Monday, March 08, 2021

Medusa Returns to the Screens this Summer: A Preview

Tagline: "Beauty is the Beast."

Medusa was originally titled Medusa: Queen of the Serpents. For U.S. audiences, the film has been shortened to the simpler Medusa. This film, from the United Kingdom, involves a woman bitten by a snake. Now, she is a deadly weapon. From director Matthew B.C. ("Connective Tissue"), Medusa is set to show in the United Kingdom this August, with a North American release date a ways off. As well, the film stars: Sarah T. Cohen (HellKat), Megan Purvis (The Young Cannibals), Nicola Wright and several others. For now, the film's newest movie poster is available here.

The graphic shows the one of Greek literature's classic villains. A creature that could turn men to stone just on viewing, Medusa's headdress is always made of poisonous snakes. The tagline is mix of the usual "Beauty and the Beast." And, this movie poster previews the insidious nature of at least one of the characters.

Medusa will release in the United Kingdom on August 4th, 2021 as Medusa: Queen of the Serpents. Other territories will announce their release dates as sales agent Devil Works shops Medusa to more and more countries. For now, the latest details on this indie thriller are here.

Release Date: August 4th, 2021 (United Kingdom) and TBA (U.S., Canada).

Director: Matthew B.C.

Writers: Matthew B.C., Scott Jeffrey.

Cast: Sarah T. Cohen, Megan Purvis, Nicola Wright.

*a trailer is coming soon.

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Friday, March 05, 2021

Drive All Night Takes a Surreal Ride Through the Cinequest Film Festival this March

Drive All Night is a surreal thriller from director Peter Hsieh. Set to show at Cinequest later this month, the film's official trailer shows a taxi cab driver and his mysterious encounter with a young waitress. Together, they take a drive through the city, leading to strange adventures. Hsieh also wrote the script. And, the film stars: Lexy Hammonds (The Mystery of Casa Matusita), Yutaka Takeuchi ("The Defenders"), Johnny Gilligan. Now, a new poster and official trailer are available here.

The new poster, much like the trailer, utilizes strange lighting. Highlighting the dreamscape nature of the film, the odd lighting also creates a visual delight. All of the central characters are shown in the graphic, with the city skyline shown in the background. This movie poster reveals only a slice of the film's potential story.

The trailer also only reveals just a taste of the plotline. Characters are shown talking in a diner, or in Dave's (Takeuchi) taxi cab. But, where are these characters going?

Drive All Night will release at the end of March. The Cinequest Film Festival begins March 20th and lasts until the 30th. So, there will likely be more than one opportunity to see the film online. Cinequest looks to draw film fans of all types - to their Digial platform, in just a couple of weeks!

Release Date: March 20th -30th, 2021 (World Premiere, Cinequest, Digital).

Director/writer: Peter Hsieh.

Cast: Lexy Hammonds, Yutaka Takeuchi, Johnny Gilligan.

The official trailer for Drive All Night (via OC Trailers):

Tickets for ‘Drive All Night’ at Cinequest’s virtual screening room are on sale now at: The Cinequest Homepage

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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Director Andy Palmer Returns to Horror with Witness Infection: Official Trailer

Tagline: "Sometimes the Past Comes Back to Bite You."

Witness Infection is a horror comedy from director Andy Palmer (Camp Cold Brook). Written by Carlos Alazraqui ("Road of Vengeance") and Jill-Michele Melean, this title focuses on two mob families, who live in the same city. At war, their rivalry soon takes a backseat to a zombie invasion. Now, the film's official release poster and trailer are available here, along with other release details.

Witness Infection had a 2020 appearance at the HA Comedy Arts Festival, along with other festival appearances. Well received, this film is now slated for a wide U.S. launch.

Freestyle Digital Media will handle the film's release. Set for a March 30th run, Witness Infection will be available on Digital Platforms, Satellite and Cable VOD. Fans of comedy or of zombie infused horror can find the latest details on Witness Infection below.

Release Date: March 30th, 2021 (Digital, Cable VOD).

Director: Andy Palmer.

Writers: Carlos Alazraqui, Jill-Michele Melean.

Cast: Gary Anthony Williams, Tara Strong, Erinn Hayes

An official release trailer for Witness Infection (via Freestyle Digital Media):

Palmer's previous production, Camp Cold Brook (2018), should be seen by horror fans:

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Horror Sequel ReVisitant to Debut on the Kings of Horror Youtube Channel this March 5th

Tagline: "It's Not the House That's Haunted.

ReVisitant is a follow-up feature to Jon Binkowski's The Visitant (2014). His latest film brings back several of the original cast members (Michele Simms, Sallie Glaner, Lisa Enos Smith), in a title about an evil entity. This evil spirit terrorizes each character, in a remote home. Now, the film's new poster and trailer are available here.

The new poster shows a teenage daughter as objects begin to fly. Blood red paints the background as a demonic clown hovers above. Good fights evil as this graphic promises a horrifyingly good time.

Terror Films will bring ReVisitant to the Kings of Horror Youtube Channel, this March 5th; the channel is linked below. As well, this distributor will bring ReVisitant to several more Digital platforms, later this year. For now, horror fans can enjoy the trailer for the film below.

