Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Zilla and Zoe Creates a Horrifying Wedding in Theatres May 17th

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Zilla and Zoe is a horror comedy from director Jessica Scalise. In the film, Zoe is an aspiring horror filmmaker, with dreams of winning a horror film contest. When her dad intervenes, Zoe is forced to shoot her sister's wedding. And, this leads to the world's most, gory celebration. Zilla and Zoe stars: Greg James (Between the Trees), Sam Kameraman (The Librarians), Aida Valentine and Kurt Conroyd. A preview of the film's upcoming theatrical release is hosted here.

Indican Pictures will host the theatrical launch. On May 17th, Zilla and Zoe will show in several U.S. cities, including: North Hollywood (Laemmel Theatre), Portland, Oakland, San Francisco and Denver. Filmmakers will be in attendance at some of the theatrical showings. As well, Indican plans to release the film, on home entertainment formats, later this year. Fans of indie films can find the film's official release trailer here, along with theatrical artwork.

Release Date: May 17th 2019 (Theatrical) and TBA (DVD, VOD).

Director/writer: Jessica Scalise.

Cast: Greg James, Aida Valentine, Sam Kamerman, Kurt Conroyd and Mia Allen.

The official trailer for Zilla and Zoe:

More on Zilla and Zoe at Indican: Zilla and Zoe Details at Indican

Indican Pictures also released the grindhouse, comedy High on the Hog recently, starring Sid Haig:

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