Monday, July 06, 2020

Terror Films and PlayNow to Show Found Footage and Horror Titles on Fifty Channels

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Terror Films and Playnow Media have partnered for a number of Digital, horror releases. Playnow operates over twenty online channels. Meanwhile, Terror Films has dozens and dozens of titles in their library. Together, they will bring several "found footage" styled features and other horror titles to several online channels.

Playnow owns and operates at least twenty channels across several platforms. Currently, Playnow is on: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android mobile, Google Play, and Chromecast. Playnow hopes to show films on over fifty plus VOD channels by the end of 2020.

Terror Films has already debuted two titles through Playnow. Adam Robitel's The Taking of Deborah Logan is already showing on Playnow's POV Horror Channel, along with Hell House LLC. Terror Films will continue to debut films through Playnow, with a release schedule available here.

*some of the channels Terror Films will show features on include: Wicked Horror TV, Trashy Horror Movies, Scifi Movie Channel, and Zombie Television.

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