Monday, February 19, 2018

Italian Horror Film House of Evil to Open its Doors this May 8th: Release Details

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired U.S. distribution rights for the haunted house thriller House of Evil. Shot in Italy, House of Evil recently had showings at the Ferrara Film Festival and the Italian New Horror Film Festival. The story follows a young couple, from the '70s. They buy a new home, only to discover that demonic denizens already reside inside. This is an English language horror film. And, House of Evil stars: Andrew Harwood Mills (Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead), Lucy Drive (Dead End), and Désirée Giorgetti. A couple of early stills are hosted here.

Breaking Glass Pictures has already announced the film's release date. House of Evil will show on Digital platforms this May 8th. On this date, this title will also show on DVD. Self-described as a "retro haunted house feature," the film will be available on the following platforms: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Vudu and Fandango. Cable and satellite providers will also host the film, on-demand. Currently unrated, all of the available details on House of Evil are hosted here.

Release Date: May 8th, 2018 (DVD, Digital).

Directors: Luca Boni, Marco Ristori.

Writers: Lorenzo Paviano, Raffaele Picchio.

Producer: Uwe Boll.

Cast: Andrew Harwood Mills, Lucy Drive, Désirée Giorgetti, David White and Eleonora Marianelli.

*a trailer is coming soon.

**shot in Florence, Italy and Tuscany.

***the poster above is not the official U.S. version. A U.S. movie poster is coming this way soon.

More details on House of Evil will be posted at Breaking Glass Pictures: The Breaking Glass Pictures Homepage

Breaking Glass Pictures also released horror film K Shop, recently:

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On February 20th Wastelander Fights for Survival on Digital Platforms

Wastelander is a sci-fi thriller and action horror feature, from director Angelo Lopes. To be released by Indican Pictures, Wastelander takes place in a violent universe. Here, survivors attempt to outrun The Scourge, a group of cybernetic bandits. The film centrally stars: Brendan Guy Murphy, Jon Proudstar and Carol Cardenas. And, this title will release, on digital platforms, this February. A preview of the film's upcoming home entertainment release is hosted here.

The story also involves an ex-soldier (Murphy). Rhyous agrees to help the survivors find Eden. But, in the desert, Rhyous may have bitten off more than he can chew. Now, it is a battle to find one of Earth's final refuges.

Wastelander will show on a number of digital platforms. On February 20th, this indie title will be available on: DirecTV, Comcast, Sony Playstation, YouTube Movies and many more platforms. This release will be followed by another, on DVD. On March 13th, Wastelander will be shipped to most online DVD retailers, including Amazon. This innovative title is for sci-fi fans and those looking for something a little more action oriented. More details on Wastelander are below.

Release Date: February 20th, 2018 (Digital) and March 13th, 2018 (DVD).

Director/writer: Angelo Lopes.

Cast: Brendan Guy Murphy, Jon Proudstar, Carol Cardenas, David Morden, Sian Vilaire & A. Stielstra.

The official trailer for Wastelander (courtesy of Indican Pictures):

A fan page for Wastelander: Wastelander on Facebook

More details on Wastelander on Indican Pictures: Wastelander Release Details at Indican

Wastelander is rentable here, on Amazon:

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dain Said's Interchange Blends Folklore with the Supernatural this February 20th!

Tagline: "Where Reality and Folklore Intersect."

Interchange is a supernatural film from Malaysia. Part crime thriller and part dark fantasy, Interchange is set to release through Digital platforms this February. In the film, Adam (Iedil Putra) experiences strange hallucinations, after witnessing a murder. With help from a detective, Adam discovers a dark underworld, in an ancient city. Interchange also stars: Shaheizy Sam (8 Jam), Nicholas Saputra and Prisia Nasution. The film was directed by Dain Said, from a script by Redza Minhat. The release details for Interchange are hosted here.

