Friday, April 24, 2020

Panamanian Horror Feature Diablo Rojo PTY Traps Characters in the Jungle this May

Tagline: "Una Historia Panamena de Supersticiones. Brujeria y Diez Toneladas de Puro Diablo."

Diablo Rojo PTY is the latest film to be distributed by the Horror Collective. A Panamanian film in Spanish, this feature focuses on a cast of characters on a bus trip. Along their trip, they are attacked by a band of creatures and forced to take refuge in their broken down bus. From filmmakers Sol Moreno and J. Oskura Najera, this title is slated to show in May, through Amazon. As well, the film stars: Carlos Carrasco (Blood In, Blood Out), Leo Wiznitzer (Hands of Stone) and Alejandra Araúz. The film's mysterious trailer is below.

The official poster for Diablo Rojo PTY is also available. The graphic shows blood red flames and something unholy. The tagline mentions "a Panamanian story of superstitions...brutal and tonnes of evil." A bit retro', the film poster also appears as a portal to something sinister. Will the film live up to its sensational promotional material?

Horror films fans can find out this May. In May, the film will debut on Amazon, for rentals. A unique tale, with a strange trailer, Diablo Rojo PTY promises to draw you in with its authentic, Panamanian story of fear.

Release Date: May 2020 (Digital, Amazon).

Directors: Sol Moreno, J. Oskura Nájera.

Writers: Adair Dominguez, J. Oskura Nájera.

Cast: Carlos Carrasco, Leo Wiznitzer, Alejandra Araúz.

The official trailer for Diablo Rojo PTY (via the Horror Collective):

More details on the film will debut here, at the Horror Collective: The Horror Collective Homepage

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