Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Killer Next Door Brings to Screen the Misdeeds of Serial Killer John List

Tagline: "The True Story of John List. The Quieter the Street...the Darker the Secret."

A Killer Next Door is a thriller, from director Andrew Jones (Cabin 28). The film is inspired by the events surrounding family killer John List, similar to 1987's The Stepfather. In this film, earlier events have been hyperbolized to create a mysterious situation. In a small town, Stephanie (Harriet Rees) is recovering from a broken leg, when she suspects one of her neighbours (William Meredith) as being a famous murderer. Once confronted, the neighbour turns against his accuser, while trying to remain undiscovered by authorities. A North Bank Entertainment production, 4Digital Media will release this title in late July. The film's U.S. release poster is hosted here.

The American poster shows both central characters. List looks concerned about being spied on. Meanwhile, Stephanie looks front and center, with both villain and hero looking at the viewer. The film's tagline: "the True Story of John List" might be a bit of a stretch. But, List was discovered by someone in his neighbourhood - after his story and possible likeness debuted on "America's Most Wanted." The graphic is a good one and shows how killer's cannot remain hidden forever.

As backstory, the real John List killed his family after losing his job. A strict authoritarian and Lutheran, List thought his family would be best served in Heaven, rather than turning to welfare. He would kill his entire family, in 1971, with a handgun. Finally, his crimes would not be discovered for a month, with List moving to a new community, in order to lay low.

4Digital Media will show A Killer Next Door through home entertainment formats this July 21st, 2020. Likely to show on both DVD and Digital, this title is for those looking for a film with some real, historical roots.

Release Date: July 21st, 2020 (TBA).

Director/writer: Andrew Jones.

Cast: Derek Nelson, Nigel Barber, William Meredith and Harriet Rees.

*a trailer is coming soon.

A Killer Next Door at 4Digital Media: A Killer Next Door Story Details at 4Digital Media

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