Friday, October 09, 2015

The Shelter Set to Show at Sitges and Lafayette

Horror title The Shelter will show in Sitges, later today. The film has been developed by Arrow in the Head developer John Fallon. And, the film stars Michael Pare as Thomas. Thomas is lured into a supernatural trap, which appears as a quiet home. As well, the film will show in Lafayette, Louisiana, along with other film festival screenings, later this year. A trailer for the film was just released and the film's official movie poster is hosted above.

For more on the story, Thomas is both a widower and a homeless man. He finds solace in a two-storey home, which appears vacant. But, something hides within. Now, Thomas must face his past if he ever hopes to leave.

The film's trailer shows a character focused film. Thomas is central to many of the scenes. As well, there is a supernatural element shown in the trailer. It seems to torment or instigate a conflict, which unearths Thomas' rocky history. Fans of indie horror are encouraged to preview the film below and more details will be shared soon.

Showing Date: October 9th, 2015 (Limited Theatical, Barcelona) and November, 2015 (Limited Theatrical, Lafayette).

Director/writer: John Fallon.

Cast: Michael Paré, Rachel G. Whittle, Lauren Alexandra and Amy Wickenheiser.

A trailer for The Shelter is hosted here:

The film's homepage is available below:

The Shelter Homepage

More on the film can be found at the Sitges Film Festival website:

The Shelter at Sitges

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