Wednesday, July 08, 2020

She Dies Tomorrow Focuses on the Inevitable this Summer

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She Dies Tomorrow is a film from director Amy Seimetz (Pet Sematary). Focusing on anxieties that plague the modern world, this surreal thriller focuses on character Amy's (Kate Lyn Sheil) fear of death. Hosting a party, Amy shares her fears, leading to a night of chaos. She Dies Tomorrow stars Michelle Rodriguez (The Fate of the Furious), Adam Wingard (V/H/S/2) and Josh Lucas. A trailer is available for the film and a film poster, ahead of the July 31st release.

The trailer shows Amy and her unwavering belief that she will die the next day. At a dinner party, Amy infects the guests with her doomed intuition. And, everyone must face their inevitable end, in this surreal look at death and aging.

She Dies Tomorrow will debut within several drive-in theatres, this July 31st. On August 7th, this title will show on Digital platforms, throughout the U.S. Self-funded by Seimetz, this complex film will surely bring the filmmakers original vision, to the screen, throughout the Summer.

Release Date: July 31st, 2020 (Drive-in Theatres) and August 7th, 2020 (Digital).

Director/writer: Amy Seimetz.

Cast: Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams, Josh Lucas, KenTucker Audley, Chris Messina, Adam Wingard and Michelle Rodriguez.

The official trailer for She Dies Tomorrow (via Neon):

Seimetz also starred in the Pet Sematary remake:

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