The trailer shows some of the film's more mystical elements. One character turns into a strange bird. Meanwhile, the clip shows some of the film's more exotic settings and action elements. The trailer, for Interchange, is a compelling one.

Global Digital Releasing will handle the film's upcoming release. On February 20th, Interchange will show on Digital platforms such as: Amazon Instant, VuDu, Xbox, Google Play and others. This release will be followed by another. On March 3rd, Interchange will debut on iTunes. A DVD release is expected soon, with more specific details to follow.

Release Date: February 20th, 2018 (Digital) and March 3rd, 2018 (iTunes) and TBA (DVD).

Director: Dain Said.

Writers: Redza Minhat, Dain Said.

Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Nicholas Saputra, Prisia Nasution.

The official trailer for Interchange:

More on the film will be posted at the GDR fan page: Interchange at the GDR Facebook Page

GDR also released the psychedelic horror feature Without Name (2016):

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Severed Silence Brings a Romani Curse to the Screen: Early Details

Tagline: "The Exhumation of a Gypsy Curse."

Directors Kathryn Michelle and Elizabeta Vidovic are developing a Romani thriller. To star Izabela Vidovic ("Homefront,") Maiara Walsh (Zombieland) and Adam Huss, this film involves a blood curse. As well, Mem Ferda is producing this feature. A concept poster has been released for the film and it can be found here. As well, early story details are available for this unique story of passion gone wrong.

The long synopsis mentions Talitha's secret affair. She is discovered with Tamas, by Aishe. And, Tamas is accidentally killed, enraging Talitha. More violence ensues as scorned lover turns on scorned lover.

Michelle and Vidovic have something to say about this project. They say of their characters and the story: "we wanted to stay true to life, in that all of our characters are faulty and have made some grave mistakes. In protecting themselves, our characters actually become their own prisoners." All of the characters are complex. Finally, Severed Silence is still in development, with more details to follow.

Directors: Kathryn Michelle, Elizabeta Vidovic.

Producers: Mem Ferda, Kathryn Michelle, Elizabeta Vidovic and Izabela Vidovic

Cast: Izabela Vidovic, Maiara Walsh and Adam Huss.

More on Severed Silence, including a concept trailers, is available at Almost Normal Productions: Severed Silence at Almost Normal

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

German Serial Killer Thriller Cold Hell (Die Hölle) to Stalk Shudder this March 15th

Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky will bring his German language film Cold Hell to North America. The film is a serial killer thriller. Involving a taxi driver and a brutal murder, Özge is this killer's next target. Cold Hell aka Die Hölle will show on Shudder in mid-March. The film stars: Violetta Schurawlow (Head Full of Honey), Sammy Sheik (American Sniper) and Friedrich von Thun (Schindler's List). A German language trailer is available here, with more story details.

Özge makes a living as a night time taxi driver. During the day, she trains as a Thai kickboxer. One night, she witnesses an Islamic extremist kill a non-believer. But, this killer is not finished. He targets Özge. A real life-and-death game takes place, with the Viennese Police Department reluctant to help.

Stefan Ruzowitzky is an Oscar winning director. His work on the biographical title The Counterfeiters (2008) won him this award, for "Best Foreign Language Film." His latest also covers difficult material. And, film fans can see Ruzowitzky's latest, on Shudder, this March 15th.

Release Date: March 15th, 2018 (Shudder).

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky.

Writer: Martin Ambrosch.

Cast: Violetta Schurawlow, Tobias Moretti, Robert Palfrader.

The film's German language trailer (no subtitles avail.):

*the film is 92 minutes long and will be released in an unrated format.

A German language homepage for Cold Hell: A Cold Hell Official Website

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"Valentine's Die" Shoots Arrows at Your Heart in this Short Film

Tagline: "Kissing Counts Cheaters."

Valentine's Day was partially created by Geoffrey Chaucer. He said of love: "in love there is but little rest," amongst other things. This day comes but once a year. And, this year, CrypTV has launched a new short film, titled "Valentine's Die!" This short film was created by writer and director Graham Denman (The Divine Tragedies). It stars Arielle Brachfeld (Chemical Peel, 2014), Dan Creed and Matt Mercer. Originally released in 2016, the entire short can be found below.

