Friday, February 22, 2019

Crime Thriller Coyote Lake Takes Real Life Inspiration from the US/Mexico Border: First Poster

Tagline: "Be Careful What You Let Surface."

An official poster has been released for the crime thriller Coyote Lake. Based on a story involving the disappearance of a Texas man, Coyote Lake was developed by director Sara Seligman as a mother and daughter story. Starring Camila Mendes ("Riverdale") and Adriana Barraza (Drag Me to Hell), the film covers a hot button topic, in the U.S., immigration and border control. Very much a film focused on Mexican Cartels, drug dealing and murder, Coyote Lake looks to be one of the most compelling thrillers to come out, later this year.

The official synopsis focuses on Esther (Mendes) and her domineering mother. Together, they run a bed & breakfast, near the US/Mexican border. Two unwanted guests enter their business, bloodied and distraught. They take the two women hostage. But, these women have dark secrets of their own.

Coyote Lake is a Cranked Up Films production. Slated for a 2019 release, this film is loosely based on events in and around the real life Falcon Lake, where disappearances and murders are common place. Cranked Up Films will also handle the distribution, of the film, in the US. Coyote Lake is also being repped by sales agent Bleiberg Entertainment, for distribution in further territories. A trailer is coming soon, with all of the available details on Coyote Lake are right here.

Release Date: 2019.

Director: Sara Seligman.

Writers: Sara Seligman, Thomas James Bond.

Cast: Camila Mendes, Charlie Weber, Adriana Barraza.

*a trailer is coming soon.

**Falcon Lake is located along the Rio Grande.

Sources: Coyote Lake at Bleiberg Ent.

Coyote Lake Article at Cranked Up Films

Savages, from director Oliver Stone, is another film that deals with Mexican Cartels and the US border area:

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Indie Comedy Bruce!!! to Split Sides in Twenty-Five U.S. Cities this March 15th

Bruce!!! is an upcoming, indie comedy. Director Eden Marryshow (Last Night) wrote and directed this feature. When his main actor dropped out, Marryshow also stepped-up to centrally star in the film. In 2017, Bruce!!! had its World Premeire at that year's American Black Film Festival. Since then, the film has been picked up for a theatrical run, through AMC theatres, via Global Digital Releasing. As well, Bruce!!! stars: Jason Tottenham ("Quantico"), Jade Eshete ("Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency"), Mle Chester and many others. The film's official poster and Red Band trailer are available here.

In the film, Bruce is a self-centered playboy. He struggles to hold a job and to make his rent. When his parents cut him off financially, Bruce is forced to face reality and get his life together. But, Bruce does not choose the straight and narrow. Instead, he hopes to hustle a potential roommate into paying much of his overhead, leading to even more problems.

At the World Premeire, Marryshow talked about what led up to the film and its eventual development. He said of his main character: "and what Bruce has to learn is that things aren’t perfect. He’s waiting for the perfect girl and the perfect job. But no, dude, you have to keep doing, you have to keep going." Nothing in life is perfect of course. Marryshow, in an interview at Shadow and Act, also mentions the film's underlining message: "I would talk all this stuff to my kids about following their dreams, and finally it hit me that I wasn’t following my own." There is no point in not reaching out for a goal as life only gives people one shot. And, Bruce!!!'s big shot is coming up this March.

Bruce !!! will show in twenty-five U.S. theatres, in mid-March. On March 15th, Bruce!!! will show in: Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas and at least twenty others. A full theatrical listing is available at the film's official website (below). Finally, this is one comedy that is sure to entertain fans of indie films or those looking for a film with a universal story.

Release Date: March 15th, 2019 (Theatrical).

Director: Eden Marryshow.

Writers: Eden Marryshow, Jesse Wakeman.

Cast: Cesa Pledger, Gene Pope, Christopher Gabriel Núñez, Jamie Dunn, Brenda Thomas, Ysmael Reyes and Jean Goto.

The official Red Band trailer for Bruce!!! (mature audiences only: language, sexuality):

*won the Grand Jury Prize for “Best Director” at the American Black Film Festival (2017)

The film's official homepage with Theatrical Details: The Bruce!!! Official Website

An Interview with Marryshow at Shadow and Act: Marryshow Talks Bruce!!! at Shadow and Act

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

You Only Turn 18 Once in Book of Monsters (Out March 19th)!

Dread's latest upcoming release is Dark Rift Films' Book of Monsters. This film is a mashup of '80s creature features. And, the film's Kickstarter campaign was unusual, in that it allowed backers to choose plot points in the film. Like a Choose-your-own-adventure novel, Book of Monsters was developed by director Stewart Sparke (The Creature Below) and writer Paul Butler. To release in mid-March, this title stars: Michaela Longden (Terminal, 2018), Anna Dawson (1921), Lizzie Stanton and Lyndsey Craine. Many of these filmmakers have collaborated on the horror film The Creature Below (2016). A preview for Book of Monsters' upcoming Digital release is available here.

