Saturday, April 10, 2021

A Vengeful Father Takes Matters into His Own Hands with Mark Savage's Painkiller

Tagline: "This Vigilante Gives Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine."

Director Mark Savage (Stressed to Kill) returns to film with the politicized thriller Painkiller. In the story, a vigilante is targeting white collar criminals, who he believes are behind the opioid epidemic. Now, it is a race against time as this father wages violence against drug companies. As well as director Savage, this title includes actors: Bill Oberst Jr. ("Scream Queens"), Michael ParĂ© (Gangster Land) and Alexander Pennecke. A new trailer and poster are here, ahead of a U.S. release.

The trailer shows Bill Johnson (Oberst Jr.) making his case against drug manufacturers. Meanwhile, a rogue cop becomes wound up in Bill's violent plans. Together, they hope to dismantle a network of doctors - who have profited off of others' suffering.

As well, the movie poster shows one of the masks used by the vigilantes. The stars and stripes can be seen above the grimace as blood splatters the other half. This graphic shows the horrors in-store for viewers.

Painkiller will release this May 4th, across the U.S. To show on Digital and on-demand, this indie title will surely bring a few surprises next month, with actor Bill Oberst Jr. bringing another strong performance as the vengeful Bill Johnson.

Release Date: May 4th, 2021 (Digital, DVD).

Director: Mark Savage.

Writers: Tom Parnell, Mark Savage.

Cast: Michael Paré, Bill Oberst Jr., Alexander Pennecke.

An official trailer for Painkiller (via Cinedigm):

*aka Stressed to Kill: Doctor's Orders.

A previous effort from Mark Savage - Stressed to Kill (2016):

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