Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Terror Films and Cyfuno Ventures Team-up to Bring International Markets Four Horror Films!

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Terror Films and Cyfuno Ventures have teamed-up to bring horror fans four titles. Their partnership will bring the following films to international markets: After Dark, Hell Town, Asylum the Lost Footage and Don't F&*k in the Woods. All four films will see global markets, beginning this January 29th. Recently, a sizzle reel was released for this four film launch and it can be found below.

Terror Films promises to bring "Killer Creatures" and "Scary Ghosts" to audiences. The film After Dark involves seven college students, a flat tire and a strange drifter. All of these elements come together for a bloody good time. In Hell Town, Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear's film involves a melodramatic horror comedy series, involving three episodes. Asylum the Lost Footage will bring more chaos to the screen as several amateur ghost hunters go missing in an old mental hospital. Finally, the much revered Don't F&*k in the Woods brings camping and fun, until a mysterious creature shows up. All of these films have been developed by production house Cyfuno Ventures.

All four films will be available globally and on multiple platforms. To show in the U.K., Ireland, Asia and Africa for the first time on Digital, these titles will be hosted on: Amazon Prime, Google Play and iFlix. Horror fans, around the world, can see what is in store below, with more release details available now!

Release Date: January 29th, 2019 (Digital).

The official sizzle reel:

More details on all four films will be available here, at Terror Films: The Terror Films' Homepage

And at the Cyfuno Ventures' website: The Cyfuno Ventures' Official Website

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