Friday, April 24, 2015

Infini Offers an Eternal Message: A Movie Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by Vertical Entertainment.

*there are spoilers here. It would be best if viewers saw the film before reading this review.

Director: Shane Abbess.

Writers: Shane Abbess and Brian Cachia.

Cast: Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth, Bren Foster, Luke Ford and Dwaine Stevenson.

Infini is a science fiction horror feature. In the bloody vein of Event Horizon (1997), the film takes place on a distant mining facility. Here, an ancient organism is spreading through a vulnerable crew. The film stars Daniel MacPherson as the protagonist, Whit Carmichael. Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth and Bren Foster also star. Truly remarkable, the film offers a good deal of conflict and violent sequences as exposure to a virus wreaks havoc on everyone's psychology. The film also offers an ambivalent ending, but this viewer has a dark interpretation of the final scenes. Infini even offers a social message, in the film; family matters. And, this title is one that should be seen by large audiences.

The story begins with a west-coast based rescue team. This team can slipstream, or travel all over the universe, in seconds. But, things go wrong when one team comes back, with an infection. Carmichael escapes infection by illegally transporting to a far off mining facility, which is also the source of the infection. A second team, from the east-coast, is sent to investigate the outbreak, but they also find themselves infected. Chaos reigns through much of the film as the crew members try to fight off a parasite, which is burrowing into their heart, body and minds.

The film's central conflict is an alien versus human one. Carmichael, who initially appears immune to the infection, does his best to fight off the parasite. He slowly begins to lose hold on his thoughts and behaviours, while trying to find a cure to the infection, or an inhibitor. There is little he can do. And, the de-evolution of Carmichael's psychology can be seen in a series of surreal sequences. In one scene, Carmichael and Chester (Luke Ford) are self-aware that they are infected. And over time, they begin to lose their grip on reality and the two men become less able to fight the parasite within. The dialogue "we ain't gonna do shit together!" shows how Chester is succumbing to the parasite and giving up. Still, Carmichael struggles onwards, despite the loss of Chester, until the final few scenes. An enemy within is difficult to overcome.

Infini asks a question and answers it. The question is: what is life? Characters ask this question in a couple of scenes. Carmichael replies: "everything," in one snippet. But, the film's answer to the question, is slightly different. Over time, it becomes apparent that the answer is: family. Several of the characters talk of their children. Menzies (Harry Pavlidis) states: "Daddy loves you all the way to the Milky Way," in reference to his daughter and Carmichael's earlier dialogue is "I promised my wife I would be home for dinner." Both characters are risking life and limb, on a far away rock, for the love of family. Also, Chester mentions his children and of sending "a message in a bottle," to them. The reason these characters face and overcome such dangerous situations is to protect and care for their families. Films rarely offer social messages and it is good to find one here.

The ending can be interpreted in a couple of ways, but his this viewer believes in a darker one. In a final series of scenes, Carmichael gives a monologue through a microphone. He states that the alien parasite has lost and how it has chosen the worst in humanity: hatred, violence and conflict. Shortly thereafter, he commits suicide. But, the parasite will not let him go. Instead, it regrows a new Carmichael, one which is a combination of Carmichael's tissue and the parasite's own. An earlier scene explains how the parasite is able to take over or create a new organism, with the host's own tissue "it will replicate tissue and organs over time (Carmichael)." The final scenes show the search and rescue team risen from the dead. Brand new, the characters have little memory of their invasion and takeover. They then take the parasite with them to Earth. In one scene, the camera focuses on Carmichael's hand, when he touches his wife; the infection is being passed in this sequence, in this viewer's opinion. In an earlier scene, the aliens show themselves to the crew, but they do not react in fright, nor terror. Instead, it is business as usual as if the team is in a conspiracy with the aliens. It is not directly shown, but this watcher believes that the infection is set to spread on Earth and has already been spread to Carmichael's wife, Lisa (Tess Haubrich).

There is another way to interpret the ending, but viewers can decide for themselves what happens, when the film releases May 8th, 2015. On this date, Infini will be available through Video-on-demand. And, this viewer hopes that the film finds a wide audiences as this is one of the films to be released this year. Tense and story-driven, this film does what many other cannot: tell a deep, unsettling tale. Infini is often dark and sometimes violent, which makes the film that much more exciting. Infini is a definite must-see, with events taking place in dangerous settings, against an unrelenting and body burrowing enemy.

