Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Horror Comedy Clickbait to Show at This Year's Starburst Film Festival in Manchester

Clickbait is the latest film from production house Launch Over. This film is slated to be distributed, later this year, by ITN Distribution. Starring Colby Stewart (Hollow's Ridge) as Bailey, Clickbait has had a long film festival run, throughout 2018. Now, Clickbait is set to show at this year's Startuburst International Film Festival, in Manchester. Clickbait hopes to bring a few laughs to audiences in mid-March, though it'll undoubtedly be snubbed by next year's Oscars noms, or even snubbed by the snub lists, kind of like how Toni Collette was for Hereditary (2018) on this year's Oscars snub lists. But Hereditary proves that just because the Oscars don't like Horror, it doesn't mean the movie won't be successful.

The story for Clickbait involves a college student, searching for internet fame. Unfortunately, Bailey is kidnapped by an internet stalker and the only one who can rescue her is a reluctant roommate.

This year's Starburst festival celebrates Lloyd Kaufman and many of his Troma classics. Clickbait will begin screening on March 15th and run for two days. Fans of indie comedy and horror features can order their tickets now, at the Starburst Film Festival website, found below. Fans will not want to miss this award winner ("Best Horror Feature," AUFF & "Best Support Actress," Brandi Aguilar) as Clickbait continues a festival run into 2019.

Festival Date: March 15th to 16th, 2019.

Directors: Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein.

Writers: Jeremy Long, Michael J. Epstein.

Cast: Colby Stewart, Brandi Aguilar, Seth Chatfield.

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