Monday, January 21, 2019

Velvet Buzzsaw Set to Premiere at Sundance this January 27th and Netflix February 1st

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Tagline: "All Art is Dangerous."

Velvet Buzzsaw is director Dan Gilroy's third film as director. His first was the infamous Nightcrawler (2014), also starring Jake Gyllenhaal. His second film, Roman J. Israel, Esq went on to win an Academy Award ("Best Actor," Denzel Washington). Now, Gilroy's third film takes on the Los Angeles art scene. However, this art could kill you. Set to have its premiere at Sundance, later this month, Velvet Buzzsaw promises to be one of this year's most exciting psychological horror titles. As well, the film stars a renowned cast, including: John Malkovich, Toni Collette, Rene Russo, Natalia Dyer and several others. Malkovich was recently in another Netflix Original as many remember - Bird Box. Fans of psychological horror titles can find the showing dates for Velvet Buzzsaw at Sundance, along with the film's latest promotional material here.

A movie poster was released for the film this past week. The graphic, written in reds, looks like spraypaint. But, this colour is likely drawn from something else. In the film, a reclusive artist has created his masterpieces with the use of human blood. The film poster also states that: "All Art is Dangerous." This artwork literally kills off those who deal in it as seen in the trailer below.

Velvet Buzzsaw is rated Restricted. Also, this compelling feature will have its premiere this January 27th, in Park City, Utah. Velvet Buzzsaw will have five showings at this prestigious event. During the festival, this title will also have a wider release on Netflix, on February 1st. Fans of original horror titles will want to keep this shocking event on their radars as Gilroy brings another masterpiece to the screen.

Release Date: January 27th - February 3rd, 2019 (World Premiere, Sundance) and February 1st, 2019 (Netflix).

Director/writer: Dan Gilroy.

Cast: Toni Collette, Rene Russo, Daveed Diggs, John Malkovich, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalia Dyer and Billy Magnussen.

The official trailer for Velvet Buzzsaw (courtesy of Netflix):

Velvet Buzzsaw at the Sundance Film Festival: Velvet Buzzsaw at Sundance

Source: Velvet Buzzsaw at the UHM

Gilroy's previous film, Nightcrawler, is a must-see:

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