Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Phobic - A Film in Which One Detective's Fears are Used Against Her this December 15th

Tagline: "What Are You Afraid Of?"

Phobic is a mysterious thriller. From writer and director Bryce Clark, this feature follows a homicide detective, on the trail of a serial killer. Det. Sanders' own fears are used against her as she tries to find the source of her pursuit. Phobic will be released this December 15th, by Samuel Goldwyn Films. And, Phobic stars: Jacque Grey (The Night Clerk), along with: Devin Liljenquist (Yellowstone), Tiffani DiGregorio (Mosaic), along with Ernie Lively. A preview of the film's U.S. launch is hosted here.

Phobic is a Pale Moon Entertainment production. Shot in Salt Lake City, Utah, this feature will show on most, major U.S. Digital retailers this December 15th. Not rated, this eighty-two minute feature promises an intriguing time, with a horrifying killer - in just a few days.

A Shot of the Masked Stalker.

Release Date: December 15th, 2020 (U.S., Digital).

Director/writer: Bryce Clark.

Cast: Jacque Grey, Devin Liljenquist, Tiffani DiGregorio and Ernie Lively.

The official trailer for Phobic (via Samuel Goldwyn Films): 

More details at the Samuel Goldwyn Films’ website: Phobic at Samuel Goldwyn Films

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