Thursday, October 08, 2015

Actor Mem Ferda Takes Part in Raindance Entry My Hero

A new dramatic thriller is coming soon, by way of the Raindance Film Festival. The title is My Hero and the film stars actor Mem Ferda. Ferda, of Miss You Already and The Devil's Double fame, stars as Simon Flowers, a gangster-florist, in this one-ok-a-kind thriller. The film was shown September 25th, in the United Kingdom and a preview of the film is hosted here.

The story for My Hero begins with an unlikely friendship. A drug dealer and a nine year old girl are forced to go on the run as malevolent forces give chase.

My Hero is an independent British film. Shot in Margate of Kent, Ferda says of the setting and the script: "My Hero, is distinctly British. I made a promise to myself that I would always support British indie films with great scripts, and this was certainly the perfect fit. I hadn’t ever filmed at a seaside town before and once I read the endearing script I was hooked." More details on this exciting thriller will be released as the film nears a wider release date.

Release Date: TBA.

Directors: Robert Osman and Nate Wiseman.

Producer: Nate Wiseman and Kat Gellin

Cast: Nate Wiseman, Mem Ferda and Alexandra Newick.

A fan page for the film is available here:

My Hero on Facebook

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