Friday, August 22, 2014

Amityville: The Awakening Delivers a Chilling First Trailer

The first film for the Amityville horror series came out in 1979. Thirty-five years have passed. Now, the twelfth film in the series, Amityville: The Awakening, is set to release this January. The film involves a haunted house and a small family, who must confront a supernatural evil. The film's first trailer is available here.

Only a line or two of the story have been revealed. More story details can be found in the film's official trailer. Though, a young single mom moves her three children into a haunted home; this home has a bloody history, which continues to kill into the present.

Blumhouse Productions has produced this title. Blumhouse has produced several other horror features, including: Paranormal Activity, The Purge and Insidious. Their latest promises many thrills and chills. The full trailer is below.

Release Date: January 2nd, 2015 (Theatrical).

Director/writer: Franck Khalfoun.

Cast: Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Taylor Spreitler.

The official trailer for the Amityville: The Awakening is here:


Yahoo Movies. Website. 22nd Aug. 2014.

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Conor McMahon's From the Dark Features Actress Niamh Algar in an Old Irish Bog

Irish director Conor McMahon (Stitches) continues to shoot horror. His latest title is called From the Dark. MPI Media Group is developing this terrifying tale of a couple harassed on a road trip, on an Irish countryside. This title stas Niamh Algar, Stephen Cromwell and Gerry-O'Brien. The first still from the film is hosted here.

Details on the film are being kept in mystery. However, the basic plot involves a young couple and a creature, which lives in and old bog. Sinister and evil, this creature hopes to trap this young couple in its muddy den forever!

The first still fro the film features actress Niamh Algar. Algar is an up-and-coming actress who has starred in a couple films and "The Savage Eye" television series. All of the available details on From the Dark are below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Conor McMahon.

Cast: Niamh Algar, Stephen Cromwell and Gerry-O'Brien.

*a trailer is coming this way soon.

**this title was shot in Laois, Ireland.

**this film is currently in post-production.

More on the film will be released at MPI Media, found below:

The MPI Media Website

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There is "No Going Back" for Clementine in this Trailer for "The Walking Dead" Game

Telltale Games will release the final episode of Seas. 2 of "The Walking Dead" next week. This time the episode is titled "No Going Back" and Clementine is forced to change in a hostile environment. This video game will be available on multiple platforms, including the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC. A trailer for Epis. 5 is here.

"No Going Back" Synopsis: "Winter is setting in. Time to find food and shelter is running out. And with a newborn infant to sustain, walkers are a greater threat than ever. As pressure builds and tensions reach a breaking point, your choices will decide Clementine’s fate in the gripping conclusion of The Walking Dead: Season Two."

Creator: Telltale Games.

The trailer for Epis. 5 is here:

The release schedule for "The Walking Dead" Episode 5, "No Going Back" is here:

8/26 - PC/Mac, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita North America
8/27 - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita Europe
8/28 - iPhone & iPad via the App Store

More details on the release can be found at Telltale Games:

"The Walking Dead" at Telltale Games

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Beast or Two will Show at Frightfest 2014 with Adam Green's Digging Up the Marrow

Tagline: "Just because you haven't seen them, doesn't mean they aren't there."

Adam Green of Hatchet (2006) fame is set to release his upcoming horror feature, Digging Up the Marrow, at London's Frightfest. The film deals with monsters, who live hidden in a nearby universe. This title will show at this film festival August 23rd. As well, the film stars Green himself, along with Ray Wise, Will Barratt and Rileah Vanderbilt. The official Frightfest poster for the film is hosted here.

Part fantasy and part drama, the film is shot as a documentary. A mysterious man contacts a documentary crew, with proof of monsters. This duo seeks out a hidden entrance, which leads to a new world. And, something malicious lives just past the threshold.

The official poster reveals one of the film's monsters. The creature effects are previewed here as the creature looms behind broken teeth and a grizzled face. The eyes are hidden from view and this is but one of several beasts from Green's latest, Digging Up the Marrow.

Release Date: August 23rd, 2014 (Limited Theatrical).

Director/writer: Adam Green.

