Thursday, February 27, 2020

Is Saint Maud Experiencing a Divine Intervention in this 2nd Trailer (Out April 3rd)?

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Tagline: "Your Savior is Coming."

Saint Maud is the first film from director Rose Glass. Glass' debut focuses on a faithful servant of God, who is determined to save the soul of her dying employer. This award winning film has been making waves for its chilling material. And, this title stars Morfydd Clark as the protagonist, along with: Jennifer Ehle (Zero Dark Thirty), Lily Knight (The Finest) and Lily Frazer. A second trailer has been released for Saint Maud and can be found below.

Glass' film had an appearance at the most recent Toronto International Film Festival. Here, she talked about the inspiration for the film: "the initial scenario I thought was interesting was about a young woman — I think she was even a nun...who hears the voice of God in her head and falls in love with him (Seventh Row)." This internal voice, which might be divine or other, leads Maud to behave in strange ways. Glass also goes on to describe Maud as becoming unhinged: "we can sort of see that she’s gradually unraveling and that things are going to a dangerous place." With Maud in almost every shot, the viewer will also descend into a dangerous place, with this central character.

A24 will release Saint Maud in the United States. On March 3rd, film fans will find the film in theatres, across the country. This indie thriller will also likely show on Digital platforms on this same date or just after. Fans of religious thrillers can find the latest on Saint Maud here.

Release Date: April 3rd, 2020 (Theatrical, Digital).

Director/writer: Rose Glass.

Cast: Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lily Knight.

The second official trailer for Saint Maud (via A24):

Saint Maud at A24 Films: Saint Maud Details at A24

Sources: Saint Maud at the UHM

Glass Interviewed at Seventh Row (Elena Lazic)

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