Friday, March 06, 2020

Noir Thriller The Wild Goose Lake to Debut in Over Twenty U.S. Cities

The Wild Goose Lake is a crime thriller from China. Developed by a host of production companies and an international collaboration, The Wild Goose Lake will be distributed by Film Movement in the United States. In this noir film, a gangster is on the run. Set in the now infamous Wuhan province, Zhou Zenong is trying to stay alive, after killing a police officer. Now, he is wanted dead or alive - by everyone in the city. This is the latest film from director Diao Yinan (Black Coal), with Liao Fan (Thin Ice) Gwei Lun-Mei and Hu Ge starring. The film's U.S poster and trailer are hosted here.

The Wild Goose Lake is set to show in several U.S. theatres. Starting March 6th, this title will show in: New York City and Los Angeles - for its premiere. Then, the film moves across the U.S., with stops in: Seattle, Portand, Atlanta, Santa Barbara and several other locations. The Wild Goose Lake will show in at least twenty U.S. cities, over the next two months. A wider, Digital release date has not been announced.

Fans of foreign cinema or of crime thrillers can find the trailer for The Wild Goose Lake below. The clip is a good one. Full of action and strange interactions, The Wild Goose Lake will bring something different to big screens this month and into the next.

Release Date: March 6th to April 17th (U.S., Limited Theatrical).

Director/writer: Yi'nan Diao.

Cast: Ge Hu, Lun-Mei Kwei, Fan Liao.

The official trailer for The Wild Goose Lake (courtesy of Film Movement):

A majority of the U.S. cities hosting theatrical screenings - via Film Movement:

3/6: PREMIERE: Film Forum -- New York 3/13: Laemmle Monica & Glendale -- Los Angeles
3/13: Alamo Drafthouse Downtown -- Los Angeles
3/20-22: SIFF Film Center - Seattle WA
3/20: Cinema 21 - Portland OR
3/20: Broadway Theater - Eugene OR
3/20: Plaza Theater - Atlanta GA
3/20: Center for Contemporary Arts - Santa Fe NM
3/20: Riviera Theater - Santa Barbara CA
3/20-22: SIFF Film Center - Seattle WA
3/22: Alamo Drafthouse Littleton - Denver CO
3/27: The Frida - Santa Ana CA
3/27: The Gray Duck Theater - Rochester MN
4/3: Zeitgeist Theater - New Orleans LA
4/3: Landmark Ritz 5 - Philadelphia PA
4/3: Landmark Kendall Square - Boston MA
4/3-5: Detroit Inst of Art - MI
4/10: Cinemapolis - Ithaca NY
4/10: Gene Siskel Film Center - Chicago IL
4/10:Rodeo Cinema - Oklahoma City OK
410: Landmark Shattuck - Berkeley CA
4/17: Landmark Mayan - Denver CO
4/17: Living Room - Boca Raton FL
4/17: Row House Theater - Pittsburgh PA

The Wild Goose Lake at Film Movement: The Wild Goose Lake Details at Film Movement

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