Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Two Famous Creatures Return to VOD: Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant

Terror Films is re-releasing Seth Breedlove's: Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant through Video-on-demand. These two documentaries cover strange creatures, who have been sighted or encountered by locals. Some say one of these monsters still exist, to this day. Sightings have begun as early as the the last '60s. Now, Breedlove is bringing his in-depth research and coverage to digital platforms. Details, including new posters and trailers, are available for both films. The poster and trailer for Boggy Creek Monster are hosted here.

The Boggy Creek Monster aka the Fourke Monster was first seen in the '70s. Appearances took place all around Fourke, Arkansas. Much like a Bigfoot, this creature attacked local families and destroyed livestock, according to early reports. The creature's legend continues to grow!

Terror Films has released this title via most digital platforms. These two documentaries are available on: iTunes, Google Play/YouTube and X-Box Live. As well, both films will show on iFlix, very soon. More details on Boggy Creek Monster, including a trailer, are hosted below. The Mothman of Point Pleasant story details can be found at the Terror Film's website, also found below.

Re-release Date: November 21st, 2017 (VOD).

Director/writer: Seth Breedlove.

Cast: Lyle Blackburn.

The trailer for Boggy Creek Monster:

A homepage for the documentaries: The Small Town Monsters Official Website

Boggy Creek Monster at Terror Films: Boggy Creek Synopsis at Terror Films

Mothman at Point Pleasant Details at Terror Films: Mothman Story Details at Terror Films

Boggy Creek Monster at Amazon:

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Monday, November 20, 2017

The Graveyard Shift Just Got a Bit Deadlier with Stephen Hall's Nightshift: A Preview

Tagline: "His Beginning. Your end.

Nightshift is an upcoming Irish-shot horror film. From director and writer Stephen Hall, this title is a supernatural thriller. Within Nightshift, Amy (Ashleigh Dorrell) works the nightshift, in an old hotel. She encounters a flesh obsessed killer. And, her only escape lays in uncovering the secrets of the killer's previous victims. Tombstone Distribution is representing the film as Nightshift nears completion. An early poster is here, along with the film's story details.

The first poster shows the killer. Hooded and bleeding, this supernatural murderer is ready to kill again. "666" it etched into the wall, while the tagline states: "His Beginning. Your End." The fatalities likely begin in 2018, when the film is released.

Nightshift has already announced casting. Dorrell will play the protagonist, while Mathew O'Brien ("Blight," 2015), Chrissy Randall and Nigel Mercier also star. More on this title will come this way soon, once production is completed and a trailer debuts.

Release Date: TBD.

Director/writer: Stephen Hall.

Cast: Matthew O'Brien, Chrissy Randall and Nigel Mercier.

*a trailer is coming soon.

Source: Nightshift at Tombstone Distribution

More terror on the nightshift (The Abandoned, DVD):

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Friday, November 17, 2017

A Quiet Place But Not for Long in this Tense Trailer

Tagline: "If They Can't Hear You, They Can't Hurt You."

The first trailer for A Quiet Place has debuted, this week. The clip shows a small family, living in a rural location. They speak with sign language as a monster? stalks the yard. This title was developed by John Krasinski (13 Hours, 2016), who is married to castmate Emily Blunt in real life; they also play a distressed couple in the film. A Quiet Place also stars deaf actress Millicent Simmonds (Wonderstruck) and young actor Noah Jupe. The trailer is a tense one and it can be found here.

The trailer shows a strange family routine. A cross stands up on a bridge. A marked path leads one character to it. In another scene, a young girl walks a painted path as claw marks streak across a wall. There is no dialogue. Later, the family gathers for a game of Monopoly. But, something is nearby and on the hunt for them!

The film was developed by a couple of production companies. Paramount Pictures will show the film in U.S. theatres, in early April. Platinum Dunes and Sunday Night are the production houses behind this post-apocalyptic feature. And, this is one mysterious thriller to look out for, with more details to follow.

Release Date: April 6th, 2018 (Theatrical).

Director: John Krasinski.

Writers: Scott Beck and John Krasinski.

Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds.

The first trailer for A Quiet Place:

Source: A Quiet Place at the UHM

Another mysterious horror title (It Comes at Night, 2017, DVD):

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Strangers: Prey at Night Ruins a Family Road Trip in this First Trailer

Tagline: "Never Underestimate the Kindness of Strangers."

The first Strangers film was released in 2008. It has been nine years since Bryan Bertino brought the original film to screen. This time, Bertino has scripted an "inspired by" follow-up. As well, Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) has directed this latest feature, in the series. Notably, Christina Hendricks ("Mad Men") and Bailee Madison star. And, the first trailer, for Strangers: Prey at Night, is hosted here - along with the film's early poster.

