Thursday, March 19, 2020

Two Brothers Turn to Vigilante Justice in Charles Kopelson's American Terrorist

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Tagline: “Do You Have a Hero in You?"

American Terrorist is a crime thriller from director Charles Kopelson and writer John Buffalo Mailer. In the film, two brothers believe they have stopped a terrorist event. Set just after the September 11th attacks, these two brothers are forced to face the truth, when their prisoner escapes. As well, American Terrorist stars: Peter Cambor ("NCIS: Los Angeles"), Lacey Dorn (Torch) and Tarek Bishara. A trailer and poster have been released, for the film, ahead of the March 27th launch date.

The official synopsis also mentions vigilante justice. Caught on a moral line, these two brothers must confront what they have done, once they have kidnapped a suspicious man. Once loose, this man turns the tables on the two brothers.

Indican Pictures will release American Terrorist in a few theatres, before a wider home entertainment release. On March 27th, this film will show in select theatres. Then, on April 21st, American Terrorist will show on most Digital platforms and DVD. Those platforms hosting the Digital launch include: Amazon Instant, Fandango Now, iTunes, FlixFling, Google Play, Redbox, VuDu and Youtube Movies. To show in an unrated format, the latest details on American Terrorist are available here.

Release Date: March 27th (Limited Theatrical) and April 21st, 2020 (DVD, Digital).

Director: Charles Kopelson.

Writer: John Buffalo Mailer.

Cast: Peter Cambor, Lacey Dorn and Tarek Bishara.

The official trailer for American Terrorist (via Indican Pictures):

More on American Terrorist at Indican: American Terrorist at Indican Pictures

Available at Amazon:

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