Monday, December 03, 2018

Horror Film Red Letters Lands Two Investigators into the Hands of Evil: First Teaser

Red Letters is an upcoming horror film from director Jim Klock (Murder Eleven). This title, along with two others, will be distributed by Terror Films, in 2019 and beyond. Red Letters is a classic good vs evil thriller. In the film, two investigators embark on a dangerous assignment, which leads them into the hands of darkness. Now, two early stills have been released for the film (found here). This title will release in 2019 and a preview of the film's upcoming launch is available here.

Code 3 Films and Terror Films have teamed up for a three picture deal. Code 3 Films will produce three features, while Terror Films will handle the distribution of these titles. This first feature, Red Letters, will star: Mike Capozzi (Trace), Chad Ridgely (Massacre on Aisle 12), Robin Baker (6:66 PM: Evil Has an Hour to Kill) and Kyra Kennedy. Klock has written this release and will direct. There will be lots more titles for these two companies in the coming years.

More details on Red Letters are coming soon. For now, horror fans can watch a teaser trailer below. The clip shows a policeman exploring a crime scene as a supernatural presence makes itself know. The results are deadly!

Release Date: 2019.

Director/writer: Jim Klock.

Producers: Darrell Martinelli, Emily Adams, Kelsey Trainer and Jim Klock.

Executive Producer: Joe Dain.

Cast: Mike Capozzi, Chad Ridgely, Robin Baker and Kyra Kennedy.

A teaser trailer for Red Letters (courtesy of Terror Films):

More details on Red Letters will be Posted at the Terror Films' Website: The Terror Films' Homepage

Klock recently produced the Christmasey horror feature Massacre on Aisle 12, found here:

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