Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Meg Puts the World's Biggest Shark on the Big Screen in this First Trailer!

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Tagline: "Pleased To Eat You."

The Meg is a horror feature about the Megalodon. This prehistoric monster roamed seas millions of years ago. It reached lengths of 60 to 70 feet. In The Meg, an underwater research crew is trapped at the bottom of an undersea trench as a Megalodon swims above. This picture, which was co-produced by at least one Chinese company, stars: Bingbing Li (Resident Evil: Retribution), Jason Statham (Crank), Jessica NcNamee and Ruby Rose. The film's first trailer is available here!

The story of The Meg was developed from Steve Alten's story, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. In the novel, an international observation platform is attacked by a massive creature - the Megalodon! The crew must work together to extract themselves from the ocean floor as ocean pressure builds up and this unstoppable shark looks for its next meal.

The Meg has been rated PG-13, for bloody images. This title will see U.S. theatres this Summer, through Warner Bros. The theatrical date has been set for August 10th. Fans of creature features or of horror, in general, are encouraged to take a look at the film's action packed trailer below.

Release Date: August 10th, 2018 (Theatrical).

Director: Jon Turteltaub.

Writers: Steve Alten, Belle Avery, Dean Georgaris, Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber and James Vanderbilt.

Cast: Jason Statham, Jessica McNamee, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, Bingbing Li and Cliff Curtis.

The first trailer for The Meg:

Source: The Meg at the UHM

The novel on which the film is based (paperback):

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