Director Sparke has talked about Book of Monsters at recent film festivals. He says of the film's main story idea: "Book of Monsters started life as a short film idea with a young girl having to fight off a monster at her eighteenth birthday party, it was just a fun opportunity for us to play with creatures again and have some fun gags in there about coming of age stories (Blazing Minds)." This coming-of-age story takes a strange turn or two as seen in the trailer. Sparke also mentions the unique scriptwriting experience: "I’d always talked to Paul about my love for choose your own adventure stories I had read as a kid and we found a great way to incorporate that into the campaign by letting people choose six main elements of the film including the monsters themselves." This film was truly developed by its supporters.

Book of Monsters is slated to show on Digital platforms. On March 19th, this indie comedy will show on iTunes, with more Digital platforms set to be announced soon. This release will take place across the United States. All of the available release details on Book of Monsters are below, including the original trailer.

Release Date: March 19, 2019 (Digital).

Director: Stewart Sparke.

Writer: Paul Butler.

Cast: Lyndsey Craine, Michaela Longden, Lizzie Stanton, Anna Dawson, Rose Muirhead, Steph Mossman, Nicholas Vince, Daniel Thrace and Arron Dennis.

The official trailer for Book of Monsters (courtesy of Dark Rift Films):

Book of Monsters at Epic Pictures: Book of Monsters Release Details at Epic Pictures

Source: An Interview with Sparke at Blazing Minds

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Horror Comedy Clickbait to Show at This Year's Starburst Film Festival in Manchester

Clickbait is the latest film from production house Launch Over. This film is slated to be distributed, later this year, by ITN Distribution. Starring Colby Stewart (Hollow's Ridge) as Bailey, Clickbait has had a long film festival run, throughout 2018. Now, Clickbait is set to show at this year's Startuburst International Film Festival, in Manchester. Clickbait hopes to bring a few laughs to audiences in mid-March, though it'll undoubtedly be snubbed by next year's Oscars noms, or even snubbed by the snub lists, kind of like how Toni Collette was for Hereditary (2018) on this year's Oscars snub lists. But Hereditary proves that just because the Oscars don't like Horror, it doesn't mean the movie won't be successful.

The story for Clickbait involves a college student, searching for internet fame. Unfortunately, Bailey is kidnapped by an internet stalker and the only one who can rescue her is a reluctant roommate.

This year's Starburst festival celebrates Lloyd Kaufman and many of his Troma classics. Clickbait will begin screening on March 15th and run for two days. Fans of indie comedy and horror features can order their tickets now, at the Starburst Film Festival website, found below. Fans will not want to miss this award winner ("Best Horror Feature," AUFF & "Best Support Actress," Brandi Aguilar) as Clickbait continues a festival run into 2019.

Festival Date: March 15th to 16th, 2019.

Directors: Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein.

Writers: Jeremy Long, Michael J. Epstein.

Cast: Colby Stewart, Brandi Aguilar, Seth Chatfield.

Clickbait at Launch Over: Clickbait Details at Launch Over

Clickbait at Starburst Magazine: Clickbait Film Festival Details

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Monday, February 18, 2019

White Chamber Locks the United Kingdom Down this March 29th

White Chamber is a sci-fi thriller from the United Kingdom. Starring Shauna Macdonald (The Descent) and Oded Fehr (Resident Evil: Extinction), White Chamber takes place in a politically unstable England, where civil war is raging across the land. This title was directed by Paul Raschid (Unhallowed Ground). And, this film has just finished a film festival run, with stops in Brussels (World Premiere) and Edinburgh. Now, Dark Sky Films will bring White Chamber to audiences this March, with more release details below.

The official synopsis talks of a runaway military government. They are squashing dissenters, in an attempt to gain total governmental control. One woman is caught in the government's web. And, her brutal interrogation tests her limits. But, who is the real authority here, the captor or the captive?

Several reviews have come in for White Chamber. Michael Klug, at Horror Freak News, mentions the performances and the characters: "there’s always a sense of danger, from the situations to the potential reactions by the characters." This film creates a very realistic cinematic world. As well, Amber Wilkinson of Eye for Film likes the story and plot points: "this expansion of the plot allows Raschid to move beyond the psychological head-to-head between captor (Fehr) and captive (Macdonald) to consider broader issues." This story is a bit more complex, compared to your average sci-fi feature.

White Chamber will show on Digital and in some theatres in late March. On Mach 29th, White Chamber will have a wide release across the U.S. And, fans of sci-fi or thrillers can find the latest trailer, for the film, below. As well, this title will be released in an unrated format. All of the available release details are hosted here.

Release Date: March 29th, 2019 (Theatrical, Digital).

Director/writer: Paul Raschid.

Cast: Shauna Macdonald, Oded Fehr, Amrita Acharia and Candis Nergaard.

