Friday, May 15, 2020

Panamanian Creature Feature Diablo Rojo PTY Takes a Pitstop in "La Tulivieja Appears" Clip

Diablo Rojo PTY is a film from Panama. In English as Red Devil, this feature is debuting on Amazon this week, thanks to the Horror Collective. The film, shown with practical fx, looks at Panama's folklore, which is full of: witches, cannibals and creatures. Now, a new clip is available for Diablo Rojo PTY. And, the film stars: Carlos Carrasco (Blood In, Blood Out), Leo Wiznitzer (Hands of Stone) and Alejandra Araúz. The clip, titled "La Tulivieja Appears," is showing below.

In the first movie clip, a bus has broken down and a passenger sees someone familiar in the nearby woods. But, not all things are as they appear to be. Soon, a monster is looking for a free ride on the bus. And, everyone else is ready to get out of this pitstop.

The Horror Collective is debuting Diablo Rojo PTY on Amazon this week. Jonathan Barkan, from the Horror Collective describes the film as a bit retro: "this movie is a total throwback to the ‘80s horror films I grew up watching. It’s full of practical FX, has a great score, and is wicked amounts of fun!" Not your usual cliched tale, Diablo Rojo PTY brings something new to the screen this week.

Diablo Rojo PTY is already out on Digital as of May 14th. On Amazon, fans of horror can view something from the deep, darkness of the Panamanian jungles below and on Digital now!

Release Date: May 14th, 2020 (Digital, Amazon).

Directors: Sol Moreno, J. Oskura Nájera.

Writers: Adair Dominguez, J. Oskura Nájera.

Cast: Carlos Carrasco, Leo Wiznitzer, Alejandra Araúz.

The new movie clip - "La Tulivieja Appears" - is here (via the Horror Collective):

The film's original trailer, on 28DLA: A Diablo Rojo PTY Trailer on 28DLA

Available here on Amazon:

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