Cast: Ray Wise, Adam Green, Will Barratt and Rileah Vanderbilt.

*a trailer is coming soon.


Digging Up the Marrow at Frightfest

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Richard Chandler's Gilgamesh Hosts a World in Chaos: Official Trailer

The Boston Film Family and director Richard Chandler have released the official trailer for sci-fi horror feature Gilgamesh. This film is set in Siberia and the film involves competing powers. Gilgamesh stars Melantha Blackthorne (Fable: Teeth of Beasts), Joseph R. Gannascoli (“The Sopranos”) and Joshua Davis. Fans of indie horror can view the trailer below.

The synopsis begins with the goddess Inanna (Emily Coleman). She is determined to destroy mankind. By summing a meteor shower, she has put Earth on a collision course with destruction. But, another power is rising from the depths. Gilgamesh will thwart Inanna's power, or mankind is doomed.

The film's official trailer shows more of the film. This special effects laden clip shows some of the costumes and settings in the film. As well, Gilgamesh is shown midway through the reel. More details on the film are available below.

Release Date: Q4 2015.

Director/writer: Richard Chandler.

Cast: Joshua Davis, Melantha Blackthorne, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Emily Coleman, Oselito Joseph, Richard Chandler and Ray Hryb

The official trailer for the film is here:

The Boston Film Family fan page is hosted here:

The Boston Film Family on Facebook

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Devil's Deal Offers a Deadly Trip Through an Old Western Town: First Trailer

Tagline: "What's your soul worth?"

Lionsgate Entertainment will release Justin Mosley and Allen Reed's Devil's Deal. Formerly titled The Merchant, this blend of western and horror will be available just before Halloween, October 14th. Shot in Texas, the film deals with a few Christian or Catholic themes, including: the devil, lost souls and a trip to hell. And now, a trailer for The Devil's Deal is revealed here.

The trailer for the film shows several short scenes. A western town is shown at night. Later, a stagecoach is robbed and several darkly robed and masked characters are interspersed through several other scenes. Another person is kidnapped and another masked character is introduced. Film fans will have to take a close look at this trailer for Devil`s Deal to learn more. Though, the film's story promises the devil unleashed on a once quiet town.

The DVD release for Devil`s Deal will include a few extras. This release will include behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes. As well, the official DVD artwork is hosted above. Horror fans can enjoy the the trailer for the film below.

Release Date: October 14th, 2014 (DVD, VOD).

Director: Justin Mosley and Allen Reed.

Writer: Allen Reed.

Cast: Mathew Greer, David K. Shelton, Kari J. Kramer and Jaysen Dry.

The official trailer for Devil`s Deal is here:


Lionsgate. Youtube. 20 Aug. 2014.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Devil's Mile is a Winding Road to Nowhere? A Movie Review

*full disclosure: a DVD screener of this film was provided by Phase 4 Films.

Director/writer: Joseph O'Brien.

Cast: David Hayter, Maria del Mar, Casey Hudecki and Frank Moore.

Devil's Mile is the first feature film from writer Joseph O'Brien (Fresh Meat) as director. Both, Devil's Mile and Fresh Meat (2012) blend genres, with this one going for more mystery and horror, over comedy. Devil's Mile is the second film this reviewer has seen, recently, which deals with a circular curse. Characters go in circles, with no obvious way out of a complex trap. Still, one character manages to square off with Satan, late in the picture. Earlier, O'Brien brings some Japanese horror influences to the film as seen in the antagonist's awkward movements and sounds. Pacing issues slow down the middle portions of the film, while lighting effects amplify the horror elements. Devil's Mile is a slow-burning indie production that offers a mostly entertaining time.

The story begins with three kidnappers. Toby (David Hayter), Cally (Maria del Mar) and Jacinta (Casey Hudecki) have just captured two young Asian students, for ransom. But, they take a long, wrong turn in the desert and this trio goes in circles for quite awhile. Another vehicle blocks the way and the dead begin to return from the grave. The kidnappers must deal with a deadly supernatural element and a crime boss, who is intolerant of mistakes. There seems to be no happy ending available for anyone in this title.

