Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Lukas Haas Stars in Psychological Thriller Browse: Release Details

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Browse is an upcoming psychological thriller. Focusing on the character Richard (Lukas Haas), this isolated man becomes unhinged after experimenting with online dating. Now, his life is taking a turn for the worse as his paranoia increases. Browse also stars Chloe Bridges (The Final Girls) and Sarah Rafferty. Releasing today, a preview of the film's Digital launch is available now.

The trailer, which was released in June, shows Richard and a growing obsession. He follows one woman, while ignoring all other elements in his life. Blending his online life with his real one, Richard can no longer tell fact from fiction.

FilmRise is showing this film on most Digital platforms, today. To debut across the United States, fans of thrillers or of suspense can rent Browse, now!

Release Date: July 7th, 2020 (Digital).

Director: Mike Testin.

Writer: Mario Carvalhal.

Cast: Lukas Haas, Chloe Bridges, Sarah Rafferty, Bodhi Elfman, and Jocelin Donahue.

The official trailer for Browse (via FilmRise):

Browse at FilmRise, with order details: Browse at FilmRise

Haas also starred in the horror thriller Dark Was the Night:

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