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Death Rink Takes Another Whack at the Slasher Genre this May 11th

Tagline: "Heads are Gonna Roll."

The concept for Death Rink began in 2007. Several years later, the film is set for a U.S. release. Originally titled Skateway Massacre, this latest indie slasher focuses on the night staff at a roller shack. In the story, a man was killed on the rink, several years in the past. Now, his spirit is roaming the rink, looking for someone to pay the price for his brutal death. Director Daniel Zubiate (Last Call) also wrote this script, which includes cast members: Amanda Courtney (Midnight Screening), Caedmon Holland and Alan Humphrey. The film's U.S. trailer is here, along with the official release poster.

Death Rink was shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico and completed in 2019. "A blend of Roller Boogie and Friday the 13th," this title hopes to revitalize the waning slasher genre - this May.

On May 11th, Death Rink will be available across the United States. To show on Digital platforms initially, there is a chance this title will also show on more home entertainment formats at a later date (DVD, Blu-ray). For now, fans of horror can view the latest on Death Rink below.

Release Date: May 11th, 2011 (U.S., Digital).

Director/writer: Daniel Zubiate.

Cast: Amanda Courtney, Caedmon Holland, and Alan Humphrey 

The official U.S. trailer for Death Rink (via Wild Eye Releasing):

A blast from the past - Roller Boogie:

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