Thursday, June 27, 2019

Camp Wedding Tells a Tale of Woe on Haunted Ground this Summer

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The horror comedy Camp Wedding is coming to Digital platforms, this August. The film builds on the insane premise that an Airbnb has been built on a location, where several tragedies have taken place. Campers have drown, natives have been massacred and witches have been burned all at this haunted location; now, a wedding is set to take place. But, these guests might want to reschedule. Camp Wedding stars: Kelley Gates, Sean Hankinson and Cadden Jones. The film's latest trailer and release details are hosted here.

The film has been inspired by a real life wedding. Executive producer and writer Cara Consilvio's wedding took place at a summer camp. But, her experience was hopefully less bloody than this one.

The official story tells a tale of woe. As a wedding is set to begin, the event planners are less than prepared. Events begin to take a wrong turn as the guests begin to disappear. Turns out, this might be the worst wedding ever.

Camp Wedding will show on Digital platforms this August 20th. Fans of horror or comedy can see the film then, with the official trailer and poster found here. Already having had its World Premiere at the Nevermore Film Festival, Camp Wedding looks to find a few laughs in this twisted supernatural situation.

Release Date: August 20th, 2019 (Digital).

Director: Greg Emetaz.

Writers: Greg Emetaz, Cara Consilvio.

Cast: Kelley Gates, Sean Hankinson, Cadden Jones.

The official trailer for Camp Wedding:

The film's homepage: A Camp Wedding Homepage

Source: Camp Wedding at Joblo

Gravitas Ventures will release Camp Wedding. They also released the supernatural thriller Apartment 212 (2018), found here:

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