Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Appearance Bedevils Several Inquisitors this February 12th

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Tagline: "Evil Begets Evil."

The Appearance is a dramatic thriller. From director Kurt Knight (We All Fall Down), the film follows several inquisitors as they investigate strange goings-on. A witch is caught, leading to a brutal interrogation. AS well, The Appearance was recently shown in theatres, this month. Now, the film is slated for a home entertainment launch, on DVD and Blu-ray formats. Gravitas Ventures will handle the release. And, The Appearance centrally stars: Jake Stormoen (War Pigs), Kristian Nairn ("Ripper Street"), Adam Johnson and several others. A preview of the film's latest launch is hosted here.

The official synopsis mentions the inquisitor Mateho (Stormoen). He is tasked, by the Church, to question a supposed witch. When science cannot explain her powers, Mateho is forced to admit the presence of a supernatural force.

The Appearance is currently available on Amazon Prime. On February 12th, this title will show on DVD and Blu-ray formats. All of the releases are available in an unrated format. And, fans of historical infused film fare can view the film's most recent trailers below, with more release details coming soon.

Release Date: February 12th, 2019 (DVD, Blu-ray).

Director/writer: Kurt Knight.

Cast: Jake Stormoen, Kristian Nairn, Adam Johnson, Michael Flynn and Baylee Self.

Two trailers in one for The Appearance (courtesy of Popcorn Entertainment):

Source: The Appearance at Horror Nerd Online

Available at Amazon here:

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