Monday, May 06, 2019

Few Have Survived a Viewing of Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made Until Now: Release Details

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Tagline: "The Deadliest Film Ever Made."

Antrum or Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made is supposedly a cursed film. For those who watch it, death is just a few moments away. Recently, this title has been on a film festival run, with stops in: San Francisco, Brookly and Brussels. At one of these showings a producer was able to survive a viewing. And now, Antrum is expected to show in the U.S., later this year and in Europe as early as 2020. Supposedly a lost film, a new poster is available here for Antrum, from writers: David Amito and Michael Laicini.

Shot in a testimonial format, Antrum is supposedly a film from the '80s. As the story goes, Antrum had its premiere in Budapest. Here, the theatre caught fire and fifty-six people perished; others have lost their lives, after watching this cursed film. So, the original copy of the film was destroyed shortly thereafter, but brought back to life recently through a negative. Now, you must see if the film has a similar, murderous effect on you, later this year.

Antrum will make its debut later this year. Producer Eric Thirteen has stated that Uncork Ent. will show the film: "[he] recently struck a distribution deal with Uncork'd Entertainment and brought David Bond on as executive producer to bring the film to market (Forbes)." As well, Antrum is being repped by Jinga Films, in Europe. They are also the ones who have debuted the latest poster for the film, found above. More specific release details are coming soon. For now, horror fans can become cursed early, with the film's extended trailer below.

Release Date: 2019 (U.S.) & 2020 (Europe).

Directors/writers: David Amito, Michael Laicini.

An extended trailer for Antrum (courtesy of BIFFF):

The film's official website: A Homepage for Antrum

Sources: Antrum at Jinga Films

An Interview with Eric Thirteen at Forbes

Jinga Films is also representing The Ice Cream Truck, which has been reviewed positively, for a possible wider release:

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