Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Retreat Draws a Wendigo Out of the Darkness and onto the Screen this November 10th

Tagline: "There's Something Waiting in the Mountains."

The Retreat is an upcoming horror feature, focusing on an Indigenous legend - the Wendigo. This creature has been put to film before in films like Larry Fessenden's Wendigo (2001) and others. This time, two hikers head up to Upstate New York. Here, they encounter a monster, which bloodies their hiking trip. Developed by director Bruce Wemple (Monstrous), this feature centrally stars: Grant Schumacher (Lake Artifact), Dylan Grunn (Left Hand) and Catharine Daddario. A trailer was released late last week and the clip can be found below, in case you missed it.

The trailer shows the creature, in some of the scenes. With glowing eyes, it attacks at night, leaving Gus and Adam disoriented in open country. Now, this duo must find a way to overcome this supernatural entity, before the remaining light of day fizzles out.

Uncork'd Entertainment will show The Retreat on DVD and Digital, this November 10th. This feature runs eighty-eight minutes. As well, bonus features include: deleted scenes and a commentary. More details on this release are here.

Release Date: November 10th, 2020 (Digital, DVD).

Director/writer: Bruce Wemple.

Cast: Dylan Grunn, Rick Montgomery Jr., Ariella Mastoianni and Chris Cimperman.

The official trailer for The Retreat (via OC Trailers):

Available at Amazon, for pre-orders (#advert):

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