The synopsis mentions a mobile home park and a family road trip. The trailer shows that trailer park, mostly abandoned. Meanwhile, three familiar, masked psychopaths return in this feature. Everyone struggles to survive into the third film.

Both The Strangers and this title have been influenced by true events. The "based on a true story" is not just a rubber stamp this time around. The two stories have been drawn from the famous Charles Manson murders in 1969 and also by writer Bertino's own experiences, involving a series of neighbourhood break-ins. Finally, all of the latest details on Strangers: Prey at Night are available here, with more to follow.

Release Date: March 9th, 2018 (Theatrical).

Director: Johannes Roberts.

Writers: Bryan Bertino and Ben Ketai.

Cast: Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, Martin Henderson, Lewis Pullman, Emma Bellomy.

The first trailer for Strangers: Prey at Night:

The film's homepage: Strangers: Prey at Night

The first film, starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman (DVD, Unrated):

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Zombie Home Invasion Brings the Chaos in ZBurbs: Out November 21st

Tagline: “Zombies Have to Live Somewhere!”

Indican Pictures is releasing Greg Zekowski's ZBurbs this month. The film is a zombedy, involving a husband and wife team. Bill (Ian Alda) is turned into the undead, but he is still useful to Shelly (Marieh Delfino). Then, the CIA enters the picture and everything goes to hell, from there. ZBurbs stars: Bill Oberst Jr. ("Criminal Minds"), Gina Hecht, Carl Bressler and many more. A preview, for the film's Video-on-demand release, is hosted here.

The trailer shows Shelly and Bill, plus an undead home invasion. Bill is quickly turned into the undead. Meanwhile, a zombie apocalypse is taking place in the neighbourhood. Then, the government turns up, hoping to turn Bill into a flesheating, unstoppable weapon. It is all undead mayhem from there.

Zburbs will show next week. The release date is scheduled for November 21st. The film has been rated restricted. And, this title will be rentable on Amazon, on this date. As well, an alternate poster is available here, for the film. And, several stills are hosted below. Zombie film fans can sink their teeth into this one, in just a few days.

Release Date: November 21st, 2017 (VOD).

Director/writer: Greg Zekowski.

Cast: Marieh Delfino, Gina Hecht, Bill Oberst Jr., Ian Alda, Clint Carmichael and Carl Bressler.

The official trailer for ZBurbs:

More details on ZBurbs are available at Indican Pictures: ZBurbs at Indican Pictures.

Available at Amazon (with alternate poster):

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The Rift and Returning from the Dead - Again!: A Film Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by the film's publicity arm.

Directed by: Dejan Zecevic

Writers: Barry Keating, Milan Konjevic.

Cast: Ken Foree, Katarina Cas, Monte Markham and Dragan Micanovic.

With the Eastern Bloc defunct, more and more films are coming out of Eastern Europe nowadays. The Rift bills itself as Serbia's first science fiction film. But, the film sets itself amongst a number of genres. It is essentially a mystery. There are strong elements of action here, as well. When the dead come back to life, there will be gunfire, especially with longtime horror vet' Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, 1978) starring. The soundtrack is a bit overwhelming; it bounces between instrumentals, rock music and a few other styles. Meanwhile, the film's story covers existentialist themes. This viewer wondered if the film was trying to answer the question: what if Jesus wore a spacesuit? Overall, this sci-fi action thriller is entertaining, but a bit of a miss on the deeper moral message.

The story begins simply enough. Several government agents are tasked with recovering a downed satellite. John Smith (Foree) and Liz (Katarina Cas) team-up, along with Darko (Dragan Micanovic) and Dysart (Monte Markham). This foursome head out into the rural areas of Serbia. At an old home, they meet a very surly older man and a witchy woman. The meeting does not go well, leading to some of the film's stronger action. Not everyone makes it into the next series of scenes. But, everyone gets a second chance at life, with characters returning from the dead. Some of the minor characters return a few times, until Foree remembers George A. Romero's sage advice: "shoot them in the head." This time, it is an axe to the noggin. Meanwhile, a supernatural character, in a spacesuit (is it Jesus?), is orchestrating a growing alien invasion. Who could need anymore plot devices than these?

The action elements stand out, within The Rift. Most of these agents bring some military skill, to the mission. They are all armed. And, even though this is a retrieval mission, the gunfire kicks off pretty early. Some of the minor characters are possessive of their alien-in-a-spacesuit. So, much of the action occurs in the initial act. Later, one of the main characters loses their mind and turns from burgeoning hero to villain. It is a little too heavy on the psyche to kill a person twice, thrice. Well, you get the picture. The action elements help up the film's tempo.

