Monday, September 30, 2019

Slasher Feature Beloved Beast to Show in Theatres this October: Release Details

Indican Pictures will distribute Jonathan Holbrook's Beloved Beast. To show in theatres and on Digital platforms, Beloved Beast takes a note from John Carpenter's Halloween (1979) as a deranged individual escapes from a local mental hospital. On the loose, this strange character goes on a murder spree, in a small town. Beloved Beast stars: Meredith Binder (The Oregonian), Tabitha Bastien (The Wonderland Murders), Sheila Houlahan and Lance Carver. A trailer and the artwork are here ahead of the film's October release.

The official synopsis mentions another character, Nina (Sanae Loutsis). Only twelve years old, Nina invites this lunatic into her home, only to find her Aunt Erma has gone missing, shortly after. Now, Nina is alone with this murderer, with nowhere to escape to.

Beloved Beast is nearly three hours along. Set to show on October 11th, this title will show in several theatres, across the United States. In Los Angeles, filmmakers will be in attendance for a Q & A. This title will also show in New York and Chicago, on this date. Horror fans can also find the film on most, major Digital platforms this October, with a DVD likely to be released shortly after this initial release date.

Release Date: October 11th, 2019 (Limited Theatrical, Digital, DVD).

Director/writer: Jonathan Holbrook.

Cast: Meredith Binder, Sheila Houlahan, Tabitha Bastien, King Amir Allahyar, Lance Carver, Sanae Loutsis, Dave Shecter and Khoe King.

The official trailer for Beloved Beast, via Indican Pictures:

Beloved Beast at Indican Pictures: Beloved Beast Release Details at Indican Pictures

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