Friday, November 30, 2018

Camp Cold Brook Darkens the Screen at this Year's NYC Horror Fest!

Tagline: "Nothing is Stranger than Reality."

A concept poster was released for Camp Cold Brook in the Summer of 2017. Since then, the film has completed and appeared at a couple of film festivals. Camp Cold Brook is expected to show at the New York Horror Fest tonight, for its Eastcoast premiere (details below). As well, a new poster has been released for the film (found here). This indie horror title was directed by Andy Palmer (The Funhouse Massacre), from a script by Alex Carl. Camp Cold Brook stars horror vets': Chad Michael Murray (House of Wax), Danielle Harris (Halloween 4), Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn) and many others. A look ahead at this title's continuing film festival run is available here.

The film's story involves a reality television series. Desperate for ratings, the "Haunt Squad" heads out to Camp Cold Brook, to document a tragic event. Here, several campers perished 20 years ago. Now, they have come back from the murk, for their 15 minutes of fame.

Director Palmer recently spoke on the film. He says of the film's pacing: "[the film has] a kinetic energy pushing the story forward and then slowing it way, way down in those moments of tension (Dread Central)." This pacing is sure to unsettle some viewers. As well, Palmer talks of the story and the characters: "it’s a simple ghost story, with complicated characters. It’s something an audience will feel they’ve seen a thousand times, until we give them something, they’ve never seen before." Horror fans will have to prepare for surprises as Camp Cold Brook circulates at film festivals.

Finally, Camp Cold Brook played at LA's Screamfest earlier this year. At the event, this title was positively reviewed at Horror Freak News, who said of the film: "with a unique set-up...good performances and an enjoyably snappy pace – Camp Cold Brook is an easy recommendation." Camp Cold Brook is a definite horror film to be seen, with more release details coming up soon.

Release Date: November 30th, 2018 (NYC Film Festival).

Director: Andy Palmer.

Writer: Alex Carl.

Cast: Chad Michael Murray, Danielle Harris, Courtney Gains

A trailer for Camp Cold Brook (courtesy of Wicked Thrilling Freaks):

*the New York City Film Festival rungs November 29th to December 2nd.

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