Thursday, May 16, 2019

ClownDoll Offers No Refunds Only Murder in this First Trailer

This preview is for all the coulrophobes out there. ClownDoll is an upcoming, supernatural, horror film. Shot partially in London, the film features a possessed?, life-sized doll - with a painted face and crazy hair. At night, it haunts its new owner and her friends. Currently, ITN Films is set to release this title in October, on Digital formats. Directed by Scott Jeffrey (Unhinged), the film stars: Peter Cosgrove (Escape from Cannibal Farm), Sarah T. Cohen (End Game) and Jon-Scott Clark. A trailer and early movie poster is hosted here.

The trailer begins strangely enough. Lane (Cohen) talks about being pregnant with her stepbrother's baby. Events get even weirder when Lane picks up a huge doll for her unborn child. Now, everyone is in danger as this doll has been cursed and its sole desire is to murder.

ClownDoll is expected to release on October 5th, through Digital platforms. A DVD version is also sure to be released close to this date. For horror fans afraid of clowns, this might be one to finally put you over the edge. The full length trailer, for ClownDoll, is below.

Release Date: October 5th, 2019 (Digital).

Director/writer: Scott Jeffrey.

Cast: Peter Cosgrove, Sarah T. Cohen, and Jon-Scott Clark.

The first trailer for ClownDoll (courtesy of ITN Movies):

ClownDoll at ITN Films: ClownDoll at ITN

Sources: ClownDoll at the Film Catalogue

ClownDoll at Horrorpedia

Terrifier is a recent release, with another killer clown. Most critics liked it, but this film fan thought it was more middle-of-the-road:

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