Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Slasher Feature The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom Finds New Life on Digital

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The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom is a horror film from Florida. Supposedly based on true events, Laurie suffers from agoraphobia as a stalker lurks near her home. A Mark Dossett (As They Fall) film, The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom centrally stars: Shannon Scott (No Place in This World), along with Jason Abbott. This '80s slasher throwback will debut through online platforms, this March. A preview of the film's upcoming release is hosted here.

The trailer shows Laurie struggling with anxiety. Already attacked once, Laurie is afraid to leave her family home. Now, another creeper is hounding her, forcing Laurie out of her refuge.

The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom will show in early March. On March 2nd, this title will be available on several Digital platforms, including: Prime Video, Tubi TV, Google Play and others (to be announced). This slasher feature, which originally debuted way back in 2004, is finding a second life on home entertainment, in just under a week.

Release Date: March 2nd, 2020 (Digital).

Director/writer: Mark Dossett.

Cast: Jason Abbott, Jacob Bradley, Mark Dossett

The official trailer for The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom (via Terror Films):

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What the Waters Left Behind (2018) is another slasher feature from Terror Films and should be seen:

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