Friday, October 16, 2020

Russia's Row 19 Gets Ready to Take Flight in 2020 & 2021

Row 19 is an upcoming, high flying thriller. Shot in Russia, this title involves a terrible storm on a one-way flight. On the flight, a female doctor and her six year old daughter experience a strange situation as an entity kills passengers one-by-one. The film's concept poster and short teaser are available here.

As well, director Alexander Babaev (Bornless Ones) has developed this title, with James Rabb (Ark) acting as scriptwriter. Hosting a mostly Russian cast, the actors consist of: Svetlana Ivanova (The Blackout), Viktoriya Korlyakova (Live Bomb), Wolfgang Cerny and many others. This dangerous thriller is expected to release in 2020 (Russia) and other territories in 2021.

The Central Partnership Sales House will be handling international distribution. There are no official release dates for North America, but this could change, later in the year. For now, a preview for Row 19 is available here.

Release Date: 2021

Director: Alexander Babaev.

Writer: James Rabb.

Cast: Svetlana Ivanova, Viktoriya Korlyakova, Wolfgang Cerny.

A short teaser trailer, for Row 19, is available here: A 30 Sec. Teaser Trailer is Available Here

Row 19 at the Central Partnership website: Row 19 Details at the Central Partnership

There have been a few horror titles set high in the sky, including Panic Button (#advert):

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