Friday, June 28, 2019

Werewolf Western High Moon Brings a Shootout to DVD this July 2nd

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High Moon aka Howlers is a film from Josh Ridgway (The Sector). Recently, the film debuted on Digital platforms. Now, High Moon is set to show on DVD, through Distribution Alliance, Archstone Distribution - among others. The film involves a werewolf slayer, from the Old West. He is still tracking down his werewolf prey into the present. But, these bloodthirsty werewolf bikers might be too much as Colt struggles with a corrupt mayor and disbelieving sheriff. Also, the film boasts a large cast, including: Chad Michael Collins (Sniper), Sean Patrick Flanery (Saw 3D), Chelsea Edmundson (Daylight's End) and Matthew Tompkins (Sicario). All of these filmmakers unite for one of this year's better, indie thrillers.

The DVD release is slated for July 2nd. On this date, the film will be available on Amazon. Director Ridgway has talked about this release recently. He says of the film and its blending of genres: "yes, it is a genre-bending film...while most distribution companies and backers aren't keen on this idea of mixing genres because they don't know how to sell them, I personally would do every film as a genre mashup, if I gives fans a taste of something different (BraveNewHollywood)." There is something here for fans of westerns, horror or of action. As well, this genre mashup will show at other DVD outlets such as: Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others - soon.

Finally, this film fan has seen an early screener of the film. While the acting is a bit off in a few scenes, High Moon is for those who are fans of indie horror titles. More on this latest release are below.

Release Date: July 2nd, 2019 (DVD).

Director/writer: Josh Ridgway.

Cast: Chad Michael Collins, Chelsea Edmundson, Sean Patrick Flannery, Tom Zembrod, Matthew Tompkins and Jimmy Wlcek.

The official trailer for High Moon:

The film's official webpage: The High Moon Official Website

Source: An Interview with Ridgway at Brave New Hollywood

The film has a current MSRP of $10.49 (USD):

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