Overall: 8 out of 10 (well created settings and costumes, decent acting, a great message).

*the alternate interpretation of the ending involves the aliens hearing and accepting Carmichael's line: "we could have worked together."

A trailer for the film is available here:

An Infini Trailer on 28DLA

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Australian Thriller Red Billabong Teases a Creature of the Night

Red Billabong is being shot in Queensland, Australia. The film is part thriller and part drama. In the film, several characters are stalked by an unknown entity. As well, Red Billabong stars Jessica Green (Rise), Tim Pocock (Lemon Tree Passage), Dan Ewing and John Reynolds. Being produced by Sparke Films, an unofficial poster has been released for the film.

The graphic shows characters and a single foe. The two brothers are prominent as menacing red eyes stare downwards. Is the creature supernatural? Film fans will have to wait for that answer, with the film expected to complete shooting shortly.

As well, a few stills have been released for the film. The photos show actors Tim Pocock and Sophie Don as Tristan and Anya. Both characters look to be in peril. A second still shows an unnamed character in the dark of night. The photos rest below.

Release Date: TBA. Director/writer: Luke Sparke.

Cast: Jessica Green, Tim Pocock, Dan Ewing and John Reynolds.

*a trailer will be released soon.

**a billabong is a stagnant pool of water.


Red Billabong at the Film Catalogue

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Reckless Remakes a Taut Kidnap Thriller in this Preview

Reckless is a crime thriller from the Netherlands. The film is a remake of the 2009 film The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Both films deal with an abduction, ransom and double-dealings. Who is playing who? This title is set to be released on July 14, 2015, via DVD. And, the film stars Tygo Gernandt, Marwan Kenzari and Sarah Chronis. A preview for the film's North American release is hosted here.

The film deals with a trio of characters. Laura (Chronis) is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Victor (Gernandt) and Rico (Kenzari) are two, ruthless kidnappers. Each character has different motivations and desires, with all three determined to take the ransom money, for themselves. But, the relationships between these three might be deeper, than how they initially appear.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed was a taught thriller. This earlier film has been covered here (A Movie Clip of TDOAC). And, both films are an intriguing look at a criminal undertaking, that goes painfully wrong. More details on the film are hosted below.

Release Date: July 14, 2015 (DVD).

Director: Joram Lürsen.

Writers: J Blakeson and Frank Ketelaar.

Cast: Tygo Gernandt, Marwan Kenzari and Sarah Chronis.

A trailer for the film is hosted here:


Reckless at Artsploitation

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Camping Trip is Beamed Up to the Mother Ship in this Preview for The Encounter

The Encounter crash lands June 2nd, 2015. On this date, the film will invade Canadian territories, followed by an American release on June 5th, 2015. This b-grade title, from director Robert Conway (Exit to Hell), will be distributed by Phase 4 Films, in Canada and Uncork'd Entertainment in the USA. The film stars Clint James (Treehouse), Owen Conway, Megan Drust and Eliza Kiss. A preview for the film is hosted here.

A camping trip is interrupted by an alien infestation. Grey humanoids abduct one man and set their sights on others. Soon, everyone is terrorized by Earthly visitors and the result is campy goodness.

A trailer for the film has been recently released. The preview clip shows lots of short scenes and characters in peril. Fans of indie film might be enticed to take a closer look, at this tale, from Funhouse Features.

Release Date: June 2nd, 2015 (Canada, DVD) and June 5th, 2015 (USA, DVD).

Director/writer: Robert Conway.

Cast: Clint James, Owen Conway, Megan Drust and Eliza Kiss.

A trailer for The Encounter is here:


The Encounter at Phase 4 Films

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British Actor Mem Ferda Stars in the Crime Thriller A Punters Prayer: First Look

Actor Mem Ferda (Gunned Down) is set to star in the upcoming thriller A Punter's Prayer. The film takes a look at ladish culture, in Palmers Green, London. Here, the locals bet and gather in this huge gambling world. The film also stars Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Daniel Caltagirone (The Pianist) and Andreas Karras (The Kidnap Diaries). with Savvas D. Michael the director. A preview for the film is hosted here.

