Monday, February 18, 2019

White Chamber Locks the United Kingdom Down this March 29th

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White Chamber is a sci-fi thriller from the United Kingdom. Starring Shauna Macdonald (The Descent) and Oded Fehr (Resident Evil: Extinction), White Chamber takes place in a politically unstable England, where civil war is raging across the land. This title was directed by Paul Raschid (Unhallowed Ground). And, this film has just finished a film festival run, with stops in Brussels (World Premiere) and Edinburgh. Now, Dark Sky Films will bring White Chamber to audiences this March, with more release details below.

The official synopsis talks of a runaway military government. They are squashing dissenters, in an attempt to gain total governmental control. One woman is caught in the government's web. And, her brutal interrogation tests her limits. But, who is the real authority here, the captor or the captive?

Several reviews have come in for White Chamber. Michael Klug, at Horror Freak News, mentions the performances and the characters: "there’s always a sense of danger, from the situations to the potential reactions by the characters." This film creates a very realistic cinematic world. As well, Amber Wilkinson of Eye for Film likes the story and plot points: "this expansion of the plot allows Raschid to move beyond the psychological head-to-head between captor (Fehr) and captive (Macdonald) to consider broader issues." This story is a bit more complex, compared to your average sci-fi feature.

White Chamber will show on Digital and in some theatres in late March. On Mach 29th, White Chamber will have a wide release across the U.S. And, fans of sci-fi or thrillers can find the latest trailer, for the film, below. As well, this title will be released in an unrated format. All of the available release details are hosted here.

Release Date: March 29th, 2019 (Theatrical, Digital).

Director/writer: Paul Raschid.

Cast: Shauna Macdonald, Oded Fehr, Amrita Acharia and Candis Nergaard.

The official trailer for White Chamber (courtesy of Dark Sky Films):

White Chamber at Aviary Films (the production company): White Chamber at Aviary Films

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Dark Sky Films also released the horror thriller Victor Crowley, last year. The film was actually a fairly good slasher film:

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