Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Slasher Feature The Lurker is Set to Have its World Premiere at this Year's Cinepocalypse

The Lurker is an upcoming slasher film. From first time director Eric Liberacki, The Lurker was shot in Chicago and will debut at this year's Cinepocalypse, also in Chicago. The film involves a group of theatre students, performing Romeo & Juliet. But, this will be everyone's final curtain call as a killer targets the cast. The Lurker was written by John Lerchen. And, the film centrally stars: the original Jason Voorhees Ari Lehman, Michael Emery (Bone Tomahawk), Naomi Grossman ("American Horror Story") and Scout Taylor-Compton. This film is set to have its World Premiere this June.

Cinepocalypse is a genre focused film festival. Beginning June 13th, this year's event has several horror films set to debut, including Lucky Mckee's Kindred Spirits and Pollyanna McIntosh's Darlin'. The film festival runs June 13th to June 20th. This film event will bring several classics back to the screen, with Joel Schumacher's Flatliners (1990) and Falling Down (1993). A re-showing of Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi classic Total Recall will also take place. Fans of the horror genre, or of indie films in general are encouraged to take a look at the Cinepocalypse line-up, with more details below.

Release Date: June 2019.

Director: Eric Liberacki.

Writer: John Lerchen.

Cast: Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Emery, Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, Rikki Lee Travolta, Kali Skatchke, Emmaline Skillicorn, Isabel Thompson, Marissa Banker, Casey Tutton, Eddie Huchro, Roy Rainey, Walter Bernard, Josh Morris.

*a trailer is coming soon.

**filmmakers of The Lurker will be in attendance at the World Premiere.

The film's homepage: The Lurker Official Website

Actress Scout Taylor-Compton's also starred in 2017's, horror feature Ghost House, which this film fan enjoyed:

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