Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Purgatory Pictures Completes Monster with Director Matt Shaw and Producer Mem Ferda while Working on Love Life and "They Came from the Sky..."

Tagline: "You Are Hereby Invited to a Party You'll Never Survive."

Monster was a horror film, released in 2018 - by Purgatory Pictures. Released in the UK, USA and Germany, this title was directed by Matt Walsh, involving a family of three. One family member is a giant, defrormed monster and out for control. Developed by scriptwriter Shaun Hutson and producers: Mem Ferda, Peter Crellen, Dave Esmann and several others - this title is out now. Since the release of Monster, Purgatory Pictures LTD has started to create several other features.

Love Life is a title that started filming this past January. Stalled by CV19, this title will begin shooting again in November.

As well, this film production company has finished a comedy titled "They Came From the Sky, I Saw Them." In the vein of Naked Gun, this title will be released soon.

Despite challenges, Purgatory Pictures continues to prep' films for future release, with Monster a great indie feature, which should be viewed by fans of indie thrillers and available now.

For Monster:

Director: Matt Shaw.

Writers: Matt Shaw, Shaun Hutson, Michael Bray and Justin Park.

Associate Producers: Peter Crellen, Dave Esmann, Mem Ferda, Jurgen Ferdinand, Garrett M. Johnson, Matt Orefice, Sarah Palmer, Trevor Poole, Stefan K. Somogyfoki and Bill Stoneburner.

Cast: Danielle Harold, Erik Lara, Justin Hayward, Tony Cook and Laura Ellen Wilson.

A trailer for Monster (via Brit Flicks): 

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