Thursday, December 19, 2019

Perry Blackshear's The Siren Draws Another into Her Dark Embrace

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Tagline: "Love Will Haunt You."

The Siren is the next horror film from director Perry Blackshear (They Look Like People). This tale of the supernatural and revenge will be released by Dark Sky Film. In the story, a lovelorn spirit draws Tom (Evan Dumouchel) to her watery home. Near this body of water, another character is looking for answers, after a monster destroyed his marriage. The Siren will release in the New Year. And, this title also stars: Margaret Ying Drake ("Devoted") and Evan Dumouchel. More details on the release are hosted here.

A few early reviews have gone into more details on the film's story. Jay Seaver at EFilmCritic sees the film's creature as a metaphor: "its title monster all but explicitly defined as a metaphor for being destroyed by a broken heart and lashing out afterward." Emotions are almost always strong after a break-up. Paul Chapinal (Film-news) talks about the subdued nature of the film: "it’s an emotionally draining film as the characters develop and draw us into their lives." Other promotional materials show the film's focus is on character interactions, rather than action. Fans can see for themselves what The Siren has in store for them this January.

Dark Sky Films will release this film on January 28th. To show on DVD, this title will be available to indie film fans in the U.S. More a fantasy, horror title than anything else, The Siren brings a mythological creature back to life - in this upcoming release.

Release Date: January 28th, 2020 (DVD).

Director/writer: Perry Blackshear.

Cast: Margaret Ying Drake, MacLeod Andrews, Evan Dumouchel.

The Siren at Dark Sky Films: Dark Sky Films' Release Details

Sources: Seaver Reviews The Siren

Chapinal Reviews The Siren

Blackshear also released the suspenseful thriller They Look Like People, which is avaiable on Amazon Prime:

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