The official trailer for White Chamber (courtesy of Dark Sky Films):

White Chamber at Aviary Films (the production company): White Chamber at Aviary Films

A Movie Review of White Chamber at Horror Freak News: White Chamber Reviewed at Horror Freak News

White Chamber Reviewed at Eye for Film: A White Chamber Review at Eye for Film

Dark Sky Films also released the horror thriller Victor Crowley, last year. The film was actually a fairly good slasher film:

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Satanic Thriller We Summon the Darkness Hypnotizes with this First Movie Poster

Tagline: "Be Careful What You Pray For."

We Summon the Darkness is a horror thriller from director Marc Meyers (My Friend Dahmer). Production on this feature began last year, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Currently in post-production, the film was scheduled to show at last year's Toronto International Film Festival. Now, a new film poster is available for the film, courtesy of the Highland Film Group. The graphic shows many of the film's central players, including: Alexandra Daddario (Baywatch), Maddie Hasson ("Impulse"), Keean Johnson (Alita: Battle Angel) and Johnny Knoxville. A trailer is coming soon. For now, fans of horror can find the latest on We Summon the Darkness here.

The film involves a series of Satanic murders, in the Midwest. Three friends head out on a road trip and they meet several interesting blokes, at a heavy metal music festival. Back at the girlfriend's family home, the afterparty turns into a night of bloody debauchery. Now, killers are on the loose, with no one to be trusted.

We Summon the Darkness does not have a release date. However, film fans can expect this title to show at film festivals this year as the film completes production and looks to show in several territories. As well, a trailer should be coming this way soon!

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Marc Meyers.

Writer: Alan Trezza.

Cast: Alexandra Daddario, Keean Johnson, Johnny Knoxville and Maddie Hasson.

*a trailer is coming soon.

We Summon the Darkness at Highland Film Group: We Summon the Darkness Details at Highland

Source: We Summon the Darkness Still Source (Marc Meyers)

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Invisible Man Thriller The Unseen to Debut this February 26th!

Tagline: "Invisible Man. Visible Curse."

The Unseen is an Invisible Man horror thriller, from director Geoff Redknap (Cabin in the Woods). In the film, Bob is working in a small mill, when something strange begins to happen to his body. Frightened by his degeneration, Bob turns to his family as time runs out. The Unseen stars: Aden Young as Bob, along with: Camille Sullivan ("The Man in the High Castle") and Julia Sarah. And, Monarch Home Entertainment will release this title, on home entertainment platforms, this month. A preview of the film's Digital and DVD launch is hosted here.

The film's trailer shows Bob, struggling with this new condition. He attempts to reunite with his daughter, only to find her missing. Now, Bob must track her down. But, his body is slowly disappearing and causing Bob even more dire challenges.

Monarch Home Entertainment will release The Unseen on February 26th. On this date, this exciting thriller will show on most Digital platforms. As well, The Unseen will be available on DVD. The DVD version is unrated, with limited or no special features. Fans of indie horror can find the latest on The Unseen here.

Release Date: February 26th, 2019 (Digital, DVD).

Director/writer: Geoff Redknap.

Cast: Aden Young, Camille Sullivan, Julia Sarah Stone, Ben Cotton.

The film's official trailer (courtesy of Monarch Home Entertainment):

The Unseen at Monarch Home Entertainment: The Unseen Release Details at MHE

Available here on Amazon:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Don't Break These Three Rules in Horror Thriller Ma: First Trailer

Tagline: "Get Home Safe."

An official trailer and poster have been released for the horror thriller Ma. Starring Oscar Award winner Octavia Spencer (The Help), Ma focuses on a sweet, lonely woman. She helps a group of teenagers, to stay out of trouble. But, her generousity only lasts so long. Ma also stars: Juliette Lewis ("August: Osage County"), Luke Evans (Dracula Untold) Diana Silvers, Missi Pyle and many more. Fans of Blumhouse Productions (Happy Death Day) can find out more on this latest release here.

Ma begins friendly enough. She helps out Maggie and her friends at the local liquor store. She invites them all back to her place, to drink in safety. But, Ma begins to turn up at their high school and at their parents' house, leading to several awkward situations. When Ma's three rules are broken, she takes revenge on anyone she can get her hands on.

Ma is already slated for a May theatrical release, in the United States. Universal Pictures will handle the release. And, Ma's rules of: one of the kids has to stay sober, don't curse and never go upstairs are sure to get bent on this date. All of the latest release details on Ma are below.

Release Date: May 21st, 2019 (U.S., Theatrical).

Director: Tate Taylor.

Writers: Scotty Landes, Tate Taylor.

Cast: Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis, Diana Silvers, Luke Evans, McKaley Miller, Missi Pyle, Corey Fogelmanis, Gianni Paolo, Dante Brown.

The official trailer for Ma (courtesy of Blumhouse):

The film's official website: The Ma Official Homepage

Happy Death Day is another Blumhouse release (Blu-ray):

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