Friday, September 04, 2020

Producer Mem Ferda Delivers His First Western Gunfight at Eminence Hill this November 16th

Tagline: "In this Town There are No Good Guys."

Eminence Hill is a western thriller released in the U.S.  and now set for release in the United Kingdom this November as Gunfight at Eminence Hill.  Lance Henriksen (Near Dark) stars as Mason, in a film set in the Arizona Territory. Here, a man is in search of his brother's killers. Gunfight at Eminence Hill was created by Robert and Owen Conway (Krampus Unleashed), with British actor and producer Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double). A preview of the film's UK release is available here.

Gunfight at Eminence Hill was produced by both Funhouse Features (US) and film production company owned by Mem Ferda, FilmCore Ltd, in the UK. The film is to be distributed by Lightbulb Film Distribution in the UK on DVD this November 16th, 2020. The UK release will host a few extras, including the "O Death" music video by Amelia Haberman, a Behind the Lens: The Making of Eminence Hill and a Commentary Track. 

This award winning feature (Best Feature, Robert Conway, Wild Bunch 2019) has a runtime of 100 minutes and Ferda has described this Western as a "wild ride through the American west." Gunfight at Eminence Hill promises a fun time in the Wild West this November!

Release Date: November 16th, 2020 (UK, DVD).

Director: Robert Conway.

Writers: Robert Conway, Owen Conway.

Producers: Mem Ferda, Robert Conway.

Cast: Barry Corbin, Dominique Swain, Lance Henriksen, Clint James, Owen Conway and Anna Harr.

The trailer for the film as Eminence Hill (via director Robert Conway):

Those in North American can view the film now, on Tubi TV: Eminence Hill at Tubi TV

More Details on the UK Release: Gunfight at Eminence Hill at Amazon

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