Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Watcher is Shrouded as a Raven in this DVD Artwork

Tagline: "The Raven Will Come."

A release date for Ryan Rothmaier's The Watcher was revealed earlier this year. Now, the official artwork has been released. The DVD artwork focuses on a bloodied Raven mask. To release in April of this year, this title has already shown on the Lifetime Television Network, in late 2016. The film stars: Erin Cahill, Edi Gathegi and Denise Crosby. And, fans of indie films will want to keep this Monarch Home Entertainment release on their radar. More stills and the official DVD artwork are hosted here.

Some of the new images show a strange Raven-like figure. Hidden and masked, the character looks aged and ancient. The DVD artwork promises: "The Raven Will Come." Meanwhile, another bird haunts a stairwell, in the official release artwork. Emma (Cahill) and Noah (Gathegi), new homeowners, will have to confront this character, if they hope to live in peace.

The latest stills reveal more of the film (all images available here). They show Emma, frozen in fear. Another image shows a dying character, while still more images introduce other characters. Fans of indie horror can see the film, for themselves, this April 18th, 2017, on DVD. One of the film's better trailers is hosted below.

Release Date: April 18th, 2017 (DVD).

Director/writer: Ryan Rothmaier.

Cast: Erin Cahill, Edi Gathegi, Denise Crosby.

A trailer, from director Ryan Rothmaier, is here:

*to be released in an unrated version. A runtime of 89 minutes.

Source: The Watcher at Monarch Home Entertainment

A Previous Article on 28DLA of The Watcher (Older Artwork)

Recommended release:

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Savageland has a Story to Tell About Disappearances in the Desert

Terror Films has secured a release date for Savageland. Filmed by a trio of directors (Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert and David Whelan), Savageland takes place at an Arizona border town. In Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ), fifty-seven people have disappeared and only one survivor has been found; he has a strange story to tell. The film is scheduled to show in late February, in the United States. And now, a movie clip is available for this indie horror title, called "Dead Alive."

The "Dead Alive" movie clip involves an interrogation. The lone survivor is questioned about the death of a person. He answers a few questions. But, little is revealed in this mysterious clip.

Savageland will be available through many Video-on-demand platforms, in the US. The film will show on these online platforms: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play/YouTube, Vudu, Xbox Live, Sony PlayStation, Vimeo on Demand, I Bleed Indie and 3 Roku channels. Savageland will show on many other platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, in the weeks to come. The "Dead Alive" clip awaits below.

Release Date: February 24th, 2017 (VOD, US)

Directors/writers: Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert and David Whelan.

Cast: Monica Davis, Edward L. Green.

A "Dead Alive" movie clip, for Savageland:

More details to come at Terror Films: Savageland at Terror Films

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Kidnapper Emerges in this First Trailer for The Devil's Candy

It is a rarity to see a truly unsettling trailer, come along. The first official trailer for Sean Byrne's (The Loved Ones) The Devil's Candy, has been released. To show at AMC Theatres, in the United States, IFC Films will handle this title's distribution. The story of The Devil's Candy involves: a haunted house in small town Texas, heavy metal and a struggling artist. All of these elements come together to do the Satan's bidding. Fans of true horror can take a look at the film's first trailer here.

The trailer shows Jesse (Ethan Embry) and a strange art piece. He is unsure of his creative inspiration; but, viewers will know. The film clip also shows a mysterious kidnapper (Ray Smilie), in a red track suit. He shambles about from scene to scene. Both characters meet at a strange, cursed home.

The Devil's Candy is slated for a US run. IFC Films has announced that this title will release through Video-on-demand and in a few theatres, this March 17th, 2017. The Devil's Candy has already shown, on DVD, in the director's home country - Australia (Tasmania). It has also launched in Russia. However, there are no plans to release The Devil's Candy in any other North American territories as of yet. Fans of horror can see the thrilling trailer for The Devil's Candy, now!

Release Date: March 17th, 2017 (VOD, Limited Theatrical, US).

Director/writer: Sean Byrne.

Cast: Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby and Kiara Glasco.

The official trailer for The Devil's Candy:

Sources: The Devil's Candy at the Daily Dead

The Devil's Candy at IFC Films

Recommended release:

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Ice Cream Truck is More of a Hearse: First Movie Clip and Release Details

A preview for Megan Freels Johnston's The Ice Cream Truck launched last week. The film's first clip shows a serial killer, meeting character Mary (Deanna Russo). They talk in the darkness of night, about ice cream and something else? This film was recently picked up Uncork'd Entertainment, for distribution rights, at the European Film Market. The film also stars: John Redlinger (Thirst), Emil Johnsen, Hilary Barraford, Jeff Daniel Phillips and Lisa Ann Walter. Expected to release in 2017, a preview of the film's upcoming launch is hosted here.

An early synopsis of the film focuses on Mary. She has moved back to her hometown, after her husband has relocated for work. Alone in the suburbs, she meets up with an Ice Cream Truck man. But now, she finds strange things occurring in her locale as this mysterious man patrols the neighbourhood.