Premiere Date: March 5th, 2021 (Youtube, Kings of Horror) and April 16th (Digital, U.S.).

Director: Jon Binkowski.

Writers: Jon Binkowski, Stephen DeWoody.

Cast: Lisa Enos Smith, Tracy Wiu, Sallie Glaner.

The trailer is available here (via Terror Films): 

To learn more about KINGS OF HORROR, visit their official channel at:

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Road Trip Thriller Meant to be Broken Set to Show this February 26th!

Global Digital Releasing will be showing Jonathan Zuck's (Within the Darkness) thriller Meant to be Broken this week. Part road trip movie, Meant to be Broken involves two men who meet-up in a bar. Vowing to go on an adventure, both Harvey (Dave Coyne) and Luke (Nick DePinto) encounter another free spirit, Shifty (Nadia Mohebban). This trio begins a trip of insanity - in this genre-bender. Now, Global Digital Releasing has made a new poster available.

The movie poster shows Harvey forefront. A bit mind-blowing, Harvey and Shifty loom above. The tagline promises: "faced with death he's living dangerously." Time is running out for Harvey as his brain tumour grows. Meanwhile, there are still many more roads to take, in this graphic.

Meant to be Broken will be available this February 26th, across the United States. To initially show on Digital, this title will be available on: Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Google Play and Roku. And, a trailer - previewing the action - is showing below.

Release Date: February 26th, 2021 (U.S., Digital).

Director: Jonathan Zuck.

Writers: Joe Leone.

Cast: Dave Coyne, Nick DePinto, Nadia Mohebban.

An official trailer for Meant to be Broken

To learn more about GDR, visit: Meant to be Broken at GDR

The film's homepage: The Meant to be Broken Homepage

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Monday, February 22, 2021

A Family of Killers Takes a Hostage in 2021: Official Trailer

Hostage was previously titled Tuscan Leather. This thriller focuses on a cheerleader, whose parents have been killed. Adopted by their murderers, Ashley's loyalties are tested in this tense release. From director Eddie Augustin, Hostage stars: Nicole Hendersen ("Bizarre Murders"), Daryl Marks ("See No Evil"), Mike Cannz and Tina Trineer. The film's latest movie poster and trailer are here.

The trailer uses a series of short cuts to hide the story. However, this title looks to bring Ashley into a family of killers. Chaos ensues as this evil family is torn apart by its evil actions.

Hostage is being repped by Devilworks for a potential release. Completed in 2018, Hostage will be looking to move to several countries in 2021, with the latest on this indie thriller below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Eddie Augustin.

Writers: Laura Ashley Polisena, Eddie Augustin.

Cast: Nicole Hendersen, Mike Cannz, Daryl Marks, Tina Trineer

An official trailer for Hostage (via Devilworks):

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Successful Digital Run for Werewolf Thriller Beast Within Leads to a DVD Release

Tagline: "This Game Has No Players - Only Prey."

Beast Within has already been released in several territories in 2020. Now, the film is set to show on DVD this February, through Stonecutter Media. In the film, a game developer invites several guests to a VIP event. Here, a publicity stunt leads to murder and a growing mystery. 

Beast Within was co-directed by Chris Green and Steven Morana. Together, they have brought a familiar cast to the screen, including: Colm Feore (Thor), Ari Millen (The Oak Room), Holly Deveaux ("The Mist"), Art Hindle (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and many more. These filmmakers have brought something unique to the screen, based on the film's rabid reception.

Stonecutter Media will have Beast Within show-up at DVD stores this February 23rd. Rated PG-13, the release is not hosting many extras. However, this latest showing is for those DVD collectors, looking for something a bit different.

Release Date: February 23rd, 2021 (U.S., DVD).

Directors: Chris Green, Steven Morana.

Writers: Matthew Campagna, Rudy Jahchan.

Cast: Colm Feore, Steven Morana, Holly Deveaux.

An official trailer for Beast Within (via Build Character Movies):

Available here:

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Serbian Horror Feature The Curse of Dracula to Show in the United Kingdom this February 22nd!

Tagline: "The Dead Can Never Stay Buried."

Tomaz Gorkic's The Curse of Valburga is set to be released as The Curse of Dracula. Gorkic is responsible for creating Serbia's first horror film, Killbillies (2015). His latest brings several tourists to a remote location. Here, they realize they have been scammed by the locals and must face something of nightmares. Starring Jurij Drevensek, Marko Mandic and Tanja Ribic - this Jinga Films' release will see some countries in the United Kingdom this February.

A trailer for the film was released in 2020. The clip shows several tourists showing up to an ancient manor. Once inside, they are targeted by a man with a buzzsaw. The blood flies as this vacation turns into a disaster.

Jinga Films will make The Curse of Dracula available this February 22nd, on multiple platforms. Available in a Region 2 format on DVD, this title will show on: Sky Store, Amazon Prime and iTunes (Digital). The DVD will be available at most movie retailers, in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Release Date: February 22nd, 2021 (UK, Ireland).

Director/writer: Tomaz Gorkic.

Cast: Jurij Drevensek, Marko Mandic, Tanja Ribic.

An official trailer for The Curse of Dracula (via Jinga Films):

Gorkic's previous effort, Killbillies, is also worth a watch:

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