Friday, April 02, 2021

Post-apocalyptic Thriller Scavenger to Hit the Streets this May 11th

Argentinian post-apocalyptic thriller Scavenger is coming your way this May. In the film, an assassin seeks revenge, while acting as an illicit organ dealer. In Spanish, this title has been shown at Frightfest (United Kingdom) and Obscura (Germany). Now, Cleopatra Entertainment will debut the film, on Digital, in the United States.

A trailer has also been released for this indie title. The clip shows the protagonist on the hunt for her target. In a world mostly destroyed, this assassin will have to take to the roads to find the man she is searching for.

Scavenger was completed in 2019. At seventy-five minutes, this post-apocalyptic thriller will entertain fans of foreign films. More details on Scavenger are below.

Release Date: May 11, 2021 (U.S., Digital).

Directors: Eric Fleitas, Luciana Garraza.

Writers: Sheila Fentana, Eric Fleitas, Luciana Garraza.

Cast: Nayla Churruarin, Eric Fleitas, Sofia Lanaro, Rosa Cuenya Macedo, Jose Manuel Solis Vargas, Gonzalo Tolosa.

The official U.S. trailer (via Cleopatra Ent.):

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