This viewer liked the soundtrack a little less. Composer Nikola Jeremic took the music into some strange places. There is some '70s influenced rock, through the credits. Then, there are piano interludes, or instrumentals. Later, this viewer swore he heard parts of the Silent Hill (2006) soundtrack. Then, it is back and forth and all over the place. The soundtrack is a little too forefront, when it should be farther in the background. As it was, the music can be a bit distracting as it fights for your attention.

What if Jesus wore a spacesuit? The film's approach to existentialist themes is not very straight forward. The Rift and its writers equate the spacesuit with Christian iconography. There are images of Mary, Jesus' mother, on the wall - when the spacesuit is shown. Also, there are shots of Christ on the cross as other characters make the Jesus Christ pose. Meanwhile, space and time are being altered. But, if this is Jesus, then he is a little more angry than usual. Because, the film's final moments show the world under attack, by corpses. Maybe, Jesus is a bit mad for what happened to him, during his first visit to Earth. It is all a bit confusing and it is difficult to pull out an underlining or unifying message.

The Rift has already released in territories like Serbia (2016) and the United Kingdom (2017). Cleopatra Entertainment will show the film, in the United States, this November. The Rift is an entertaining sci-fi thriller, with a few undead charactes thrown into the mix. There are also plenty of action sequences, here. While the soundtrack is slightly distracting and less-so during a second viewing, The Rift fails to offer a cohesive, underlining message. It also fails to define its villain, with one main character pulling some of the evil heavy weight. As it is, The Rift tries to break some new ground here. But, the filmmakers have really only pulled Jesus out of the ground (again), to begin some of the prophecies in Revelations.

Overall: 6.5 out of 10.

*this title will have a DVD release on December 12th, 2017.

More on The Rift at Cleopatra Entertainment: The Rift at Cleopatra Ent.

A trailer, for the film, is available here: The Rift Trailer on 28DLA

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

An Alien Kidnapping in this Beyond Skyline Movie Clip ("Things Are Looking Up")

It has been over seven years since a Skyline movie has been released. The follow-up film is titled Beyond Skyline. Writer Liam O'Donnell has penned both films, which feature an alien invasion force. This time, a Los Angeles detective is searching for his son, on an alien spaceship. Set for a United States release this December, a new clip has been released - via Vertical Entertainment. The clip is titled "Things Are Looking Up" and it can be found here.

The clip shows Mark (Frank Grillo). He is holding his child, while evading alien forces. It looks like he has at least one alien friend as he arms himself, through a strange opening. The escape is next, if he can only find a way out.

Beyond Skyline hosts a large cast. Outside of Frank Grillo of The Purge: Election Year (2016) fame, this sci-fi title also stars: Bojana Novakovic (Drag Me to Hell), Jonny Weston (Under the Bed) Iko Uwais (The Raid: Redemption) and many more. The film promises an action packed film watching experience, with Beyond Skyline set to hit theatres December 15th. The clip awaits below.

Release Date: December 15th, 2017 (U.S., Theatrical).

Director: Liam O'Donnell.

Writers: Liam O'Donnell, Liam O'Donnell.

Cast: Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic and Iko Uwais.

The "Things Are Looking Up Kid" movie clip:

Beyond Skyline details at Vertical Ent.: Beyond Skyline at Vertical Ent.

The first film on Blu-ray:

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

It is a Hostile Takeover with Mayhem this December 26th on DVD and Blu-ray

The infectious thriller Mayhem released through Video-on-demand this past week. It has already shot up the charts. Now, it has just been announced that RLJ Entertainment will show the film, on home entertainment platforms, this December. The official DVD artwork is here. And, the film involves an office building infected by a dangerous virus. The virus increases the workers' stress level and reduces their inhibitions, leading to chaos in the break room. Mayhem stars Steven Yeun ("The Walking Dead"), Samara Weaving ("Ash vs Evil Dead") and many others. A preview of the film's home entertainment release is hosted here.

The DVD artwork shows Derek and Melanie. Derek has an infected, bloody eye. Melanie looks ready to do battle, with a nail gun. Mayhem will be presented in 4K Ultra HD. Meanwhile, the tagline "Hostile. Work. Environment." blends a bit of humour and horror. The nails fly this December, just after Christmas Day.

A few release details have been announced. The Mayhem home entertainment version will be unrated. Special features will include a "Creating Mayhem: The Making of the Film" featurette, along with an audio commentary from director Joe Lynch and various crew. The release date is scheduled for Boxing Day, December 26th. And, this is your look ahead to one of this year's most well received zombie thrillers, Mayhem!

Release Date: December 26th, 2017 (DVD, Blu-ray).

Director: Joe Lynch.

Writer: Matias Caruso.

Cast: Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand.

The official trailer for Mayhem:

Source: Mayhem at RLJ Ent.

The film on Blu-ray:

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