Monday, September 07, 2020

12 Hour Shift to Steal Your Heart, Your Kidneys...this October 2nd

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Tagline: "Pull Your Shift Together."

12 Hour Shift is dark comedy from director Brea Grant (After Midnight). This film had its International Premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival, in Montreal recently. Shot in Jonesboro, Arkansas, this title is already getting set to show on home entertainment formats throughout North America. The film stars: David Arquette (The Tripper), Angela Bettis, former professional wrestler Mick Foley and Kit Williamson. The story takes place in 1999, over a double-shift in the hospital. Here, underground organ harvesting and selling are taking place. Now, a few release details are available for 12 Hour Shift.

A few early reviews have come out this Summer. Mitch Davis talks about the story and Mandy's (Bettis) drug addiction: "for one, because she’s an addict, and the extra pay will go a long way. More importantly, she needs to go because it’s the hospital work that funds her habit." Her addiction leads to much of the mayhem in the film. Davis also mentions the complex characters in the film: "the film echoes with a tragic sense of doomed destiny, made all the more compelling by way of its peripheral cast of textured, flawed characters, many dealing with their own traumas (Fantasia)." These characters are struggling in a complex hospital world. And, 12 Hour Shift will begin its home entertainment launch this October.

In Canada and the US, 12 Hour Shift will be available on October 2nd. Mongrel Media will handle the Canadian release, while Magnet Releasing releases the film in the US. Likely to be available in Digital format initially, this title may also show on DVD and Blu-ray as well. For now, fans of dark comedy or strange situations can find the trailer for 12 Hour Shift below.

Release Date: October 02, 2020 (Canada, US, Home Entertainment, TBA).

Director/writer: Brea Grant.

Cast: Angela Bettis, David Arquette, Chloe Farnworth, Mick Foley and Kit Williamson. 

The official trailer for 12 Hour Shift (via Mongrel Media):

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12 Hour Shift at Fantasia: 12 Hour Shift At Fantasia w/Review

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