Johnston has already talked about her film's upcoming release date. She says of the film and the distribution deal: "we are so excited to be working with Uncork'd Entertainment on this film whose niche is a mix of Art House and Horror Films, since The Ice Cream Truck strongly represents both of those genres." Both of these genres will collide later in 2017. Early stills and a movie clip, for The Ice Cream Truck, are hosted here.

Release Date: 2017.

Director/writer: Megan Freels Johnston.

Cast: Deanna Russo, Emil Johnsen, John Redlinger.

The Ice Cream Truck movie clip:

A homepage for the film: The Ice Cream Truck Movie Website

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Peelers Will Take All of Their Skin Off this March!

Tagline: "They Won't Be Walking for Long."

It has been while since there has been news on Sevé Schelenz's Peelers. Since 2016 and its World Premiere in Florida, the film has secured theatrical distribution in Canada and a Video-on-demand launch, in the United States. Described as a "balls-to-the-wall action horror" feature, Peelers shows what happens when you mix oily miners with nude entertainers - death! The film stars: Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko and Madison J. Loos. And now, an official theatrical trailer is available for Peelers, along with other release details.

The official synopsis talks of an infamous, small-town strip club and its shady clientele. The owner, Blue Jean Douglas (Walker), has decided to sell this hole-in-the-wall. But, a crisis has started in the bar, when a group of contaminated miners show up. Now, Blue Jean must use her famous baseball skills to keep the infected at bay.

The film has already played at sixty-five film festivals. It is now set to screen before a wider audience. In Canada, Peelers will have a theatrical showing on March 24th, 2017. On March 28th, US horror fans can see this thrilling feature on their big screens. All of the zombie undead madness begins in just a few weeks, with more specific theatrical details coming soon.

Release Date: March 24, 2017 (Theatrical, Canada) and March 28, 2017 (VOD, US).

Director: Sevé Schelenz.

Writers: Lisa DeVita and Sevé Schelenz.

Cast: Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko and Madison J. Loos.

An official trailer for the film:

The Peelers official website: The Peelers Homepage

Peelers on Twitter: Peelers on Twitter

Recommended release:

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Victoria Film Festival '17 The Girl with All the Gifts Required One More Sacrifice on the Altar: A Film Review

Director: Colm McCarthy.

Writers: Mike Carey (novel), Mike Carey (screenplay)

Cast: Gemma Arterton, Dominique Tipper, Glenn Close and Paddy Considine.

The Girl with All the Gifts is one of the best zombie-styled films to come out of the United Kingdom, in quite awhile. Based on Mike Carey's novel, this horror title brings the zombie action back to London, a la 28 Days Later (2001). This time, these fast moving fungal infected freaks are sensitive to smell, mostly. Very similar to the plotline of the PS4 game The Last of Us (2013), in both media spores are the danger of the day, infecting the brain. Helen, played by actress Gemma Arterton, plays the protective parent, this time around. Helen is also very naive, especially when compared with the character Dr. Caldwell (Glenn Close). The Girl with All the Gifts asks a few moral questions: which is more important - humanity or the individual? This viewer never came to a consensus. But, fans of zombie or infectious flicks are encouraged to seek out this very thrilling title, The Girl with All the Gifts.

The Last of Us was another story which focused on an infectious element. And, the filmmakers of The Girl with All the Gifts, or writer Mike Carey have been influenced by this 2013 video game release. Both stories deal with a parental figure protecting a young girl. This time, in the film, Melanie (Sennia Nanua) is the cure to an infection. Her brain and spinal cord could create a vaccine. Melanie is more complicated than Ellie. However, both young girls play the protagonist in each story. As well, the city landscapes in the film and the game look rundown, overgrown and full of deadly pathogens. In both releases, spores lead to more infections. And, the natural environments are contaminated by something strange and alien. It is interesting to see how one type of media can influence another.

The story within The Girl with All the Gifts is more complex, though. Melanie is at the center of the story. Found in a maternity ward on a military expedition, Melanie has spent almost her entire life in a bunker and research center. She is infected with a fungal pathogen, but she is still able to: speak, interact and form connections with others. The story steps into high gear, when the military base is overrun, by the infected hordes. Melanie is rescued by her very idealistic teacher, Helen. With a small group of soldiers, they attempt to travel through London, to reach another base. A more foolhardy plan could not have been hatched and the results are dire.

Helen was this viewer's least favourite character. Her naivety and idealism are contrasted by Dr. Caldwell's reason. One character is an obivious foil for the other. As an example of Helen's naivete, she unstraps a bloodthirsty Melanie, in one scene. She takes no precautions to keep herself safe. Melanie is basically a monster, hoping to infect or eat the uninfected. She can barely keep her hunger under wraps. Yet, Helen is consistently willing to give Melanie the benefit of the doubt, despite the very real threat to her life. This reviewer enjoyed the character Caldwell's colder, more scientific approach to the world; she just wants to find a vaccine, at any costs. The fate of humanity is at stake, after all. Still, the filmmakers did not agree with this critic's take on the problem, nor the solution.

