Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Dark Arts Inspire Joe Begos' Bliss: Out September 27th on Digital

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Indie horror director Joe Begos (Almost Human) has secured a wide release for his title Bliss. Dark Sky Films will launch the film this September, on Digital platforms and in a few theatres. Already having shown at several film festivals, Bliss tells a tale of a drug-fueled artist, who finds inspiration with the use of blood. Bliss stars: Rhys Wakefield (The Purge), Jeremy Gardner (The Batter), Dora Madison and Tru Collins. More details on the film's upcoming release are hosted here.

The official synopsis and trailer focus on Dezzy (Madison). An empassioned artist, Dezzy paints by day and hits the seediest of Los Angeles' nightspots at night. Finding inspiration in the darkest corners, Dezzy's artwork becomes more an more macabre. Now interested in her taste for blood, Dezzy finds herself acting out more and more violently.

Bliss has already had an extensive film festival run. Initially, Bliss showed in Tribeca - for its World Premiere. Since then, the film has shown at: the Overlook Film Festival (2019), Cinepocalypse (2019), Fantasia (2019) and several others. The film is also expected to show in a few more theatres this September 27th. There will be several more opportunities to see Bliss on theatrical screens, throughout 2019.

The wide Digital release will also take place on September 27th. Dark Sky Films will make the film available across the United States, on most, major Digital platforms. Already receiving positive reviews, this is one horror film not to be missed as one painter turns to the dark arts for inspiration.

Release Date: September 27th, 2019 (Digital, Limited Theatrical).

Director/writer: Joe Begos.

Cast: Dora Madison, Tru Collins, Rhys Wakefield and Jeremy Gardner.

The official home entertainment release trailer for Bliss (courtesy of Dark Sky Films):

Bliss at Dark Sky Films: Bliss Details at Dark Sky Films

Joe Begos' Almost Human uses lots of practical fx and is recommended. On DVD at Amazon:

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