Monday, April 09, 2018

Hunter West's Ridge Runners Uncovers a Kidnapping Ring on Digital Platforms this April

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Tagline: “She Will Find You.”

Ridge Runners is a thriller from Hunter West. Starring Jennica Schwartzman (Parker’s Anchor) and Christopher Howell (Hayride), this title the horrifying topic of child abduction. In a rural community, several detectives track down a missing 12 year old girl. They find a conspiracy in this remote town. Ridge Runners will release, on Digital platforms, this week. A preview of the film's latest launch is hosted here.

The official trailer shows Det. Willow (Schwartman). She questions several of the locals, but comes with very little on the missing girl. As it becomes clear that this is not the first child kidnapping, Willow turns on the town, in an attempt to uncover an underground child abduction ring.

Ridge Runners has already been released in theatres, this past January. In March, this indie thriller had a showing on DVD. On April 10th, Ridge Runners will be available on most Digital platforms, including Amazon. On this date, this title will be shown across the United States. More details (trailer, stills) on this latest release are hosted below.

Release Date: April 10th, 2018 (Digital).

Director/writer: Hunter West.

Cast: Jennica Schwartzman, Christopher Howell, Katherine Forbes, Austin Haley and Jason Thompson.

The official trailer for Ridge Runners:

Even more details, on Ridge Runners, are available at Indican Pictures: Ridge Runners at Indican Pictures

Available for rent at Amazon:

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