Friday, December 28, 2018

Disappearing Man Feature The Unseen Arrives on DVD this February 26th

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Tagline: "Invisible Man, Visible Curse."

The Unseen is a thriller from director and make-up specialist Geoff Redknap. From production house Goonworks Films, The Unseen involves a father, desperate to see his daughter again. When she goes missing, this father will do anything to find her. But, Bob is slowly losing himself and becoming invisible. The Unseen is set to show on DVD formats, this February. Monarch Home Entertainment will handle the release in the United States. As well, The Unseen stars: Camille Sullivan ("Man in the High Castle), Julia Sarah Stone (The Space Between), Aden Young (Killer Elite) and Ben Cotton. A few release details are available here, for The Unseen.

Director Redknap was interviewed on this film, recently. At Rue Morgue, he says of being original and the plot: "the first thing to go was the idea that it was a science experiment gone wrong, or a mad scientist or a laboratory or any of that...we wanted to take that out of the equation and see what we came up with." This is the first Invisible Man film in awhile. Redknap also mentions the choice of locations: "so we moved our invisible man into being the least likely candidate...a millwright working in a sawmill in a small Northern town. When his condition presented itself, he had to hide it, so he needed to be somewhere where people wear lots of heavy clothing, gloves and hats most of the year." This character is hiding himself well, in the film's official release trailer (below).

The Unseen will be available on DVD in late February. On February 26th, The Unseen will show in an Unrated format. This film is for fans of thrillers and horror titles, with more release details coming soon.

Release Date: February 26th, 2019 (DVD).

Director: Geoff Redknap.

Writers: Geoff Redknap, Geoff Redknap.

Cast: Aden Young, Camille Sullivan, Julia Sarah Stone and Ben Cotton.

The official trailer for The Unseen (courtesy of Monarch Home Entertainment):

The Unseen at Monarch Home Entertainment: The Unseen Release Details at Monarch

An interview with Redknap at Rue Morgue: Redknap Interviewed on The Unseen at Rue Morgue

Redknap also worked on Cabin in the Woods (2012), on effects:

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