Monday, October 12, 2015

A Whitish Figure Stalks this Trailer for Slender

The indie horror title Slender will make an appearance at the American Film Market. The film, from director Eric Phram, involves a mysterious killer and his numerous victims, which date back over 80 years. A trailer for this film was released recently. And, the clip shows characters stalked and chased by a whitish figure. The film is now completed and a preview for the film is hosted here.

The film's story involves a woman and a malevolent curse. It has claimed the life of he mother. Now, it is coming for her!

This film was previously titled Flay. Under this title, the film had a few film festival appearances. And, Slender will continue to make the festival rounds as it moves towards a wider release date. Fans of indie horror can see more of the film below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director: Eric Pham.

Writer: Matthew Daley.

Cast: Violett Beane.

A trailer for the film is available here:


Slender at the Film Catalogue

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