Helen and Caldwell are also on opposite ends of the moral equation. Helen believes the individual, especially Melanie, are more important than humanity. Is Melanie even human (arguably no)? On the other end of the spectrum, Caldwell is more interested in saving humanity, while forgoing the needs of the individual. This brings up an interesting moral question; which is more important - humanity as a whole or the individual? Without humanity, the individual cannot survive. And, without the individual, humanity cannot survive. This viewer does not have an answer to this question, but the film does. The outcome is a bit myopic, in this reviewer's opinion, and it should have been more tragic.

Great films ask difficult questions. And, The Girl with All the Gifts brings forth a couple of great and complex moral questions. What would you do, if humanity was at stake and one infected girl had the cure? This film also wears its influences on its sleeve. Viewers will see other films, television shows and media platforms influencing this film outing. As well, this watcher was not endeared to the character Helen, who often acts foolishly. Still, it is interesting to see Caldwell and Helen offer different sides to a complicated argument. Horror fans are encouraged to ask their own questions with The Girl with All the Gifts as this feature plays at their local film festival.

Overall: 8 out of 10.

*the character Sgt. Parks gives a strong clue as to how the film views morality. He says to Helen: "in my opinion, there are no good or bad people. There are just people struggling with what is thrown at them, day to day." This is not an exact quote. But, there are no morally neutral people, in the world. You are either good (truthful, integrous, courageous) or evil (deceitful, disintegrous, cowardly). Pick a side.

A trailer for the film is available here: The Girl with All the Gifts Trailer on 28DLA

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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Sound Draws One Investigator to Her Doom: First Trailer

Sales agent Spotlight Pictures has recently released a trailer for Jenna Mattison's The Sound. This horror thriller, starring Rose McGowan and Christopher Lloyd, involves low frequency acoustics and a haunted subway station. Shot in Toronto, the film is nearly ready for audiences. For now, fans of horror titles or of thrillers can view the film's first trailer, here!

The trailer shows Kelly (McGowan) investigating an old subway station. This locale hosts a secret, an unexplained suicide. 40 years on, this station still hides an unseen evil and it wants to stay hidden.

The Sound is currently being shown to distributors. A specific release date has not been announced for any territories. However, it is likely that fans of horror will be able to see the film in 2017. Sure to create an adrenaline rush, all of the details on The Sound are available below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director/writer: Jenna Mattison.

Cast: Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Eklund and Richard Gunn.

The first trailer for The Sound:

A higher quality trailer, for the film, can be found at the Spotlight Pictures' website: The Sound at Spotlight Pictures

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The Best Horror Films for Valentine's Day '17

Guest post by: Stacy Fraser.

It is nearly impossible to get past Saint Valentine’ Day even if you hate this holiday with every fiber of your being. It’s everywhere, and even if you immure yourself and turn off the internet not to see sappy congratulations on the Holiday of Love, you’ll hardly be able to hide from it. Trust me, I’ve tried to do that and each time failed. It was a friend who wanted to invite me on Saint Valentine’s Day party, or a heart-shaped card sent anonymously that broke my escaping and reminded of the 14th of February.

Eventually I came up with an idea that it was pointless to escape a global obsession with Saint Valentine’s Day and decided to celebrate it in such a way that it would annoy me minimally. That way is quite simple and, of course, involves my love to horror movies. This year I’m going to host a party and invite all my friends who love watching horror/scary movies, reading reviews and sharing opinions like me. Some drinks, snacks, popcorn buckets, a big sofa, and the below list of romantic horrors movies/thrillers to watch is my perfect way to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. Here are the movies I chose.

Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmush (2013)

This film tops the list – deservedly. Vampires, love, horror and distinctive Jim Jarmush’s filmmaking style are more than enough to have the upper hand. Tilda Swinton and Tom brilliantly Hiddleston played two vampires Eve and Adam loving each other for several centuries. Though, even vampire love is to be tested. A bit weird, misty and dramatic film is good to remind us that the word ‘love’ has a lot of definitions.

Red, White and Blue by Simon Rumley (2010)

No, this movie has nothing to do with casino, though an emotional beating here is higher than joy experienced by a winner of a main prize on the website of online casino (NederlandseGokken). Violence, love and revenge are three pillars of ‘Red, White and Blue’. That is the sad story of Erica and Nate. Tenderness and love they felt for each other resulted in total destruction and violence. This film may appear bleak with too much realistic violence, though I guess it is just the upper layer hiding the quintessence of love, that is its unconditional nature.

Shaun Of The Dead by Edgar Wright (2004)

To gloss over the previous movie and to make so called ‘anti-St. Valentine’s Day’ party a little more fun ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is the right choose. It is more romantic than the above two movies and funnier as well. The main character Shaun tries to save relationships with his girlfriend. This same old story happens during a zombie outbreak. Some scary scenes remind that it is a partly horror movie, in all other aspects Shaun will make everybody laugh and have fun.

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