Writer Joseph O'Brien has been influenced by Asian cinema of the past. Fans of horror will see some of Takashi Shimizu's Ju-on: The Grudge (2002) here. The villains in Devil's Mile move strangely. Joints seem out of place, much like the 2002 film. As well, both sets of villains give few clues to their malicious deeds. Instead, they go on searching for blood and murder, tirelessly. Film fans will also see some of Hideo Nakata's Ringu (1998) here, as well. Both Ringu and Devil's Mile deal with a curse, which cannot be stopped. However, the curse in Devil's Mile does not seem to expand; instead, it compresses as fewer and fewer characters are able to stand up against the murdering supernatural element. It is interesting to see Japanese films crossing-over into North American ones. Also, few countries create such creepy villains as Japan.

Both Richard Gray's Mine Games (2014) and Devil's Mile deal with circular curses. It is difficult for a plot to move forward, with the central story doomed to repeat. In Mine Games, the curse is still running late into the picture. Yet, in Devil's Mile there is a partial resolution of the supernatural element. Sometimes mortals are more powerful than gods. It is also interesting to note that both Mine Games and Devil's Mile stick to a central cursed setting. Here, characters seem stuck, but so does the story. Both films can come across as being slightly repetitious.

There was one film element this viewer enjoyed in the Devil's Mile and one that was less impressive. There are some pacing issues in Act II of the Devil's Mile. Characters seem incompetent or complacent about escape. Instead, they bicker amongst themselves, or search for connection between each other. A looming ghost does not get the story going, unfortunately. Maybe, the characters deserve their hellish setting, because of their lack of effort. On the flip side, the lighting in this piece is often an enhancement of the horror. Much of the later parts of the film are lit by headlights, flashlights or other pieces of equipment. The rest of the setting is composed of jet blacks. Thus, one never knows when the a roaming demon will strike. The lighting element offered a good contrast of light and darkness, which was appreciated by this viewer.

Devil's Mile will entertain many horror film fans. Thriller elements are limited to a few early scenes. Horror elements are predominant through the rest of the film. Influenced by Asian films of the past, O'Brien shows a good general knowledge of the genre. However, budget constraints seemed to have kept the film in a pot hole or two. Offering a late message on the vulnerability of Satan, Devil's Mile offers a creepy tone on one road trip to hell!

Overall: 6.5 out of 10.

A trailer for the film is available here:

Devil's Mile Trailer on 28DLA

More on the film's release can be found here:

Devil's Mile at Phase 4 Films

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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Creepy Doll Sets it Deadly Sights on Video-on-demand

Big Biting Pig Productions is based in Madisonville, Kentucky. Here, co-creators: P.J. Woodside and Steve Hudgins create films, which are character focused and story driven. Their latest film to find release is titled The Creepy Doll. Completed in 2011, this film has been shown in several film festivals and a release through Video-on-demand has just been announced. This title is now available on several VOD platforms, including Amazon Prime, Youtube and Google Play. A preview for the release is available here.

The story begins with a happily married couple. Kate (Kristine Renee Farley) becomes pregnant and Jason (Justin Veazey) moves the couple back to a small Kentucky town, to start a family. But, Kate has her secrets and a strange doll collection. This collection hosts one sinister doll, in particular. And when Kate becomes jealous of Jasons' motivations and new female friend, this creepy doll comes to life and begins an unstoppable murder spree.

The Creepy Doll was just released this past summer. Fans of indie horror can find more on Big Biting Pig Productions and the release of The Creepy Doll below.

Release Date: Summer 2014 (Video-on-demand).

Director/writer: P.J. Woodside.

Cast: Kristine Renee Farley, Justin Veazey, Jessica Dockrey, Jason Carraway and Steve Hudgins.

*Big Biting Pig Productions has also recently released several other horror titles, including: Spirit Stalkers (2012), Lucid (2013) and many more.

The film is available on VOD here:

The Creepy Doll at Big Biting Productions

The film's fan page is here:

The Creepy Doll on Facebook

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