Friday, May 17, 2019

Dramatic Thriller The Madness Within Preps' for a Late 2019 Digital Launch: An Early Preview

The Madness Within is the latest production from Busted Knuckle Productions and director Hunter G. Williams (The Crying Dead). His latest involves a tormented businessman, who turns to vice under the strain. Is there any possibility of redemption? Williams centrally stars in this feature as well, along with: Tessa Farrel (Fairyhell), Lily Tomlin and Edin Gali. A dramatic thriller, this title has recently been picked up by Midnight Releasing for a late 2019 release. A few details are available now - ahead of the film's Digital launch.

The trailer shows more of Russ' (Williams) struggles. Released in March, the clip also shows his self-destructiveness. However, even in the darkest of times, there is hope.

Busted Knuckle Productions has a few other titles on its slate. This production house, from Los Angeles, intends to release the action thriller 60 Minutes to Kill, later this year. As well, BKP will re-release the horror feature Cornered into 2020. For now, the latest on The Madness Within can be found here.

Release Date: December 6th, 2019 (Digital, Theatrical).

Director/writer: Hunter G. Williams.

Producers: Hunter G. Williams and Justin Chien.

Cast: Hunter G. Williams, Edin Gali, Tessa Farrel, Lily Tomlin, Kristen Carpenter and Devon Ogden.

The official trailer for The Madness Within (courtesy of One Media, rated Mature: drug use, sexuality):

The Midnight Releasing Homepage: More Details on the Madness Within at Midnight Releasing Soon

The Busted Knuckle Productions' website: More Details on the Madness Within at BKP Also Shortly

BKP released The Crying Dead in 2013 and the film has been reviewed here (The Crying Dead Review as The Whispering Dead):

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