Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Party Hard Die Young to Debut on DVD in an Unrated Format this April 21st!

Party Hard Die Young debuted on the Shudder streaming service in the Summer of 2019. Now, this slasher feature is moving to DVD, through RLJ Entertainment. In the story, friends gather for a graduation party. Once on a remote island, the party ends quickly and the ferries stop to the mainland. People are disappearing and a masked figure, is stalking the remaining revelers. From director Dominik Hartl (Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies), Party Hard Die Young stars: Marlon Boess ("Murder by the Lake"), Markus Freist├Ątter (Secret in the Mountains) and Karin Lomot. A preview of the film's DVD launch is available now.

Party Hard Die Young is a German language feature. Shot in Austria and Croatia, this title is very much a European feature. This title has already debuted in several European countries as far back as 2018. This April, slasher film fans - in the U.S. - will find the film in most DVD marketplaces.

The DVD release is set for April 21st, 2020. To show in an unrated format, the DVD release will be subtitled and not dubbed. The film's runtime is ninety minutes and no special features have been announced, yet. The trailer for Party Hard Die Young is below.

Release Date: April 21st, 2020 (DVD).

Director: Dominik Hartl.

Writers: Robert Buchschwenter, Karin Lomot.

Cast: Marlon Boess, Markus Freist├Ątter, Michael Glantschnig.

A trailer for Party Hard Die Young (via Shudder):

Party Hard Die Young at RLJ Ent': Party Hard Die Young at RLJ Ent.

Pre-orders are available here:

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