Wednesday, June 26, 2019

No Blood of Mine Mixes Murder and Kidnapping on Digital this June 28th

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Global Digital Releasing will show Wesley Ellenwood's No Blood of Mine this week. The film is a crime thriller, in which one woman owes a gangster several thousands of dollars. Victoria must repay her loan back quickly, or risk being kidnapped. As well, No Blood of Mine centrally stars: Sierra Schermerhorn, Larry Yazzie and Matthew Thompson. Recently, a trailer and new poster for the film were released; both items can be found here.

For more on the story, Victoria may have gotten in over her head. Her failing business needs help, but she reaches out to the wrong people. She makes a run for it, after finding herself in debt. But now, she is being hounded by both local authorities and gangsters, after her wealthy father turns up dead. There might be no way out for Victoria, other than facing her misdeeds.

No Blood of Mine will begin showing this Friday, June 28th. On this date, GDR, will make the film available on the following platforms: Apple TV (iTunes), Prime Video, Vudu, iFlix and TUBI TV. There are plans to bring No Blood of Mine to even more Digital film hosters, in the near future. For now, fans of thrillers can find the official trailer for No Blood of Mine below. The clip shows Victoria struggling with her money problems as she is targeted by several groups, in the small town of Duluth.

Release Date: June 28th, 2019 (Digital).

Director/writer: Wesley Ellenwood.

Cast: Sierra Schermerhorn, Kal Randa, Ashley Hovell.

The official trailer for No Blood of Mine (courtesy of Global Digital Releasing):

The official homepage for No Blood of Mine: A No Blood of Mine Homepage

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