Actor Ferda has something to say of the film. He talks about the diversity of the characters, in this upcoming title: "it’s a remarkable examination of the multicultural society that is prevalent in London today. The film is bursting with authentic and intriguing characters and should do extremely well." The film has already been shot in this bustling metropolis, with a release date and trailer coming soon.

Release Date: TBA.

Director/writer: Savvas D. Michael.

Producer: Katerina Georgiou, John Pavlakos and Andrew Neophytou.

Cast: Daniel Caltagirone, Dexter Fletcher and Mem Ferda.

*a trailer is coming soon.

A homepage for the film is available here:

A Liontari Films Homepage

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Terror Awaits on an Abandoned Mining Facility in this Trailer for Infini

Infini is a sci-fi thriller from director and writer Shane Abbess (Gabriel). A trailer for this film was released late last year. Now, Entertainment One Films has released another, official trailer for the film. The clip shows the edges of space and an abandoned mining facility. Also, Infini stars Daniel MacPherson, Whit Carmichael and Luke Hemsworth. This title will be release shortly and a preview of the film is hosted here.

The film focuses on a lone survivor at a mining facility. Whit (MacPherson) requests a rescue and a team of explorers are sent to intervene. But, a terrible biological agent is set to be released and time is both precious and running out, for everyone.

The film blends elements of horror and science fiction. Much of the film is set in the future, where technology is greatly advanced. Meanwhile, it looks like the agent has already changed some of the characters into something very strange. One part Event Horizon (1997), one part James Cameron's Aliens (1986), Infini is high up on this film fan's must-see list.

Release Date: May 8th, 2015 (VOD). Director: Shane Abbess.

Writers: Shane Abbess and Brian Cachia.

Cast: Daniel MacPherson, Whit Carmichael, Grace Huang and Luke Hemsworth.

The official release trailer for Infini is here:

A fan page for the film is hosted here:

Infini on Facebook

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Chaotic Horror Film Let Us Prey to Set Screens Aflame this May 26th, 2015

Dark Sky Films is set to release the Irish horror feature Let Us Prey. Filmed with support from the Irish Film Board, Let Us Prey involves a mysterious man, who has a message to tell. That message is a murderous one. The film stars Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman) and Liam Cunningham ("Game of Thrones"). As well, IFC Films will handle the film's release, through Video-on-demand. The official release artwork is hosted here, along with the film's storyline.

The mysterious man has targeted a local police station. Here, petty criminals are kept behind bars, but each has a bloody secret. The man's presence begins to reveal their dark pasts, while a rookie cop tries to keep order. Soon, the man is causing true chaos and everyone else is turning on each other.

The release for Let Us Prey will take place on May 26th, 2015. And, this horror film fan has already taken a look at this title. The film is one of the better horror titles to come out this year, in that the film is very gritty and bloody. The film is also intense and readers should take a look for themselves, when the film is released. More details on the film are hosted below.

Release Date: May 26th, 2015 (VOD). Director: Brian O'Malley.

Writers: David Cairns and Fiona Watson.

Cast: Liam Cunningham, Pollyanna McIntosh, Bryan Larkin and Hanna Stanbridge.

Two fiery and early stills have been posted below, on 28DLA:

Let Us Prey Stills on 28DLA

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Human Race Faces Extinction in these Early Stills

The post-apocalyptic film site Quiet Earth has released several stills for Miguel Angel Vivas' Extinction. This film was shot in Spain. And, Extinction stars Matthew Fox and Claro Lago. Set in a zombie apocalypse, two survivors do their best to survive in an inhospitable, snowy landscape. The stills, hosted below, show some of the characters and settings.

The story was developed from Juan de Dios Garduño's novel. Titled Y Pese a Todo (Despite All), the novel takes place after a viral infection. Savage humanoids lurk on the land. And, a trio of survivors struggle onwards, in the small town of Harmony. Now, the town is being infiltrated and Patrick (Fox) must find a way to keep the hordes at bay.

This title is already completed. The film is expected to release in Spain, later this year. Sony Pictures Worldwide will handle distribution. More on the film is listed below.

Release Date: 2015 (Spain).

Director: Miguel Ángel Vivas.

Writers: Juan de Dios Garduño, Alberto Marini and Miguel Ángel Vivas.

Cast: Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Donovan, Quinn McColgan and Valeria Vereau.

*a trailer is coming soon.


Extinction at Quiet Earth

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