In the short, Samantha (Brachfeld) is having fun without her boyfriend. When Owen (Mercer) comes home, he brings a little, flying friend along with him. Cupid is not happy that all of the characters are cheating, even though: "there was no penetration." "Kissing Counts Cheaters!"

As you go about your Valentine's Day, you should take a moment to see one of the funnier shorts, below. And, much like Michael Myers, love/Cupid never really dies. The entire short film is below.

Original Release Date: February 2016.

Director/writer: Graham Denman.

Cast: Arielle Brachfeld, Dan Creed and Matt Mercer.

The full short is here (courtesy of CrypTV):

*CrypTV hosts a new short film on their Youtube channel, every: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Source: "Valentine's Die" on Horror Freak News

One of the few films to offer 3D in a home entertainment format, My Bloody Valentine (2011):

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Indican Pictures Launches The Lucky Man on Digital Platforms February 13th: Release Details

Tagline: "The Line Between Good and Bad Can Get Real Fuzzy..."

Indican Pictures is set to release Norman Gregory McGuire's The Lucky Man. This action thriller will be released throughout February, on Digital platforms and then on DVD. In the film, a faux reverend hustles people, along Route 66. Then, his healing powers become real and this makes Johnny (Jesse James) a target. The Lucky Man also stars: Kim Jackson Wheeler (8 Days) and Neal Kodinsky (“Stan Against Evil”). A preview of the film's home entertainment launch is available here.

The trailer shows Johnny and his girlfriend, Rebecca (Mariana Paola Vicente), on the run. They have created a long line of enemies, because of their greed. In the desert, they have to face the consequences.

The Lucky Man will release through Digital platforms, first. This thriller is showing on these platforms, today (Feb. 13th). As well, Indican will bring the film to online retailers, in a DVD format; this launch begins on February 20th. And, this is a film for fans of indie thrillers. More release details are hosted below.

Release Date: February 13th, 2018 (Digital) and February 20th, 2018 (DVD).

Director/writer: Norman Gregory McGuire.

Cast: Jesse James, Kim Jackson Wheeler, Neal Kodinsky, Mariana Paola Vicente.

The official trailer for The Lucky Man:

More details at Indican Pictures: The Lucky Man at Indican Pictures

Available here, through Amazon Instant:

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Monday, February 12, 2018

ExPatriot Pits a Rogue CIA Agent Against Money Launderers on DVD this February 20th

Tagline: “Kill or Be Killed.”

ExPatriot is an action thriller from director Conor Allyn. To be released by Monarch Home Entertainment, this title involves a whistleblowing CIA agent and Riley's (Valene Kane) escape to Colombia. Even here, she is chased by her past. ExPatriot also stars: Charlie Weber (Vampires Suck, 2010), Mariio Espitia, Marcela Mar and David Valencia. The film's official DVD artwork is hosted here, along with several film stills.

For more on the story, Riley is followed by her former coworkers. She is offered one more job, involving a money laundering scheme. She trusts her coworkers, only to be betrayed. Now, she must fight with these rogue CIA agents and with members of a Columbian syndicate. There is no escape, this time!

ExPatriot will be available in late February. On February 20th, ExPatriot will show in an unrated version on DVD. The film has a runtime of 97 minutes. And, fans of exciting thrillers can check out this film, in just a few days!

Release Date: Street Date: February 20, 2018 (DVD).

Director: Conor Allyn.

Writers: Conor Allyn and Jake Allyn.

Cast: Valene Kane, Charlie Weber, Mario Espitia, Marcela Mar and David Valencia.

A trailer for ExPatriot is available here:

More ExPatriot details at Monarch Home Ent.: ExPatriot at Monarch Home Ent.

Available on Amazon:

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