Thursday, July 09, 2020

The Honeymoon Phase Puts Passion to the Test this August 21st

Tagline: "Who Are You Married To?"

The Honeymoon Phase is a sci-fi thriller. From director Phillip G. Carroll Jr., the film takes part in a social experiment. Several couples are house in carefully controlled units as their perceptions of reality are challenged. The cast includes: Jim Schubin (Boardwalk Empire), Tara Westwood (The Grudge) and Chloe Carroll. A trailer has just been released and the U.S. release poster is here.

The graphic shows a series of identification cards. Some have been crossed out, while the latest two experimentees are forefront. Blindingly white, there are also signs of blood on one character's hands. This film poster puts two character's lives on the line.

Dark Sky Films will release The Honeymoon Phase this August. On August 21st, this title will show in theatres and on Digital platforms, where available. Fans of sci-fi can find more on the film below.

 Release Date: August 21st, 2020 (Limited Theatrical, Digital).

Director/writer: Phillip G. Carroll Jr.

Cast: Fran├žois Chau, Tara Westwood, Ione Butler.

The official trailer for The Honeymoon Phase (via Dark Sky Films):

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