Wednesday, April 11, 2018

You Shall Not Sleep Creates Dark Visions at the Tribeca Film Festival

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Tagline: "Your Fear Will Keep You Awake."

You Shall Not Sleep is a horror film from Argentina and director Gustavo Hernandez. Set for an international premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, this title involves a young woman and her participation in a strange experiment, at a psychiatric hospital. Here, experiments on sleep deprivation take place, pushing the patients over the edge of sanity. You Shall Not Sleep stars: Eva De Dominici (Tiger, Blood in the Mouth) and Natalia de Molina. A preview of the film's latest showing is hosted here.

The trailer shows one subject, forced to stay awake for 108 hours; she looks worse for wear. Several researchers turn up at the hospital. One woman gets drawn into an sleepless experiment as strange visions begin to haunt her.

You Shall Not Sleep will see a wide release, in the U.S., later this year. 20th Century Fox will handle the release. This Spanish speaking title will also see several European territories (Spain, France) and still more Southeast Asian countries (Taiwan, Vietnam). Also known as No Dormiras, an international trailer is available here, with the film set to see Tribeca theatres this April 19th. All of the latest details, on You Shall Not Sleep, are showing here.

Showing Dates: April 19th to April 28th, 2018 (Film Festival).

Director: Gustavo Hernández.

Writer: Juma Fodde.

Cast: Eva De Dominici, Natalia de Molina, Juan Manuel Guilera.

The international trailer for You Shall Not Sleep (released in late 2017):

More showing details, at the Tribeca Film Festival, are available here: You Shall Not Sleep at Tribeca

Hernandez's previous film was the well received La Casa Muda (Silent House), which was released in September 2011:

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