Friday, September 27, 2019

Escape is Difficult in Edward Varnie's Dramatic Thriller Release

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Global Digital Releasing is set to show director Edward Varnie's drama - Release. The film focuses on domestic violence and an abusive marriage. And, Rosalinda must fight her way out, with help from her sister. This title will show on Digital platforms in early October. And, the film stars: Jackie Renee Robinson (Fare, 2016), Lauren Karaman (“What Remains”), Adam Kallal and Pedro Nicanor. A trailer has just been released for the film, along with the film's Digital launch poster.

The trailer focuses on the character Rosalinda (Robinson). She is bruised, beaten and looking for escape. The voice-over talks of revenge. But, Rosalinda needs family support. Unfortunately, Rosalinda's sister has her own challenges.

Global Digital Releasing will host the film on a number of online platforms. Initially, the film will show on: iTunes, Xbox, Google Play, Prime Video and iFlix. This initial release will be followed by others, in the coming months. Fans of drama can find the latest on Release below.

Release Date: October 4th, 2019 (Digital).

Director: Edward Varnie.

Writers: Edward Varnie, Graham Waldrop.

Cast: J.R. Adduci, Daniel Collins, Antonio De Graffenreaidt.

The trailer for Release, via Global Digital Releasing:

More on Release will be posted at the Global Digital Releasing website, shortly: The Global Digital Releasing Homepage

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