The Wailing here.

From the press release, the infection appears to have a supernatural source. A local shaman causes more problems as more and more people turn to murder. Now, an investigating officer must do whatever it takes to save his infected daughter. But, how does one fight an unseen force?

The trailer reveals more plot details and themes. There is an obvious xenophobic theme playing out, involving the Japanese stranger. And, the shaman reveals some of the strange curses, that are influencing events. Film fans can see The Wailing through Video-on-demand, on Septebember 6th. This title will also be available on DVD and Blu-ray this October 4th.

Release Date: September 6th, 2016 (VOD) and October 4th, 2016 (DVD, Blu-ray).

Director/writer: Hong-jin Na.

Cast: Woo-hee Chun and Jung-min Hwang.

A trailer for The Wailing:

*The Wailing has a runtime of approximately 157 minutes and is not rated.

More on the film is available at the Well Go USA website:

The Wailing at Well Go USA

Recommended release (Yellow Sea, Hong-jin Na):

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Pack Light for Summer Camp: A Film Review

*full disclosure: Lions Gate provided a DVD screener of this film.

Director: Alberto Marini.

Writers: Alberto Marini, Danielle Schleif.

It's summertime, and who doesn't want to be dragged into the woods for a good old-fashioned creepy camping tale? This viewer was sure on board. Unfortunately, someone forgot to bring the marshmallows. Summer Camp is brought to you by one of the producers of Annabelle and The Conjuring, which might sound tempting, but if you want a real scare just grab your sleeping bag, park yourself in front of a campfire and call it a night because this film is much more of a comedy, and not the most enjoyable one at that.

The story revolves around four twenty-something Americans working in Spain at a kids' camp. The group soon discovers that an inexplicable virus is spreading, causing fits of rage in both animal and human alike. One by one, the camp counselors are taken down by the infection, but they don't stay down for long. The mystery behind the virus should keep you wondering; however, once the truth is exposed, you don't care. This indifference is partly due to the unsympathetic, flat characters, but mostly due to the fact that you're too busy trying to figure out whether you're supposed to laugh or not.

That's the thing about this film—it seems like a satire in disguise that never fully reveals itself. While the characters are unimaginative and unlikable, things get deconstructed to a degree. The dumb girl with the heeled boots who isn't outdoorsy ends up being the most assertive, and the girl with the adventurous spirit and trusting nature learns that those two qualities don't always come in handy. Too bad these little twists aren't big enough to render the effort a success.

Shaky exploitation-style camera work certainly gets your attention early on, and makes you wonder what you're actually in for. Having said that, the style is slightly inconsistent and fades into the background where it might have been more effective if director Alberto Marini jumped right into B-movie territory. In his defense, this is a pretty goodlooking film—the effects are well done and the setting is decent. Also, things move along at a steady pace and there's lots of action. The trouble is, the action isn't all that exciting or suspenseful; it's almost like it's expected, and not in a funny way. By far, the best part about Summer Camp is the delightfully ironic ending. Until then, the deadening plot makes you forget one key element. This missing piece kind of blindsides you, and boy is it a nice surprise!

In the end, this viewer is quite confident that Summer Camp is indeed a horror comedy, and that the “camp” in the title refers to the campy style and not the kind of camp that Jason Voorhees terrorizes. Although the title is somewhat clever, it's sure to backfire as many viewers, particularly those not as familiar with the genre, won't get it. Having said that, by the time you get to the obvious yet entertaining tribute to The Evil Dead (1981), it's pretty hard not to be in the know. The comedic elements certainly show potential in this film but, unfortunately, they never quite live up to it, and the fact that Summer Camp shies away from any scare factor is sure to disappoint, especially coming from a film that's advertised as a “heart-pounding thriller.”

*this title released on DVD, in North America, on August 2nd, 2016.

Overall: 6 out of 10.

28DLA write Kenna Rae has her own Blog, where she muses more about the summer, here: Kenna Rae's Blog - Hey Kenna Rae!

The second trailer for the film is available here: A Summer Camp Trailer #2 on 28DLA

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