Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Sonata Creates a Dark Composition in Theatres this January 10th!

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The Sonata is a mysterious thriller, from director Andrew Desmond (Galaxy of Horrors). The film blends the occult with music as one woman inherits a massive estate. Inside the mansion, Rose discovers an incomplete composition, which could summon the Anti-Christ. In one of Rutger Hauer's final roles, The Sonata also stars: Freya Tingley (No Way to Live) as the protagonist, along with: Simon Abkarian and James Faulkner. Filmed in Latvia, the film's first trailer is available here, ahead of an impending U.S. theatrical release.

Desmond has spoken a bit about this film. At Eye for Film, the director mentions the Gothic influences: "Gothic horror is one of the most visual genres around...it was important for me to create a dark, elegant and moody atmosphere to bathe the story and its characters in." Some of that Gothic horror can be seen in the setting, the Cesvaine Palace. Desmond also mentions a demonic link between music and dark, spiritual forces: "to my knowledge...the link between music and the occult goes way back to the Seventeenth Century where various people believed in the idea that music could possibly hide mystical powers." Some of those powers are taken to hyperbole as seen in this early trailer, below.

The Sonata will show in U.S. theatres, in the New Year. On January 10th, The Sonata will show on Digital and in theatres. Screen Media Films will handle the theatrical release. An award winner, The Sonata looks to bring a unique story to horror fans - early next year.

Release Date: January 10th, 2020 (U.S., Digital & Limited Theatrical).

Director: Andrew Desmond.

Writers: Andrew Desmond, Arthur Morin.

Cast: Freya Tingley, Simon Abkarian, James Faulkner and Rutger Hauer.

The official trailer for The Sonata (via Screen Media):

Sources: The Sonata at Quiet Earth

An Andrew Desmond Interview at Eye for Film

Director Desmond was also involved in the Canadian horror release Galaxy of Horrors - released in 2017:

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